10 ways to drive traffic to your Shopify store

10 ways to drive traffic to your Shopify store

Driving traffic to your ecommerce store is the most struggling and fundamental strategy to increase sales and scale up your store. People often pay attention to the design aspect of their online store and spend more time and money to look the store stunning. But they always neglect the crucial thing of running an online store-“Marketing and advertising”. Strong and effective marketing and advertising of products and store helps to get more traffic and enhances the sales by enabling your stores capability and functionality.

Traffic is always considered as the life blood of any online stores. Similar to brick store on the market online store gets traffics who visit your store for buying their desire products and more traffic ensures potential customers and sales. Again only free traffic can’t get your expected sales, if they cannot be satisfied with your products offerings, quality and your ability to provide services.

So driving free but effective traffics (potential customer to be) requires some strategies and in this article I will give you 10 most effective strategies to drive traffics to your ecommerce store.

  1. Launch new products

Customers always want new products and launching new products always both attracts new customers and drives traffic. Create different marketing and advertises for new upcoming products which make the customers curious and they will keep tracking for upcoming products. The most important thing in launching new products to keep balance with older products or otherwise older products will startlosing customers. So maintain certain time duration and backup strategies when launching new products.


  1. Be more social!

Social media advertising is the fundamental source for online stores and business to drive traffics and increase sales with retaining the customers. Social media platform is considered more strong and effective compared to printing platform and it is also cheaper than the second one.

Before such wide range of social media means, Facebook was the most important and cheap way to advertise online business and stores to drive traffics was also easy to do. People are now using these various social media ways such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, e-mail, Google+ to be connected with mainstream of information and communication system. Being on these social media is effective to make a fruitful and advantageous marketing for your products.

Some important social media marketing strategies are-


  1. Integration of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most effective social media for advertising and marketing for your product though they demand the highest amount $65 per order. Integrating your online store with Instagram will help your products to collect effective traffic and customers as Instagram gives 25% more engagement than any other social platform.

For example, you want more traffic and customers for your online craft shop, use photos of your products, customer reviews; product’s video to your followers or you can connect with popular accounts to make them to consider featuring your products to their followers.


  1. Facebook add

You can drive more traffic to your online store by posting ad in Facebook. Facebook allows “Page post ads” for online store which enhance followers and traffic by simple click on like, share or comment. You have to be careful when creating an ad keeping in mind some important things such as testing of various products, copy and images to find effective traffic.


  • E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is important for retaining both interested customers and new traffic. E-mail marketing helps boosting up sales and to drive more traffic by sending updates, image of new and upcoming products to your enlisted customers. Keep in mind that asking for permission before sending them updates is important and this will help you to build a healthy customer engagement.


  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is now one of the most important market channels from where you can drive effective traffic to your online store. Promote more pins of your products in Pinterest which will help you to build strong engagement.



  1. PPC advertising

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click ads which is really very effective for driving traffic and converting them to potential customers. You can have this PPC advertising either by yourself or you can get done it by some online market places.


  1. Start blog writing

Start to write meaningful and your product related blog to dive traffic and to convert them. Writing a blog is now the most important tool to create a platform for your products but it has to be full of content and meaningful to your products. A full of content blog helps you to be the influencer and makes your store more popular. It also helps to drive traffic for now and to convert them into potential customers for both now and for future.

Some important instruction for launching and writing a blog-


  1. Write product related content

Always try to write product related content with full description of your products. This will help your product to get more visitors by making a strong appearance.

  1. Write as guest blogger about your products in other blogs.

Find out related or similar sites like yours. Write guest posts and blogs in those related sites that will help you to retain your customers easily and also new audiences from the sites.

  • Accept Guest posts

Like writing guest post, allow other bloggers to write guest posts on your site. Always try to avoid competitors! This will help you to get their customers as well as yours.

  1. Send sample products for marketing

Send sample products to bloggers, vloggers, magazines or other related company to convince them to give positive review of your product. Reviews from magazines, bloggers and other influencers help to attract their followers and customers. It also works as advertising.

Follow these following instructions before sending product related-mail-

  • Point out your statements and personals without elaborating the email.
  • Add a details product description or otherwise the influencer might lose his interest.
  • Send follow-up mails if you do not get response but maintain courtesy before sending follow up.
  • Follow up again after receiving your products if they have anything to ask or know about your products.
  1. Post customer reviews

Products reviews by the customers work as social proof and drives more traffic to your store and convert them potential customers of your products. More than 61% of customers read user reviews before deciding to purchase any item in online shops and stores and these customer reviews are becoming essential part of ecommerce sites.

Allow customers to post their review and highlight most satisfied reviews. If they inbox you their comments whether they like your products or not, post those comments and reply with detail description. This honest attempt often helps to increase sale as the customers can get the information they needed from the review section.

Followings are the reasons why you need more customer reviews to drive traffic to your online store-

  1. Customer reviews create credibility for your products and stores.
  2. Positive feedback can increases your product offerings
  • Product reviews by the customer often improve your SEO.
  1. Customer reviews are considered as the most trusted option for purchasing any products.
  2. Positive and correctly formatted reviews help increasing clickthroughs from search result page.



  1. Build quick response of your store

Build quick and efficient store response to customers order and query. Delaying of product order can put away the customer to look for alternative options of your product. So always try to response customers order in reliable time.

Again try to answer customers question with no delay. You can add FAQs or Q&A section for additional information. Again live chat option is very fruitful to drive traffic and to retain customers.


  1. Optimize your store for Search Engine.

Search engine optimization is crucial to drive more traffic to your Shopify store. It is very important to build better rank for your store because people generally look through the highest ranked sites appeared among top 6 or 7 search result. That’s why you have to ensure that your target group of people can easily find your store whenever they search according the key words.

Here are some ways to optimize your store for Search Engines for driving more traffic-

  1. Use Search Engine tools
  2. Use great architectural tools to make your store beautiful
  • Improve store’s functionality
  1. Make your site mobile friendly
  2. Optimize key pages.


  1. Offer deals and other promotions

Offer discount sales and deals of your product on various days or on daily basis, for example you can offer 10% discount on valentine’s day, 65% discount on Christmas or others. Offering deals and other promotions always attract customers to buy your products. You can also offer free services in repairing of your products, for example free first tuning of mountain bike or first re-painting of furniture’s etc.

You can also offer following deals-

  1. Free shipping offer for purchasing products.
  2. Complimentary awards and gifts.


  1. Offline activities

Along with online activities offline activities or networking are also very important for driving traffic and potential customers for online shops. Offline activities always boost the store’s sales by creating real world marketing of your products. These activities help to build audiences allowing them to have real life experience of your products.

For example, if you want to sell wooden dining table set, you have to appear in local fair or markets to show your products to the customers physically, so they can have clear picture of your product.

You can do the followings offline to drive traffic to your online store.

  1. Attend events

Attend events like business meeting, seminars, fair or sales. These will help you to build audiences and to promote your online store among the attended audiences physically.

  1. Speak at conference

Speak at various ecommerce based conference to get known and personal popularity has immense important in online retailing to drive more traffic and customers to your shop.

  • Sponsor local events or startup

Sponsoring of some local events like local markets, fair and startup in your area also helps you to get promotions for your store. Try to include your shop’s URL in to event page or give away your business card among the participants and audiences.



Above all be confident and don’t be upset if you cannot sell a single product after launching your online store. It takes some time to get first response from a buyer or to convert traffic to customers. Follow these above tactics patiently and pay attention in marketing than design aspect. Get your product known to the audience and drive more traffic to your online store.

Happy Selling!!!

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