10 Ecommerce conversion killers that drive your customers away

10 Ecommerce conversion killers that drive your customers away

If you have an online store than you may wonder often why your products get fewer customers and why doesn’t your conversion rate get improved even though you have enough traffic? It’s a common problem and most ecommerce store owners fail to find which things are killing their store’s conversion and make the customers click away from their sites. Generally store owners pay more attention on traffic generating strategies like SEO, content marketing or social media while these only improve store’s functionality to draw more traffic but there are some other factors that may drive away traffic before making any purchase decision. These factors are considered as conversion killer.

For example, your store may have 100 visitors in a single day for your great marketing strategies but that 100 visitors can click away by not finding your products helpful or for your high shipping fee. Any single factor can drive away your potential customers.

Today I listed 15 factors that can kill your conversion and drive your potential customers away.

  1. Slow loading

Loading time of page is one of the major factors of cart abandonment and research shows that people mostly abandon pages that take 3seconds more to load. According to Kissmetrics, 47% of customers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less and a 1 second delay in page loading can result 7%reduction in conversions. That means your store can loss a millions in sales per year.

Again this slow loading of shopping cart affects future visits customers and traffic to your store. Research shows that 79% of shoppers less likely to shop from the same site again after being dissatisfied. If your current customers find a checkout page takes more times than they expected, they might switch to other stores next time who offer high and dynamic shopping cart speed because this ensure loyalty of your store.



Create small animations, pop up displaying the cart’s contents and “checkout/continue to shop” call of action always work best.


  1. Inappropriate or confusing site’s design

Design is the primary aspect of your site. It speaks on behalf of you and it is considered as one of the fundamental factors of driving more traffic to any ecommerce store. Customers always prefer organized, well-designed, and colorful eye catching sites. Again if customers find unclear and confusing purchasing process where they are not confirmed what to do next or where to click to activate purchasing process. This may cause customers unwilling to buy products from your store.




Improve site’s design, use high quality pictures and use well-articulated descriptions to enhance the site’s design and layout.


  1. Less diversified products

Both less diversity and customization of your product can kill your conversion. You have to keep in your mind that customer’s choices differ and you can’t satisfy every customer with same and similar products. If you have limited product options, your customer can get bored and can be inspired to click away from your site. For example, customer will prefer to buy from the stores that which offer more custom options for a single product than you. So try to produce and bring new items with more customize options that will definitely help you to retain more customers with new customers.



Offering more custom options rather huge numbers of products is better way to draw more customers. You can offer different sizes of tank tops, for example, with 10 different colors so customers can buy their desired sized and colored tops.


  1. High price

Price point of products is one of the major factors that make your customers to abandon their carts. Customers generally compare product’s price first and then make the call of purchasing. If you add relatively high price of your products than other stores, your customers will lose interest on your products and try to find the best priced products. Many online stores offer coupon codes and other discount offers to the customers so that they still can make profit and can retain customers.



It is better to add offers and discounts instead of cutting out product’s price. Offer daily or weekly basis discounts, first purchase discounts and others which will bring more buyers and your conversion will increase.


  1. Non-dynamic shopping cart button

You may wonder why consumers more often abandon their curt after picking an item in to cart and then leave the page. It is not their fault that they often do this rather they do not find a proper shopping cart button. Lack of dynamic shopping cart button or low key functioning may inspire the customers to leave your store before purchasing. Many websites have innovative pop up or “continue to shop” button so their customers know what do next to buy their desired products.





There are numbers of developer built dynamic cart apps you can integrate to your shop. These apps will automatically update your cart so you do not have to worry about cart abandonment.


  1. Limited payment options

Another conversion killer factor is the limited payment option. Customers prefer options and full control over which payment method they use. If you restrict the buyers with few or single payment option, you may be at risk of losing potential customers and conversion of your store. Multiple payment method always gives the customers freedom to choose their desired payment options they can afford. Online research shows that 50% of online customers stated that they would leave the stores before purchasing if their preferred payment method was not available.

For example, if you offer limited payment methods or other third party payment sources to your customers, but your customers don’t have available accessibility or they don’t feel secured of those methods you have mentioned, they will leave your store and will look for better options.



Multiple payment options always bring new customers and it’s a good strategy for customer retention. So include all the popular payment options for international customers like PayPal, Strip, or Google checkout and local payment methods for local buyers.


  1. Shipping costs

According to UPS research 56% of online buyers abandon their shopping carts when shipping costs made their total purchase too expensive and 47% of customers will abandon their carts if free shipping is not offered. Shipping charges are the biggest reason of shopping cart abandonment. It is not that the customers don’t want to pay delivery charges but they do not want to pay unexpected costs for their purchase. Sometimes customers don’t find relative to pay shipping cost for single product buying where extra shipping fee adds additional costs on their purchased products. So they begin to compare your product with others who offer free shipping or discounts and switch to them abandoning your cart. You can offer them various lucrative deals to minimize the shipping costs but studies shows that free shipping deals always work in boosting conversion.

For example, Amazon has announced free shipping in any amount and quantity of product you want to purchase and since then Amazon has been improving their conversion.




You can offer free countrywide shipping and demand minimum and relative shipping fee for outside the country. Offering discounts on shipping costs is also very helpful to convert traffic into buyers. Another strategy to avoid this issue is to reconsidering the price value of products offering coupon, discounts, cookies etc.


  1. Compulsory registration or sign up

Compulsory account registration or sign up is another conversion killer. Customers don’t like to fill long forms with too many details and options. It sometimes drives away potential customers. According to an online study 23% of customers will abandon their cart if they are asking to sign up or to create a new user account and some sites lose users for this restriction. Asking the customers to create a new account means that your site is not free to roam for the visitors. The customers and visitors always prefer free movement. So when you are imposing membership or compulsory registration you are saying no to your potential customers. To solve this problem many websites offer guest checking instead of membership and this help them to improve their conversion.



You can offer the new customers or visitors three different options- i) Members login ii) Guest login and iii) Sign in. You have to simplify the term and conditions of new account registration. It is better to create short form with less detail. Do not force the customers to join in your sites rather offer guest checkout which is much fruitful.


  1. Lack of security assurance

Nowadays online retailing has become easier to start and many fraud sellers are disrespectfully harassing the customers. So customers are now being more security conscious before making any purchase. This security issue is considered as a new threat for ecommerce conversion. If customers don’t be sure about their purchase process (sellers address and identity) they will leave the checkout page without making the deal.

Customers believe on any form of authorized security assurance like simple security logo or SSL certificates.



You can include security icons to help building the trust among your customer. You can also add company’s address with contact details such as email address, phone numbers or other available sources to the customers so that they can contact with company authorities when needed.



  1. Poor customer service

If your customers are not satisfied with your provided service they will definitely leave you and poor customer service is the major conversion killer. Customer service provides information about your products, purchase process, shipping status and return policy related knowledge to your customers. Your customer may have pre-sales questions and try to contact with you. If some other page response quickly than you gets the sale and you ultimate lose your conversion.



You can adopt multi channel customer service such as live chat, email, FAQs, phone call or social media platforms to provide excellent customer care and support to improve your conversion.




These are the most common conversion killers you have to be careful to deal with. There are also some other conversion killers but once you take these major killers under your control, you will be able to maximize your conversion and sales.


Happy Selling!!!

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