10 best Shopify conversion boosting apps for your Shopify store

10 best Shopify conversion boosting apps for your Shopify store

Are you planning to open an ecommerce store at Shopify? Do you already have a Shopify store? If the answer is “YES” for both questions than definitely you are reading the perfect article. The main purpose or target of opening an online store or upgrading and extending the existing store is to increase conversion rate by making more sales. Primarily you might sell your products in a satisfied rate but this rate may not be able to meet up your costs including platform fee, employee salaries and other additional costs. So the main target of your business is to drive more traffic and increase conversion rate and to do so Shopify offers you 1500+ apps various apps for boosting up your conversion rate.

Shopify app store contains incredible and amazing apps for your Shopify store and you may get confused to choose the best and suitable one among similar types of apps, for example, search result for “SEO” will show you more or less 100SEO apps. You may choose one of them that you thing best for your store but it may not fulfill exactly what you want and it may costs you a huge fee. To solve this problem I have listed 10 best and suitable apps from Shopify which will boost up your Shopify store’s conversion rate.

  1. SEO Manager

Help you to improve your store’s Search engine ranking.


Developer Venntob
Price $20.00/month
Free trial 7 days
Ratings+Review 1161 (5 star ratings)


Traffic is the most important things for any online store and getting more traffic or visitors determine the sales of your products. If your shop becomes easy to find in any search engine, people will often visit your shop for their desired products and services. This is the most important thing for every online shop to build a good ranking in any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


SEO manager is the number one app for Shopify store to improve search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is the most used and reviewed SEO app and have 20amazing features for Shopify stores.


This app will allow you to control the search feature of your site in any search engine and will give you real time feedback about the sources of their search engine optimization efforts.


  1. It builds good rank of your site in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  2. Offers an impressive set of features including key word searching optimization, title and description editing, 404 error log in and management and others.



  1. Happy Email

Easiest way to say thanks to your Customer


Developer Beeketing
Price Free forever
Ratings + Review 1126 (5 star ratings)


Email marketing is now the most important for boosting up conversion rate of any ecommerce store by converting traffic to customer. Customers appreciate gratitude and soft behavior of the sellers and sending “THANK YOU” mail after first and every purchase retains customers and attract new one. But it is really time consuming and tiresome work to send single mail to every single customer.


Happy mail developed by Beeketing is the easiest way to send Thank you mail to the customer after their purchasing your products which solve this manual mailing problem. This app generates automated mail and send to the customers after 30 minutes of their first purchase.



  1. It creates mail automatically so you do not have to operate the app manually.
  2. It provides well-articulated and verbally rich texts which help you to build an impression to the customers.
  3. These automated mails build trust and create a loyal relation between sellers and customers.


  1. Loyalty Reward Point by Sweet tooth

Help to build a loyalty program with customer


Developer Sweet Tooth
Price Free
Ratings + Review 2433 (5 star ratings)


Loyalty program is one of the important tools to retain customers and boost up conversion rate to your store. You can start running your own loyalty program with loyalty point reward which will attract new customers and retain your old customers to buy your products. Discount and others special offers for your products often draw new customers and customers prefer special deals and gifts for their purchase.


Sweet tooth developed Loyalty reward point app to add points with every purchase of customers. With more loyalty points customers can get their desired discounts and gifts.

This app offers 10+ exciting ways to reward your customers and earn their loyalty and the plans are all free. It also implement program workable with Shopify POS. The developer also adds new features for better performance. The app is easy to install and free of cost but some additional plans and features need to be paid if you want to use them.


  1. It helps you to earn more profit by making more sales by offering customers reward on their purchase, referrals and bonuses.
  2. It is the most powerful feature to upgrade your store to the next level.
  3. It helps you to run your own loyalty program.


  1. Sales pop

Builds brand trust, boosts customer engagement.


Developer Beeketing
Price Free
Ratings + Review 2585 (5 star ratings)


Boosting sale is important and recent sale notification helps to build a trust to your products that retain customers. The most and fundamental task of online business is to boost up sales and maintain orders and customers demand is the basis to make any sale. If customers do not get notification about sold product they may get confused with sold and unsold items of your store. Too solve this Beeketing developed a sales pop up app to generate recent sale notification.


The app creates immediate sale notification after selling any products and display it on your storefront. Thus your customer can notified about recent and old sales and get inspired to purchase from your store. It also allows you to create custom notifications to promote any products.


