10 Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

10 Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Making changes to your ecommerce business is sometime risky and expensive. Your customers may not ready to accept changes and this can make your conversion goes down.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing your store’s conversion by generating and implementing ideas for the elements on your site or store.Implementing of those ideas can make you calculate the risk of losing conversion and applying some great apps for the optimization process can cost you a lot of money.

Many popular small and large ecommerce sites prefer some best conversion rate optimization practices and these practices are proven as real conversion booster for any ecommerce business.

This article will provide you the importance of conversion rate optimization and a basic guide to understand what is conversion optimization with 10 best practices of conversion rate optimization.

Why it is important

Conversion rate optimization is crucial for online stores.It allows the online business owners to get more values from new visitors and customers they already have and helps to lower their customer acquisition costs.

Optimizing various conversion elements you can reduce the risk of getting lower traffic and improve your user experience that helps converting visitors into potential customers. It also helps you to earn more revenue from more traffic.

Here is some importance of CRO-

  1. It provides you tools and techniques to improve your store’s functionality.
  2. It is money saving strategy
  • It helps rising Pay per click costs
  1. CRO lowers the customer acquisition costs.
  2. It reduces digital marketing costs.
  3. It helps you to win the race!
  • It makes you more valuable to your customers and partners.
  • CRO helps you to make maximum profit.
  1. It is a free tool to improve your store front
  2. It enhances your website’s look, design and layout.
  3. CRO is absolutely free!


A/B testing

A/B testing is one of the fundamental elements of conversion rate optimization (CRO) to test whether the adopted techniques are helpful to improve conversion.

A/B testing is a way to compare two website pages to find out which one performs better. It is a simple technique where two different website pages are shown to similar types of viewers and that website wins which receives more conversion rate. This A/B testing is also known as split test.

If you want to know about your site’s current performance on improving conversion, then A/B testing is a great tool for you. Before conduct the test you have to figure out your traffic size because if you have small traffic than the result will not be dynamic. A/B testing allows you to make more revenue by reducing customer acquisition costs.

Given below 10 best practices for CRO to boosts sales, traffic flows and conversion.

  1. Make your homepage more attractive

Your website’s homepage represents the whole store’s image to your customer similarly of the storefront of a brick and mortar shop. Customers judge your products and your shop’s functionality by the first glance of your store’s homepage.

Optimization of homepage is the vital elements of conversion rate optimization as boring and poorly designed homepage often drive away traffic and you don’t want your storefront looking ugly and boring. Eye catching color scheme with less word documentation, nicely organized information and high quality product’s image enhances store’s visual appearance and user experience that attract traffic to visit your site and make them buying your products.

Here are some tips to optimize your site’s homepage-

  1. Make the homepage simple yet attractive; avoid using excessive images, lengthy documents and image or headline sliders.
  2. Display your contact number above the homepage so your customer can easily find.
  • Use real testimonials, badges beneath the main content to build trust and loyalty of your products.



  1. Optimize your Call To Action (CTA) button

Optimization of the CTA button of your landing page increases the possibility of conversion rather than bounce. The call to action button is mainly a button that navigates the customers to next step of make their choices on a landing page like “go to next page”, “create account”, “get started” now or “buy now” etc.Lacking of a call to action button may lead your customers to end up “where to click for next step” or “what to do now” situation.

Again design, copy, color scheme of your CTA button has a great impact on your conversion. If your CTA button has dull and conventional design, dark color scheme or irrelevant uses where it is not applicable can damage your conversion. It is shown in several studies that converting green button to red and vice versa often affects the conversion both positively as customers like changes.

Here are some tips to optimize CTA button-

  1. Use nice and dynamic design for CTA button
  2. Use appropriate button copy for your landing page or otherwise “why should I click this button” question will be asked by your customers.
  • Use a contrasting color for your CTA button relevant with your website’s overall color scheme.
  1. Place your CTA to a perfect place like above the fold or at the bottom of the page.
  2. Use CTA button instead of text link.


  1. Ensure security

Security issue is the biggest concern now as there are more new online retailers in ecommerce field. So it is really important ensuring security on product purchase, payment and on product delivery. Make sure that your customer has enough reasons to believe you when they are on your store for their desired products. Security optimization has a great impact on conversion providing highest security to the customers during their visits or product purchasing reduces the bouncing chances and convert traffic into potential customers.

Here are some tips for ensuring security and building trust-

  1. Include security icons located near the total amount
  2. Show your awards.
  • Add your phone numbers, address, company’s address
  1. Customer feel more secure buying products from you when you provide your personal contact numbers, email address or social media addresses.


  1. Make sure your site is responsive

Quick response of your store is the fundamental criteria based on what customers measure their user experience. A site’s success on making its sky-high popularity and super dynamic functionality depends on how quickly the site provides answers and helps its customers need. If you make delay answering customer’s question you may lose your potential customers. So, to make sure your store has the capability to response anytime your customers ask a single question about your products or store. It is indeed a best practice to integrate live chat, facebook chat, email or other popular and fast sources to provide support and services to your customers.

Here are some tips to make your site more responsive-

  1. Add live chat option either as pop up or as a link at the bottom of any pages of your website.
  2. Add 24/7 phone call service.
  • Set your email address at the top of every page.


  1. Optimize product page

Your product page should have been designed to show the value of your products so that customers get interested to buy your products.Product page is fundamentally important as it mainly ignites the purchase process inspiring customers to add your product in their buying list.

Some tips to optimize product page-

  1. Use clear headlines and sub-headlines.
  2. Use high quality photographs of the products.
  • Use wishlist button
  1. Use customer’s review and product ratings.
  2. Don’t hide stock products
  3. Add videos of your products.
  • Write detail descriptions of high priced products.
  1. Tackle Shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment cannot be stooped fully but you can manage and reduce the cart abandonment rate by optimizing some practices. Send follow up mails to remind your customers about their cart abandonment and offer them suitable deals. You can also apply persistence shopping cart to minimize abandonment rate. Speeding up of checkout process works well in managing cart abandonment.


  1. Reduce form fields

Asking your customers too many questions to fill the form is not conversion friendly and customers often get confused to fill the options asking for their personal id code, company’s name, zip code or Credit card number. Try to simplify the form and its options and eliminate unnecessary questions.Simple and short field form is always considered as a primary element of increasing your shop’s conversion.


  1. Speed up your Website

You can use various speed generating apps to increase your website’s loading speed. If you have a doubt about your site’s loading speed you can test the loading time of your store by using Google page speed insight tool which will help you to understand how fast your website loads producing a detail report.

Check if your store has unnecessary apps and plugins and uninstall them if you don’t need them. This will increase your website’s loading speed reducing the additional load these unnecessary apps are putting on.


  1. Add offers and discounts

The sweet and magical word “Free” puts an extra essence on your products and services making the buyers loyal to you and your products. Offer free shipping for less to medium priced products and add discounts on high valued products. Customers prefer to hear from their sellers “free shipping”, “no return fees” or “50% summer discount” and these words really do magic increasing your sales and converting customers.

Here are some tips-

  1. Add Free shipping bar by Hextom on top of product and home page.
  2. Offer daily basis and seasonal discounts on sales.
  • Offer free return policy



  1. Include a link to your return policy

Create easy and secure return policy. Easy and free return is always helpful to improve conversion and to increase store’s functionality. Offer long time return period so your customers feel confidence to buy your product.


Conversion rate optimization help you to understand your store’s recent functionality and traffic flow. It is the most important process of optimizing your store aiming the goal of making value of your products to your customers. It also improves your overall marketing campaigns.

Happy Selling!!!!

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