Setting up a Customer Support Centre for Your Shopify Store

Setting up a Customer Support Centre for Your Shopify Store

If you own an ecommerce store you have already been experienced how much tough to run an online business. To fulfill the sales target is the hard part of running the store but to satisfy the customers with products and sale related services is beyond what you are thinking. Customers nowadays want more concern and support while purchasing or making any deal with your store. If you fail to provide proper and desired customer services you might be able to sell your products but you may lose potential customers. Excellent customer service provides you an easy customer retaining gateway and it also creates loyal customers for your store. So customer service and support is the vital component to run a successful ecommerce business.

Setting up a customer support centre is one of the fundamental components for your online store and success depends on how you imply your resources and whether you follow the instructions carefully.

Today I described some important steps of setting up customer support centre for your Shopify store that may help you to plan your strategies when opening a store at Shopify.

Why Customer Support Centre is Important

You are running an ecommerce business or store not only for earning profit by selling products to customers but also you make a relation with your customers. This relation is important both for your store to make it grow and for you to build trust and loyalty among your customers. An efficient customer-friendly support centre is always considered as the determiner of conversion booster and it reflects your shop’s image to the customers.

Followings are some important points to get better understanding about customer support centre.

  1. Customer engagement

Customer always remember how much you provide support to them that means your product has less impact upon your next possible sale than customer service has. If people get satisfied with your provided customer service they will return to your shop next time and in other hand poor customer service always drive away traffic and consumers. It is not that customers only want best products; they much expect active involvement with sellers and when you provide them that involvement they want, you win the game!


  1. Brand Building tool

Customers are your real world marketing tool of your products and excellent customer service often build a brand for your products. If you pay more effort in customer service, this will turn into a better investment for building a brand of your store among new customers. People like to buy popular and trusted products and when they find your customer service better suit with them, they share their experience and this creates a trust and loyalty of your products.


  1. Reflection of your store

Your store’s capability, functionality and even quality of your products depend on how you provide services to your customers. People perceive first than they justify so if you have an excellent customer service, people will believe that you have quality products.


  1. Marketing Strategy

Good customer service is always considered as an important marketing tool. It adds extra effort in your store’s advertisement which sure brings you more customers and drives your conversion. Customers show more interests to those ecommerce sites provide excellent customer care. Think if you are a customer which part of a product’s advertisement will attract you? Is it the quality of the product? Or the customer service that may or may not promised to give you? The answer is the product’s quality primarily but if the company offers a good customer service along with its quality product that can convince you to buy it. So simply good customer service adds extra effort in your store’s marketing.


  1. Determiner of Buyer-Seller relations

Maintaining relations with your customer in a manner way always determine the care you are giving to your customers and this courteous and effective seller-buyer relation is fundamentally important in running an ecommerce store. Everytime you patiently answer customer’s questions or give information about your product to them this helps you to build and maintain a trusted and loyal relation with your customers. Various researches show that a good customer-buyer relation drives sales and improve conversion rate. If you can show your customers that how much you care about them they will also pay back and this two way interaction inspire customers to bring more new customers or to become repeat customers.


How to set up a customer support centre for your Shopify Store

Setting up an effective customer support centre is the most important task to open an online store. Whether you want to provide customer service individually or by a team you need to follow some instructions. Here are some instructions and techniques to set up an effective customer support centre for your Shopify store.



  1. Determine the services you want to provide

When building your own customer support centre, determine the services or areas of service you want to provide. In general customer service is required in three phases of customer’s activities-

  1. Before purchasing
  2. During shipment
  • After the shipment

The first phase requires information about your products, purchasing process and other information like discounts, special deals etc. Customers contact with you to know about shipping process and shipping status after purchasing the product and in third phase they may reach you to either say thanks or to complain about your products. Apart from these services you can also offer your customers remainder for your upcoming products and deals or additional services for purchased products.

Again you have to determine the level of your provided service. Always try to give the best services and promise to customer exactly what you can give. Do not exaggerate or make fake promises, this may create a disrespectful image of your store to the customers.


  1. Choose a channel

It is important to choose a better channel to provide services and supports to the customers. It is better to choose multi channel customer service because it allows customers a wide channel to contact with you and they can reach you anywhere anytime. There are many popular channels to provide customer support from which you can choose single or multiple options for your store.

