10 tips to write excellent product description-convert traffic to lifetime customers

10 tips to write excellent product description-convert traffic to lifetime customers

It is easy to describe any product to who hasn’t seen the product physically.

Is it really?

Product description is the vital element in your entire ecommerce marketing strategies of your product, describing your product’s features and benefits to your target audience to make them your potential customers. Customer’s decisions either to click “Buy” or click away from your site largely depends on the description you wrote about your products. Product’s description helps the customers to build imaginary image of your products.

Effective product description builds strong platform for your product’s brand. The more effective and powerful will be your product descriptions the more your customers want to buy them. It is kind of seduction process where your products entice your customers not by their name or photo by their lucrative and effective description.

Before writing a full description of your product you have to answer the “Five W’s and How” factors that journalists use to get information. They are-

  • Who is the product for?

Definition of the target group according to gender, age, demographics, nationalities or employment status.

  • What are the details of the product

This includes basic information of your products such as color, size, dimension, materials and product’s functions.

  • Where would your customers use the product?

Whether it is for indoor or outdoor activities, or is it for you or your home?

  • When would your customers use the product?

Is it for using during travelling or for certain time of day or season?

  • Why would your customer purchase the product?

What are the benefits or advantages that make your customers to buy the product, or how does the product satisfy your customers? Does it have the criteria your customers need?

  • How does your product work?

This is not necessary for every product. But if you sell something that like electric shavers, you have to tell how this shaver works…

Here are ten important tips to write a conversion-friendly product description-

  1. Define your target group

When you write your product’s description try to focus on target group of your customers to whom you want to sell your products. Your target group must be perfect for your product otherwise you can fail to attract them. You can define your product’s target group according to gender, age or their lifestyle such as if you sell baby strollers then make sure who are your customers.


You need to know and understand what your buyers exactly want. This is more like understanding buyer’s psychology. If your target group is working women than try to understand what makes them happy or to laugh, what exactly they need to believe and what make them to click “buy”.


  1. Create complete list of features and benefits.


Product description is all about your product. So talk about your product more and more. You have to tell your customer why they should use your product and how does your product benefit them. Customers may not have enough knowledge about your product so they can be less interested to buy them. Your job is to describe the features of your products so that your customer can image them virtually.


Effective product description always contains detail description of product’s features and benefits so customers can understand why they should buy your product. You should list all features and specs before writing your product’s description and then describe the benefits. Store owners do the same mistake of not fill the gap between features and benefits. Features are the facts or materials of your product and benefits are the explanation of what these features can do.


For example, if you sell noise canceling headphones than active noise cancellation system is the feature of your headphones and “total silence” or “noise free listening” is the benefit you can refer.


  1. Keep it simple and effective

Keep your words simple to make the description more effective. Do not use controversial words and phrases like “get the product” (instead of “buy it”), “may be”, “yeah” or “kind of” etc. Try to avoid hard terms and legal words your customers do not have time to search for the meaning of your used terms and words. It is better to keep follow the easy and simple way when writing a product’s description.


Try to write conversational paragraph to attract the readers and use bullet point list of features and benefits. Most of the readers just look through the bullet points and go for the next product so using detail paragraphs may inspire your readers to leave your product.

  1. Define your tone of voice

One of the major important factors of writing an effective product description is your tone of voice. Your tone of voice is how you want to present your products competing with similar products of your competitors. It is the main factor to differ your product from others.


If your words sound boring or lack of appealing your reader will misunderstand about your company’s function, culture and personality. Your tone of voice reflects your personality and sense of humor which makes an impression to your customers. Use fun words and strong verbal terms to define yourself through your products.


For example you write your product’s description in a conventional way using boring words and phrases but similar product with more fun words and easy sentence can attract more readers.


  1. Use technical terms to boost the text

Use technical terms if you are selling products like electric kettle, electric shaver, noise cancelling headphones or products with more technical specs. It helps you to prove to your customer that you have enough knowledge about your brand and customers find the description helpful.


  1. Make it appealing to the customers

Customers like to hold their desired products and research shows that holding of the products in hand increases the desire of having them.


Online products often lose their potential buyers for their poor description and presentation. It is proved that videos, large high res images always create products image on customer’s mind and these tools are helpful to attract the customers. But you can also create that desire by copywriting technique.


Think like a customer, what can make a product more appealing to your eyes and what can arouse your desire to have that product. Build an imaginary scenario through your text and it helps the reader to understand your products. Use “imagine” in starting your copywriting and end the paragraph with detail explanation of how your reader will e benefited by purchasing the product.



  1. Make it scanable

You will hardly find a round number of people who actually reads any web page instead of going through of it. Research shows that only 16% of readers actually read any web page while 79% of people just scan any web page they come to across. This is not only a research it is the fact that most people just go through any web pages and click when they find something eye catching or beneficial to them.

Here are some tips to make your product description scanable-

  1. Highlight keywords
  2. Create meaningful sub-headings
  • Use easy to find-bullet-points
  1. Use large front to make it readable
  2. Use single paragraphs with single idea.


  1. Use mini-stories

Using mini-stories or product background stories minimize the gap between the readers and the product helping the readers to get closer to their desired product. Many websites use mini stories like products background history, foundation history or inventor’s short biography to make a sensible environment for their readers. This storytelling technique combing with products description creates customer’s affection by telling them how much care has been taken to create the product for them.

You have to mention relevant stories of your product and make them able to touch your customer’s emotion. It is a great technique to write a product’s description.


  1. Use social proof to attract customers

Research shows that social proof such as social sharing and online reviews of products reassure and inspire the new customers to buy it.


Customers who want to buy online products always follow the people who have already used the products and share their experience in social media. Social sharing and reviews work as social proof of your products. So include customer’s reviews in to your product’s description to provide the readers social proof of your products.


Amazon is the best example for using customer reviews you can find how people depend on those reviews and buy the reviewed product.


  1. Never ever use duplicate copy

Never ever use duplicate copy of product description. It is normal that sometimes you can accidently write similar copy that match with your competitor’s but make sure this is not happening. Always try to avoid conventional way of copywriting and check with copy checker apps to find whether your product’s description matches with others.

Try to write your original products description mentioning product’s benefits and advantages with its features. Duplicating of copy has always a negative impression of your personality and brand’s functionality.



It is not easy to create an effective product’s copy but effective copy always helps you to build your product’s brand and image. Try to utilize your knowledge and use social attributes of your products.


Happy Selling!!!

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