12 tips to write return policy that drive new customers to your Shopify store

12 tips to write return policy that drive new customers to your Shopify store

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A consumer-friendly and solid ecommerce return policy is the fundamental determiner that can boost your sales and conversion by making customers loyal to you. Return and refund policy is crucial in ecommerce because customers need to be sure that you have some better alternatives when they face problem with purchased products. If your shop lack of any return policy or customers cannot find you after receiving the products they would likely leave your store for life. This is certainly not good for your shop because customer’s satisfaction is the key to increase conversion and sales.

According to comScore and UPS, 63% of online shoppers check the return policy of the online retailer before making the call, and 48% would likely shopping more from the retailers who offer easy return policy.It is important to write a user friendly return policy to drive potential customer to your store.

It is always a concern that why should I need a return policy when I have quality products? It is not that your quality product can always satisfy the customers, it also could be the size or color related issues that your customer want to return the products as online shopping limits the customers physical contact with the products. Again sometimes your product can be damaged during shipping or delivery and customers don’t want to pay for your damaged goods. In that case they look for alternatives that you offer to them and it could be exchange of the damaged goods or refunding.

This article will provide you 12 necessary tips to create a solid and excellent return policy to boost up your sales and conversion.

  1. Make your return policy easy to find

Make sure that your customer can find your return policy easily. Customers should never spend times on searching any information on your store. Easy accessibility of any information often helps to boost store’s functionality.


You can display the return policy in any pages of your website but you must not hide the location, better display page’s link so that your customer can find it.You can also post the return policy in FAQs section, or customer correspondence or even in the packages.


  1. Make it unique

Many online stores share similar return policy which is absolutely not helpful in boosting conversion. Customers look for better and unique offers and options. To keep place in competition and maintain a good rank in search engine you have to keep your return policy unique and different. But make sure that it can satisfy your customers.


It is better to customize your return policy avoiding “one-size-fits-all” concept. Before making your return policy, enlist your requirements for your business, products and your target audiences. You should personalize your return policy and make this understandable to the customers. This will help to create a customer friendly return policy without making any loss in your sales.


  1. Make it easily understandable

Simplicity has its own beauty! You would not want your customers asking you about words and phrases of your return policy in live chat or emails. It is expectable that customers can ask you about any terms and conditions of the return policy but if they ask you “what do you mean by this word or that phrase”, then your return policy is absolutely fails. So use simple words that a fourth grader even understand what exactly you are offering.

Return policy is considered as your store’s description, so try to write an easily understandable return policy. Use simple key words and terms to describe your products to the customers. Here are some tips to follow-

  1. Use simple words instead of using legal jargons.
  2. Avoid using confused phrases like “only if”, “Unless” or “you must”.
  • Keep it simple and short. People don’t like to read ten pages return policy.
  1. Highlight your promises and offers.


  1. List your return requirements

Make sure that your customers get known about your return requirements if you have any. Otherwise your customers will get confused if you demand your requirements when they need to return the purchased products. You can state some requirements like-

  1. Product has to be sent with its original packaging whether it is opened or unopened.
  2. Customer should supply purchase receipts, authorized numbers or shipping address.



  1. Provide longer return time period

Many ecommerce stores give limited time for returning a product. This limitation of time often decreases the customer’s confidence to buy your products. For example, you sell headsets and give certain time period such as 30 days after receiving the purchased products, customers can find this small time period irrelevant. So offer longer time period for returning purchased products. It shows that you actually care about your customers and take all the responsibilities of the purchase process. It also boosts your sales and conversion.


  1. Do not add return charges

It is better to clear about all additional and return related fees and charges before making any deal with the customers. Otherwise things will be complicated and confusing during return a product.


Try not to add any other costs and charges in return a product because from the customer’s perspective you are liable to accept the costs of your fault, not the customers. Offering free return is off course not a money making strategies but it has been proved that customers prefer to shop from those sites who offer free return and it helps in customer retention.



  1. Clearly state conditions of return

Customers return their purchased product if either it doesn’t match with what they wanted or the product is defective. State clearly what condition you will consider of the product to be returned and which conditions customer need to follow when they want to return any product.

It is better to create separate terms and conditions for malfunctioned, defective products and damaged products, so that your customers will act according to the return policy.Try to avoid returning of used products.

State clearly if you grant exchange of purchased product, if you do than clearly state the exchange conditions and terms and if you don’t than state the best alternative for damaged goods.


  1. Automate return management system

Your customers need to return a purchased product and when they send you email you reply them with your terms and conditions. It is quite unprofessional way because this takes long time of return process with lots of misunderstandings.

It is better to ask the customers to sign in to their accounts so they can keep tracks of their older purchased and can create return. Automated return policy enhances store’s functionality and creates trust and loyal relations between the buyers and sellers.


  1. Admit your fault

Be polite with your customers if you unwillingly send the defective and wrong products to them. Don’t be rude on customers if they want to return products that do not match with your return policy.Admitting your own fault always builds trust among the customers and this helps in customer retention.


  1. Knowledgeable staff

Efficiency of your return policy depends on how your staffs execute the policy to the customers. Well-educated and trained staffs are the basic requirements of running a profitable online store. You should train and update your staffs about your store’s return policy so that they can provide answers to the customers properly.


  1. Return or refund

State clearly in your return policy whether your customers are allowed to have return or refund. Customers may expect exchange offer or full refunding of damaged goods and services if you do not include that in the policy.

It is fully on to you whether you offer full refund or exchange policy. Many large and well-known companies offer“cash back” or “exchange” offers to attract more customers. You can include 50% cash back offer, or exchange offer in first 100 days of purchased but always try to offer the best and easy return or refund policy to the customers.



  1. Ask customers for feedback and reviews

Customer reviews are social proof of your products and it helps your product to build and brand image. You can ask them about their expectations and reasons why they want to return your products. This information will help you to update your return policy and to keep tracks with the customers.

Feedbacks and reviews help to optimize your return process with improving store’s overall functionality. You can include options to select the reasons why your customers want to return the purchased products.



A solid return policy is your store’s reflector which represents the core management of your business. It is not good that you have high number of returned products. Easy and user friendly return policy helps your store to build a popular image that drive more traffic and potential customers.


To reduce the number of return you have to make sure that your that store has a well-structured, organized and easy to find return policy and information. You should check and update your products and their descriptions, images and other specifications to make sure that your customer do not find your products outdated.



Happy Selling!!!

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