10 must have free apps for your Shopify store

10 must have free apps for your Shopify store

Shopify app store contains more than thousands of apps and plugins for your Shopify store. Some of these apps are free of cost and some are needed to be paid to install and use them.These apps will help you to enhance your shop’s functionality by boosting up marketing strategies, sales, customers engagements and also help you to grow your business.

But it is quite tough to choose the best suitable app as you will find similar apps for a single key word search. For example, type “Free shipping” and you may find hundreds of free shipping related apps in result.

In this article I listed 10 best free apps according to category for your Shopify store and if you are about to launch a Shopify store just right now, these apps are primarily best for your shop.

  1. Plug in SEO


Price Free
Developer Plug in SEO
Rating + Review 1128 (5 star ratings)


SEO performance of your store is the crucial thing to success in online business because success depends on the presence and ranking of your shop in any search engine. If customers can’t find your site easily in search engine you will not receive traffic and your products will start to lose their value. So search engine optimization is very important for the overall growth and functionality of your online store.

Plug in SEO app is one of the perfect tools to solve the search engine related problems that your store is face or may face in future. This app is free with very easy and quick installation and once you install it,the app will enable automatic regular check and updates of your store. It also checks SEO performance and offers other suggestions including page title issue, product headings, Meta description, speed, image optimization, blog post structure and others.


  1. Better Coupon Box


Price Free
Developer Beeketing
Rating + Review 2101 (5 star ratings)


To boost up sales and convert traffic into more potential customer you may need to offer the customers attractive and luring discount coupon. Everytime visitors visit your site they will be offered with a discount coupon and convert them into sales by subscribing in email or other social media. Better coupon Box app is here for you which create beautifullyresponsive pop up coupons to turn the first visitor into email subscribers.It is one of the most reviewed marketing apps being used by 30000 Shopify shop owners. This app 100% customizable and you can easily design unique popups to increase more followers in social media to turn them into potential customers.


  1. Happy Email


Price Free forever
Developer Beeketing
Ratings + Review 1126 (5 star ratings)


Email marketing is now the most important for boosting up conversion rate of any ecommerce store by converting traffic to customer. Customers appreciate gratitude and soft behavior of the sellers and sending “THANK YOU” mail after first and every purchase retains customers and attract new one. But it is really time consuming and tiresome work to send single mail to every single customer.


Happy Email developed by Beeketing is the easiest way to send Thank you mail to the customer after their purchasing your products which solve this manual mailing problem. This app generates automated mail and send to the customers after 30 minutes of their first purchase.


This app creates automatic mail so you do not have to write mail to every customer who purchases products from your shop. Its ability to formulate well-articulated and verbally rich latters enhances your image to customers and build trust and loyalty among your customers.


  1. Infinite options


Price Free forever
Developer ShopPad Inc.
Ratings + Review 791 (5 star ratings)


Shopify limits product customization where you have only 3 options on each of your product. This limitation has a great impact on your sale as you cannot provide customer’s custom products.

For example, you have 3 specific sized (Small, Medium and Large) ladies workout tops with 3 different colors, customer who wants beyond this limited option will click away from your shop.

If you are worried about this problem than the free app Infinite Options is best for you. This app allows you to personalize your products and you can add as many options as you want. It also offers many options including unlimited product customization, control over placeholder and default values, and setting of field as optional or required, numeric fields with maximum and minimum values and so more.



  1. Free shipping bar by Hextom


Price $0.00/month
Developer Hextom
Ratings + Review 2600 (5 star ratings)


Shipping fee for your products may cause the cart abandonment and free shipping is considered as conversion booster and it confirms 50% of sales. The Free shipping barby Hextom inspires the customers to purchase products from your store as they can become confident about shipping process.

Transparency about shipping fee always drives traffic. This app is free of cost and fully customizable and can display several massage at a time. It has no app branding tag which prevents brand tag on your site’s bar, ensures your site’s professional look.



  1. Order printer


Price Free forever
Developer Shopify
Ratings + Review 355 (5 star ratings)


Product branding is important for your online store to make more profit and to grow your store. Better product branding helps to build a loyal and trusted product brand to your customers. It also enhances store’s popularity and customer’s experience. Shopify offers various apps to create a digital presence of your product and Order Printer is the most appropriate one for any Shopify store.

This app helps you to print invoices, labels, receipts and packaging slips and customize and create templates.This offers you a lot of options including designing bulk templates, printing of documents, and easy customization of templates and packaging labels for your products to sell them to customers.


  1. Aftership


Price Free forever
Developer AfterShip
Ratings + Review 1277 (5 star ratings)


It is important in ecommerce to track shipping process and it is also a tiresome job to do. Aftership is one of the best apps for tracking your shipping products and has been using by 35,000 Shopify shop owners. It helps you to track all your packages in one place, auto-import your order information and let you send email and text updates to your customers about shipping updates. It supports 380+ couriers all over the world including top couriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and China post or China EMS.


The app is free to install and use and it allows you to track 100 shipping products per month.


  1. Oberlo


Price Free forever
Developer ShopPad Inc.
Ratings + Review 1019 (5 star ratings)


Dropshipping is now the most popular alternative choice of ecommerce business owners as it requires less expensive, business friendly and good for maintain store’s sales. Dropshipping is retail fulfillment way where you sell products to customers directly from other ecommerce market placeor from third party rather from your store. It is somehow not hassle free process. Oberlo is a free app to operate automatic and hassle free Dropshipping.

This app allows you to import products directly in your store and ship them directly to the customers. So you do not have to store the product physically. The app also fulfills orders automatically. It is an inventory app creates auto updates of your Dropshipping, purchase and import. So you can boost your sales without creating and producing products and your customers will not know about your Dropshipping.



  1. Quick Facebook chat


Price Free forever
Developer Beeketing
Ratings + Review 1747 (5 star ratings)


To be online all the time you may find it time consuming and replying offline mails is also a frustrating job to do. Customers may send you offline mails finding you unavailable online and ignoring their mails may cause you losing of potential customers. You can use Quick Facebook Chat developed by Beeketing which allow you to chat live with your customer in Facebook. You can view customer’s profile and can get them engaged to your store by supporting them anywhere anytime.

The app lets your customer to chat with their Facebook accounts with you on your store. You don’t have to send mails or follow up mails to your customer, chat live with them and your chat history will be saved in messenger.


  1. Product reviews


Price Free
Developer Shopify
Ratings + Review 659 (5 star ratings)


Products reviews by the customers work as social proof and sales drivers of your products. More than 61% of customers read user reviews before deciding to purchase any item in online shops and stores and these customer reviews are becoming essential part of ecommerce sites.

Shopify has developed a fully-customizable app named Product Reviews for an easy way to add reviews to your store. This app helps you to collects customer reviews of your product and boosts your sales conversion by increasing customer confidence.



These are totally free apps available in Shopify app store to boost up your store’s functionality both for existed and newly launched stores. You can compare these apps and then adopt whichever you think best for your store.

Happy Selling!!!!

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