  1. It shows real-time notification of recent sales sync with older notifications.
  2. It uses and apply social proof to show your shop busy in selling and creates impression to the customers.
  3. This app is fully customizable so you can easily customize or create new custom notifications.
  4. Free shipping bar by Hextom

Boosts sales by ensuring free shipping


Developer Hextom
Price $0.00/month
Ratings + Review 2600 (5 star ratings)


Shipping fee for your products may cause the cart abandonment and free shipping is considered as conversion booster and it confirms 50% of sales.The free shipping barby Hextom inspires the customers to purchase products from your store as they can become confident about shipping process.

Transparency about shipping fee always drives traffic. This app is free of cost and fully customizable and can display several massage at a time. It has no app branding tag which prevents brand tag on your site’s bar, ensures your site’s professional look.



  1. The app offers free shipping to increase your sales.
  2. You can easily customize whenever you need to.
  3. Offers advanced targeting including Geo targeting, page targeting and others.


  1. Return Manager

Create your easy and trustable returnpolicy


Developer Bold
Price $19.99/month
Free trial 30 days
Ratings + Review 103 (5 star ratings)


Easy return policy often considers the amount of selling and conversion rate as this policy gives the customer’s satisfaction and certainty of getting back their money or the ability to change purchased products. Successful shop owners always confirm easy and fruitful return policy to gain customers trust and retain their customers to boost sales. Return policy confirm about 90% customer’s attention to buy your products.

Return manager developed by Bold helps you to make hassle free policy that can drive customers to purchase your products. It allows the customers to make their returns without creating customer accounts.



  1. It automatically sends and generates shipping label for approved return requests.
  2. It allows you to create custom rules for different products and you can also override the written rules.
  3. It doesn’t require any customer accounts for return requests and manage them.


  1. Product reviews

Your social proof generator


Developer Shopify
Price Free
Ratings + Review 659 (5 star ratings)


Products reviews by the customers work as social proof and sales drivers of your products. More than 61% of customers read user reviews before deciding to purchase any item in online shops and stores and these customer reviews are becoming essential part of ecommerce sites.

Shopify has developed a fully-customizable app namedProduct Reviews for an easy way to add reviews to your store. This app helps you to collects customer reviews of your product and boosts your sales conversion by increasing customer confidence.



  1. It increases the sales of reviewed products.
  2. It is fully customizable app.
  3. Offers features including bulk actions of publications, hide, filter and mange and SEO friendly review scores.


  1. Social Media stream

Integrate your social mediaon your store


Developer PowerUp
Price $0.00/month
Ratings + Review 314 (5 star ratings)


Social media advertising is the fundamental source for online stores and business to drive traffics and increase sales with retaining the customers. Social media platform is considered more strong and effective compared to printing platform and it is also cheaper than the second one.

Social Media Stream app helps you to integrate your social media platform on your Shopify store. It helps you to gain more followers in social media to increase sale conversion. The app is free of cost and easy to install.





  1. It’s all device compatibility allows customers to view all real time updates and notifications.
  2. It makes your store more socially dynamic and easy to find in Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others.
  3. It collects social media followers for your store.


  1. Tidio Live chat

Boosts customer engagement by increasing your contacts with customers


Developer Tidio Ltd
Price $12.00/month
Ratings + Review 457 (5 star ratings)


Tidio Live Chat is the tool to integrate live chat with your store in just a few seconds and it is so mobile friendly. This app allows you to connect with your customers in any androids or iOS device and you are never offline. Your presence and quick response to customers knock will boost up your store’s popularity and capability of retaining customers.



  1. It gives you the access of users who visits your store and to contact with the visitors anytime you want.
  2. The app is mobile and user friendly.
  3. It will send automated massages after 10seconds of customer’s entering on your site.


  1. Checkout Booster

Shares social and network and generates new traffic for your store.


Developer Beeketing
Price $20-$29.00/month
Ratings + Review 122 (5 star ratings)


The Checkout Booster offers you the easiest way to offer customers discount codes, free shipping code or free gift. Checkout is always considered as the traffic booster as it drives more traffic and increases sale conversion. The app will increase checkout rate 5 times faster and creates impressive pop ups of your offered deals.





  1. It boosts conversion rate and generates new traffic.
  2. It prevents cart abandonments with Exit intent offers
  3. It offers countdown timer offer features to create urgency.



It is really hard to find out appropriate and conversion boosting apps among the 1500+ apps from Shopify store. Take your time and consult with professional and experienced store or business owners if possible. Always keep in mind that whatever you are deciding or taking as option it should be best for your online business or store to drive more traffic and boost your sale conversion.

Happy Selling!!!!

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