  1. Email

Email is the simplest and most used customer service channel. You can add a contact form or can use your public email address to get questions and mails from your customer all over the world. Email maintenance is easy but you have to check every mail received from your customers. It is better to use separate personal and public mail account so that you will able to manage your mails easily.


  1. Phone call

You can also add a phone number to your store and having phone call customer service is always fundamentally important. Many customers prefer direct phone call than email or chat to know or ask about your products. Phone call option is also time consuming and can become costly if you have a smaller team.



  • Live Chat

Live chat is now more trending and customers especially young customers prefer chat live with the shop owners. Having live chat option to your store always drive traffic as this option let the customer to contact with you instantly. Live chat enables quick response of your store and builds trust among the customers.

According to global consumer trend study 44% of online consumers think that chat with a live person is the most important features offered by the ecommerce sites. Again 90% of customers consider live chat helpful while another study found that 63% of the consumers were more likely to return the sites they chatted with, and 62% reported that they would like to purchase more from the site again.


  1. Social media

Social media is the largest channel for customer support and many largest and well known ecommerce sites and companies use their social media accounts for providing customer services. Social media has various forms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, my space and others and among these social media forms twitter is the most used and powerful form of providing customer support.



  1. Helpdesk

Helpdesk is another customer support channel which is extremely helpful to provide services to the customers. You can answer customer’s question quickly. It requires less time so you don’t have to give more time rather you can focus on sales and marketing.


  1. FAQs

FAQs or Frequently Asked Question page of your store is a place where customers ask questions about the product and purchasing process. It is very and simple to post FAQs, what you have to do is collect most common and asked questions from your inbox and published them with answers in spreadsheet. You also can create questions and answers about your products.


  • Knowledge base

Knowledge base or self-service tool is an excellent way to improve your customer support by enabling the customers to help themselves. In the beginning creating a knowledge base is time consuming and sometimes it requires investment but it will help you to make extra profit and scale your store in future when your customers can find answers by themselves. It reduces your effort and time after providing answers to your customer so you can spend more time on increasing your store’s functionality.


  1. Team up

So you have chosen a channel or channels for your customer support centre now you need a team to provide support to the customers. It is really important to plan before hiring people to make a team. You have to consider following things before hiring staffs or making your team-

  1. Ideal support personality

Empathy, social and cultural attitude, problem solving skills, good communication capabilities of hired people.

  1. Skills

Specific technical skills, general knowledge, writing skill etc.

  • Training

You have to provide general training to your hired team about your business culture, business service and aim of your customer support centre.


  1. Optimize tools

You have to optimize tools for better functionality of your support centre. Your team may work hard to establish a better customer service but without optimizing such tools you may waste time and energy in maintain customer service. There are various customer service tools and apps available for you. Choose the appropriate and best suitable apps and tools and optimize them for providing an excellent customer service.


  1. Create customer service reports

Customer service report is initially important to track your effort and provided services. Helpdesk creates detailed customer reports but they cannot measure the exact number and cannot determine which one you need most. So creating customer service report will help you to understand what exactly you need to improve your customer support centre.



Apps for Customer support

There are thousands of apps for provide excellent customer service. I stated here some of important and necessary apps for maintaining better customer support centre.

Category Apps
Customer service channels Help desk Zendesk
Chat Facebook chat by Beeketing
Tidio Live Chat
Live Chat
Social media Hootsuit
Sprout Social
Email Google Apps for Business
Rackspace Email
Phone Call Free Call
FAQs HelpCenter
Form and Survey Easy Contact Form
Return and exchange Return Manager
Additional gifts and deals Wishlist Plus


Automate Customer Support

Automated customer service is time saving and less complex but it has a negative impact on your customer support. People prefer real person rather automation or artificial intelligence replying their questions. It is not only that people feel uncomfortable to talk automated voice but also they find irrelative and irritating the auto replies everytime.

Large and profound ecommerce businesses all around the world optimize automation tools and techniques to provide excellent and efficient support to the customers but they also provide human assistances. So you can adopt automation apps or other tools to help you to spend more time with your customers.


Customer service is really important to drive traffic and to convert them in to customers. If the customers get wow experience from your support centre, they will bring more new customers to your shop. Excellent and efficient customer support also boosts sales by creating a trusted and loyal relation between you and your customers. So try to get closer to your customers and build your brand.


Happy Selling!!!!

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