10 essential Twitter marketing strategies for your Shopify store

10 essential Twitter marketing strategies for your Shopify store

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms not only for people and celebrities to share their thoughts, emotions or life status but it is also an important marketing strategy for ecommerce marketers and store owners.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is one of the most used and largest social media platforms, which has more than 310M active monthly users. Many large and leading ecommerce marketers follow twitter marketing strategies to increase their sales and to grow their business.

If you do not know how to use twitter as your product’s marketing tool then this article will help you to understand how to use and integrate twitter to your store.

Why do you need Twitter?

Twitter is a core network which allows you to build a strong customer base by making extensive research on target market. You can also create your product’s advertise campaign in Twitter to boost your sales and conversion. Twitter is considered as the most effective e-marketing of your products similar to Facebook.

The followings are the most fundamental importance why you should integrate Twitter to your online store.

  1. It is free!

Why should you spend more money in marketing when Twitter is fully free to showcase your products and store? It is not logical spending extra money on product marketing when you have free-of-cost means for your product to show them to your customers. Additional promotions on twitter may cost you some money but it is optional.

  1. Ideal to know target market

You can learn your customer’s likes and dislikes from their posts, comments and reviews on their twitter and it helps you to understand the target audience of your products. It also ensures you to record the most popular posts and help to develop your marketing strategy to reach maximum audiences in social media.

  1. It helps to capture perfect audiences

Twitter is now one of the most used social media and it has more than 310million monthly users. It has a huge possibility to provide you what type and number of customers you want for your products. People like to share their experiences and likings or what they prefer to have as alternative and all their twitter activities may help you to capture the perfect audience group for your products.

  1. It redefines online marketplace

Twitter combines product marketing with ecommerce and provides a new place for selling your products. It allows you to sell your products directly to your customers through your twitter account.

  1. Direct contact with your customers

Twitter ensures your direct contact with your potential customers. Direct contacts with customers help to build trust and loyal relation between sellers and buyers.

  1. It helps you to build your brand image

Social media plays the vital role in building your product’s brand and reliable image. Twitter users are three times more likely than facebook users to follow a brand. When your happy customers tweet positive reviews of your products it helps your product to get an image and every hash tag with your product’s name creates a brand for your products.

How to use Twitter for you Shopify store?

Now you know why you need twitter marketing strategies for boosting your sales and conversion. Here are some strategies to use twitter for your Shopify store.

  1. Build your brand

Building of your brand is crucial for boosting your ecommerce business.Your product’s brand is what your customers perceive about your product. Your main task is to build your product’s brand and reliable image through social media and Twitter is the perfect place to get started.Various studies shows that 80% of twitter users have mentioned a brand in a tweet and 54% of tweet users say that they had taken actions after seeing a brand mentioned in a tweet.

Sharing of your product’s images, videos, description, customer’s reaction helps to reinforce your brand. Customers prefer product’s logos, names and other social proofs before buying your products.It is effective to use product images with proper link and share them on your twitter account and experts suggest that this tactic helps your products to build a customer base. Using hash tags with every product adds a bonus on building product brands and names.

  1. Research your target market

Twitter is the best place to find out what consumers think about your products. Consumers use social media platforms to share their thought, ideas, likings and perspectives and twitter is the fastest and simplest way to get closer to your customers and their ideas. It is easy to determine your competitor’s strategies by following hash tags and studying your competitors and other market idols actions to make more profit is very important to boost your sales and conversion.

For example, if you sell waterproof watches than do extensive researches on twitter to find out who else are interested about similar or relatedproducts. Itis better to look for future strategies or plans to execute when you are selling most popular items.

  1. Tweet frequently

Experts suggest to tweet more than three times a day to cover more customer attention and it is so important in twitter marketing. What if you have less engagement in twitter with less sharing, reviewing and retweet? Simply you will lose traffic and your potential customers as they find you unavailable when having questions to ask you about your products. It is proven that your frequent tweets, comments, sharing and following others help your products to get more attention and traffic. It is better to tweet at 12 pm, at 3pm and between 5 to 6pm to get the best amount of clicks and retweets. The weekdays also perfect o post your ideas and retweets and most of clicks and shares happen in these days.

  1. Manage customer support

Customer support is the crucial part of ecommerce business and success of your ecommerce store largely depends on it. Customers need to reach you to get their desire answers and information about your products and twitter plays the vital role in managing and proving excellent customer support. Providing your customers what they need to know or get can help you to convert them from followers to potential buyers.

Ecommerce experts suggest that quick response through social platforms like twitter helps to get more customers and according to various studies shows that 77% of twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweets get replied to.

  1. Reach your customers

Twitter has 310 million monthly active users and 500 million of visitors. This means you have nearly 5 million possible followers and customers if you get lowest visitors and customerseach day. Plus twitter is mobile friendly app and 88% of active users access this site via mobile. Another study shows that 84% of twitter users shop from online use this site to look for deals read product reviews and find gift ideas. So you have a great chance to reach maximum of your customers.

Create contests, offer deals and discounts to create a healthy relation with your customers. Read your customers posts, reviews and comment and retweet often. This tactics helps you to build a trusted and loyal image to your customers and they will like to stay with you whenever you need them.

  1. Post customer reviews

Social proof is the best marketing strategy out of costs. It boosts your sales and conversion. Showcasing your customer’s happy thoughts about your product always helps to get potential customers. Sharing of your customers images, videos and reviews about your product works like trust badges and certificates to new customers. It is always considered better to thank the customers with a comment or tweet who give positive feedback.

Do not react if you get negative tweets. Find out the solution of the problem and offer alternatives. Experts suggest being more polite and friendly when dealing with negative reviews.

  1. Twitter product cards

Twitter product cards are tags power by twitter which allows you to display much richer and content filled tweets to make your ecommerce store more engaging and powerful. Twitter limits you with 140 characters where it is really hard to describe your products in a single tweet. Twitter product cards help you to write more than 200 words product description and show your products image with two other information which you cannot do in regular tweet. So you can now show your product’s price with ratings or quantity in stock with the help of twitter product cards. Twitter product cards allow you to share your product’s basic information with your customers so your customers now can get your product easily by following you which is really beneficial to your ecommerce business.

  1. Build your twitter community

Loneliness in twitter doesn’t help to build and grow your ecommerce business. Your twitter community is your strength. It helps you to keep relations with your customers and to maintain your business. Building of your twitter community requires your interactions with your customers, competitors, business leaders and your icons. Follow people on twitter, specially your largest competitors, potential buyers, market leaders and big influencers to get knowledge and ideas.

Some important tips to build your twitter community-

  1. Tweet consistently to target your audiences
  2. Tweet on your product related topic
  • Tweet about thanking your customers and followers.
  1. Retweet your influencer’s and customer’s tweets.


  1. Write an effective tweet

You have only 140 words to share what you feel, what your business ideas or product description and your success depends on how you structure your limited words. Ecommerce experts say that most of tweets do not get clicks or share because of their poor articulation, right choice of words and written techniques. Check your tweet length, links, and hash tags before posting it.

  1. Be active and social

Twitter is a great place to make new followers, customers and obviously friend. Consistent twitting and social conversation with your followers, customers include past and new, and market leaders help you to build a social image. Be more friendly and polite when answering customer’s questions and reviews.


Twitter marketing is more influential than any other ways helping you to grow your business. You can follow others marketing strategies to increase sales and conversions but there is nothing better and helpful to follow own strategies. Use twitter as your one of marketing tools to boost sales and retain your customers.

Happy Tweeting!!!!

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