10 best ways to improve customer’s experience

10 best ways to improve customer’s experience

Ecommerce marketing is getting harder- too many competitors with hardly satisfied customers. It is really important to offer high quality products to get attention from the customers and make them happy with your products and services. It is not only the best quality products at an excellent price that your customers value when purchasing products from your store but also the overall shopping experience triggers the choice either they want to buy your products or not.

Customer experience is now more important to improve conversion rate and is considered as the sole of ecommerce marketing. If you have an online store you need to attract more customers to make more sales and thus to make profit. Customers visit your site looking for their desired products and you are not the only seller of that particular product and customers will buy from that shop which provides great customer experience if they experienced “bad” or “not great” product and services from your store.

Along with high quality products, great security, good quality product image, quick loading of your site, excellent customer services and easy and better product search help to build an excellent shopping experience that builds trust and loyalty and inspire customers to shop more from your store.

This article will provide you 10 best practices and tips to improve your store’s customer experience.

  1. Make sure your site loads quickly

Customers lose patients when your site takes time to load and this may have an impact on your store’s functionality. A fast loading website is essential to make the first impression to customers as they tend to spend less time in any website.


If your site needs more than three seconds to load the consequences of this can be losing of traffic and customers and ending in dropping of conversion. According to Kissmetrics, 47% of customers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less and a 1 second delay in page loading can result 7% reduction in conversions. That means your store can loss a millions in sales per year.


Again if your homepage needs to load more time than expected the customers would like to click away and according to a study 79% of customers less likely to shop from the same page which couldn’t fulfill their expectations. So test and re-test your site’s loading speed and if needed adopt tech help from experts.


  1. Better search option for your products

If your customer doesn’t find what they exactly want in your store they might click away from your store. Easy and fast navigation with better product search option helps you to get closer to your customers and build loyalty among the customers. Customers generally search for the products which they exactly they want but sometimes they look for new and something better product options.


If your products are sorted and categorized according to their materials and types your customer will easily find them and would like to buy them. But unorganized and unsorted product list always confuse customers and this leads to drive away your potential buyers. Use product filters and product copy to provide more enhanced product search option. Including of easy page navigation system is proven as the game changing step of providing wow experience to the customers.


  1. Use good product image

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – high quality product image worth millions! Try to use good quality product image. Product’s image is the visual description of your products. Customers mainly look through your product’s image first and make their decision whether buy it or not on the basis of provided photographs. So if your product’s image appears blurry, small or fractured customers less likely to deal with that product and ultimately lose potential customers.


It is not necessary to cost more in professional photography of your product rather you can use better and suitable lights, background and good quality smartphone or digital cameras to capture your product’s picture. Try to avoid automation and digital editing otherwise too much editing can destroy your product’s natural appearance.


  1. Simple and hassle free checkout process

Try to keep the checkout process simple and hassle free. Complicated and undefined checkout process can create confusion and customers generally prefer simple ways of transaction. If your customers don’t get what you exactly tell them to do when purchasing products from your online, they might get confused and likely leaving without completing the checkout.

Complicated checkout process includes unavailability of shopping cart, less dynamic and slow key cart, pricing, and shipping cost. You can apply following tips to solve checkout related complications-

  1. Use window pop up shopping cart to make it more dynamic and appealing.
  2. Include price and shipping fees on the product page.
  • Do not add any additional coast on checkout.
  1. You can make inventory to visible recommended products.


  1. Make your site mobile friendly

Now mobile marketing is more popular among young generations as mobile has become the main medium of communication. It is considered that success of any ecommerce store or site depends on its mobile friendly strategy whether the site creates experience with the mobile visitors from the design of your ecommerce website to checkout process or not.

According to a research, more than 50% of users prefer mobile browsing of your ecommerce site and they like to purchase from those sites who offer mobile friendly navigation and transactions.

Many leading ecommerce sites are now launching their mobile friendly website to catch the majority of customers. For example, Amazon the largest market place has easy mobile access for their site and its mobile friendly checkout process helps to build a large loyal audiences.


  1. “Free shipping” works like magic!

It is a good strategy to offer your customers free shipping for their purchase. Claiming for shipping charge often drives away the customers and it is considered as the major factor of conversion killing. Customers don’t like paying extra $20 or $25 bill for purchasing a product costs $5 and this shipping cost also make them to choose other sites over your store. Offering free shipping will definitely cost you at present but in future it will repay you with millions of sales and loyal customers.

If you want to avoid free shipping for valued products offering of “discounts on shipping” or “first two days free shipping” works well. Once the customers get benefitted with your shipping strategy they will purchase more from you and spreading of their experience to others helps you to retain more customers and traffic.


  1. Ensure security

If your customers feel insecure with your transaction and checkout process this will definitely put away your customers from your site. Customer prefer easy and secure transaction or payment methods while purchasing products from online and if they find your store unable to confirm proper security on payment, product shipment and return policy the customer would likely leave your site even forever!


Make sure that all of your customer’s data are safe and they are satisfied with your security program. Include security icons to confirm the customers that you care about their decisions. You can also use trust badges or can purchase security seal to provide payment security to your customers. Ensuring security always builds trust among your customers.


  1. Include customer reviews

Consumers nowadays look for more information provided by the actual buyers of the product. Customer’s review acts as social proof of the product. If a product has more positive reviews more customers try to buy that product from the reviewed store.


Online consumers prefer social proof and appreciate feedback from the real buyers who have actually bought the item. It is often regarded that a positive review of an item works as a marketing strategy and it helps the product to build a strong audience base in the market.

Include buyer’s review of purchased item and make sure your customers can easily see these reviews.

  1. Good customer service brings more customers

Excellent customer service is the key of “WOW” experience. Customers often want to know detail about their desired products and they try to connect with store owners in an easy way. The more time you take to answer their questions, the more you lose your potential customers. Again if the customers don’t get satisfied with your provided service during purchasing process and after the purchase they would less likely to shop more from you. Offering great care always brings new customers and helps in customer retention.


  1. Offer multichannel customer services

Multichannel customer service is very important in improving customer experience. Customers like to contact with you in more than one channel and if you offer them single channel to contact they might lose attraction to make deals with you. Here are some most uses channels for providing customer service-

  1. Email

Add your email address on the top of homepage and product page so that customers can find it easily. Send follow up mails and welcome pop up mails to convince customers to shop from your store. it is better to provide personalize mails during purchasing process.

  1. Live chat

Live chat is now more trending and customers especially young customers prefer chat live with the shop owners. Having live chat option to your store always drive traffic as this option let the customer to contact with you instantly. Live chat enables quick response of your store and builds trust among the customers.


  • Phone call

You can also add a phone number to your store and having phone call customer service is always fundamentally important. Many customers prefer direct phone call than email or chat to know or ask about your products. Phone call option is also time consuming and can become costly if you have a smaller team


  1. Social media

Add your product’s advertises in various social media like facebook, twitter and others to create social media base for your products. It is very helpful to use customer’s social media link with product reviews that build a huge followers of your store in social media.


Customer experience is the sole of your ecommerce store’s functionality and conversion booster. You may not have the chance to meet your customers physically like brick and mortar shop, but have the chance to make them your forever customers. So try to improve your customer’s experience to build a strong customer base for your ecommerce site.


Happy Selling!!!

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