10 ways to improve Shopify conversion rate of your online store

10 ways to improve Shopify conversion rate of your online store

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Increasing the conversion rate by boosting up product sales is the ultimate goal to run an online business or store. Good conversion rate helps to earn more revenue and to scale up the shop.

If you want to increase only site visitors rather convert them in to consumers you may focus on design aspects, SEO or other strategies but these cannot improve your conversion rate. But if you want to make a good conversion rate you need to focus on conversion optimization which encourages the visitors to become potential customers.

You may have 1000 visitors and sell 100 products that mean your conversion rate is 10%. So it is very important to improve the overall sale process to convert visitors to customers.

In this article we will give you 10 best tips to improve your Shopify store conversion rate.

  1. Product Page

Product page carries the first impression of your customers to your store whether they will buy the product or not. It is very important to have an organized and attractive product page to convert the visitors into actual buyers. Most store owners give importance to home page or checkout options but they often neglect the fact that they may lose potential customers by neglecting the “product page” part of the sales. You may have questions of how to improve your product page? And how can it attract more customers to buy products? The simple answer is that a good product page must have adequate and proper information about the products, ability of assurance and motivation to converts the visitors to potential customers.

  1. Use Proper Product’s Images

Try to use clear and standard version of your product’s image. Proper product image lets customers to be confident about your products to buy. Blurry, small and undefined images of products often drive away customers. It is not necessary to pay a big amount for fantastic professional photography of your products; you can use relatively better options of photography.So it is really important to add good quality photographs including zoom options showing every detail of products which really boosts up conversion rate.

  1. Offer Free Shipping

Shipping charges can put away potential customers as it sometimes becomes burden to the customers. There are many online store who allows free shipping and this actually increases their conversion rate.Various studies upon the customers show that customers mainly look for easy and unconditional shipping process and 30% of customers abandon their cart for high shipping charges. Ecommerce specialists suggest minimizing or incorporating shipping costs into price to avoid losing potential customers.

  1. Solve Cart Abanadonment

One of the major problems of low conversion rate is cart abandonment. Shopping cart is the option where customers add their desired products to buy latter before stock ends. But customer often comparison products among shops and they abandon your cart after finding better product deals. Again if you don’t manage these abandoned cart or to update cart it may lessen the product availability to the customers. So you have to do the followings if you want to avoid cart related issues.

  • Shopify’s Abandon aidYou can install Shopify’s abandon aid app which lets you to send email to the customers to remind about their cart abandonment.
  1. Add Detail Description of Products and Videos

Add detail description of products, like if you are selling clothing than add material types, sizing options, color options in detail. This will help the customers to get clear image of your product. Do not copy and paste product details this may lessen the efficiency of your store.

Add videos of your product. This helps you to build up strong product description and also improves conversion. You have to consider easily accessible video players as customers using iOS device cannot access certain video players like Adobe Flash. Again customers may not be interested to use their mobile bandwidth watching your lengthy videos. So targeting large amount of customers you have to make proper videos of your items.

  1. Integrate Live Chat Option

Customers often leave stores not finding any support option immediately when trying to purchase an item. Solving this problem many ecommerce site and stores add “Live chat option” to give their customers instant instructions and information about products and purchasing process. This is now a trendy system and many other small and medium businesses are also adopting this option along with FAQs which adding benefits to the staff and boosting up conversion rate.

According to global consumer trend study 44% of online consumers think that chat with a live person is the most important features offered by the ecommerce sites. Again 90% of customers consider live chat helpful while another study found that 63% of the consumers were more likely to return the sites they chatted with, and 62% reported that they would like to purchase more from the site again. These all statistics show how much live chat is important to improve store’s conversion rate.

Shopify app store has enlisted a number of Live Chat apps which will let you to connect with your customers live through chat and to increase conversion rate by converting visitors to potential customers.

  1. Use Customer Reviews as social proof

Products reviews by the customers work as social proof and sales drivers of your products. More than 61% of customers read user reviews before deciding to purchase any item in online shops and stores and these customer reviews are becoming essential part of ecommerce sites.

Another reason is that product reviews increases the amounts of content of a page and also increases the possibility of key word searching.

Customer reviews depends on the satisfaction level of your products and services obtained by the customers. Positive customer reviews boosts up you sales while negative reviews may decrease conversion rate.

Followings are the reasons why you need more customer reviews to boosts up your store’s conversion rate-

  1. Customer reviews create credibility for your products and stores.
  2. Positive feedback can increases your product offerings
  • Product reviews by the customer often improve your SEO.
  1. Customer reviews are considered as the most trusted option for purchasing any products.
  2. Positive and correctly formatted reviews help increasing clickthroughs from search result page.

Product Reviews: Shopify has developed a fully-customizable app named “Product Reviews” for an easy way to add reviews to your store. 

  1. Add Frequently Asked Question Option

FAQs or Frequently Asked Question page of your store is a place where customers ask questions about the product and purchasing process before making the decision to purchase the selected items.

Many ecommerce sites has gained exceptional amount of conversion rate by adding simply Q&A option for their customers. Customers do not buy any products that are confusing and gives less description, and in that case FAQ section plays the important role to collect more customers by solving their confusion. For example, Amazon the biggest market place use FAQ page for every single product which improves their sales and conversion rates.

FAQ option is important because-

  1. This certainly save your time and money
  2. This questions and answers section help the customers to find out what they actually want.
  • FAQs also improve your sales as they make you an expert in selling.
  1. It improves SEO and site navigation system.

Assemble the common asked questions from inbox and add those frequently asked question with some self-made question in spreadsheet. This will help to answer each and every question you received in mail.

Shopify’s app store contains many FAQ apps, you can easily add any FAQ option in your store.

  1. Consider Easy Return and Refund Policy

Easy return and refund policy often consider the amount of selling and conversion rate as this policy gives the customer’s satisfaction and certainty of getting back their money or the ability to change purchased products. “What if I do not like the product after purchasing?” or “How could I return the product if anything malfunctions after a week?” or “Would I get my money back?” these are the common questions asked by the customers before purchasing items from online stores. Highlighting the return and refund policy always inspires the customers to buy products and it also prove your concerns to the customers.

Include the followings in your return and refund policy-

  1. Definite time line to return sold products.
  2. Formulate some proper instructions of returning and refunding of sold item.
  • Provide details about what kind of refund you will give the customer in returning the purchased products, for example, similar products, and cash back offer or store credit.

Above all use easy word and terms to formulate return and refund policy. Most of time conditional and confusing return policy inspires customers to click away from your product.

  1. Use simple Checkout

Checkout is more effective than “upgrade cart” to tackle abandonment of shopping cart. Test your checkouts process and do not ask for too many information, keep the pages clear and clean to make sure the process simple and responsive.

Some tips to improve your checkout process-

  1. Do not ask for membership or login
  2. Make mobile friendly checkout process
  • Add various payment options.
  1. Confirm security.
  2. Add a logo before checkout option that enhances branding of your store.

Upgrade to Shopify’s checkout apps to boost up conversions and make your checkout process mobile friendly.


Conversion rate optimization is the fundamental way to earn more revenue by scaling up your Shopify store. Shopify provides various tools and apps to improve your store’s quality that will attract more traffics and turn them into potential customers.

Happy Selling!!!

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Rocket Upsell practically pays for itself. Take advantage of our 30 days free trial and see the effectiveness yourself.