10 essential YouTube marketing strategies to boost your sales and conversion

10 essential YouTube marketing strategies to boost your sales and conversion

Video marketing of products adds a new dimension in ecommerce and ecommerce marketers and business owners are now paying more attention in video content marketing to boost their sales and to improve conversions. You can see leading stores and websites use their products’ and services’ videos to let the viewers know about what exactly their product is and what their product offers.

YouTube is the largest platform for video marketing and many leading ecommerce stores and business are using YouTube marketing strategies to scale up their business. YouTube marketing is simply the process of promoting your business by creating and uploading videos and ads on YouTube. This marketing strategy provides a wide possibility of accessing the largest online audiences and helps you to build a brand for your products.

Why do you need YouTube?

YouTube is the second most visited website with more than 1,300M YouTube users. This largest and most used platform has many benefits and advantages to promote your products and services through video contents.

  1. YouTube demonstrates your product

You can show your customers how your product works on YouTube. Video demonstrating of product is a helpful marketing strategy to build trust among consumers. It also cut down the costs of physical presentation and distribution of your product to the consumers and mainly companies with small inventory and distributional channels become benefitted from this video demonstrating. YouTube is the perfect place to demonstrate your product and it allows customers to see your product in action before buying them which help your customers to make the decision effectively.

  1. It builds your brand

YouTube lets you to build your brand by opening your branded channel to promote your products’ videos. The more visitors watch your videos the more your products get branded and good branding helps to boost sales and conversion through customer retention.

  1. It provides the best support to your customers

If you sell tech product then your customers may face problems when using them. You have to find the best way to solve this problem and video content platform is the best place to share and solve customers’ problems. Answering every questions related to your products can be time consuming and frustrating. A video is the best idea to provide best customer support.

  1. It helps creating a community

Using any social media platform is helpful to create a business community and YouTube is the best place to build a community with other business and customers. Building a community helps to understand customer’s likings, perspectives, aspirations and to engage them with your business.

10 tips to optimize YouTube for boosting your sales and conversion

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms and is used specially by ecommerce business to engage more customers of their products. Optimization of video contents of product is the best way to direct traffic and convert them into potential customers.

Here are ten essential YouTube video optimization tips to increase sales and conversion of your online store.

  1. Understand your audience

Your main target should be reaching the target audience successfully which drives your sales funnel. Before getting started on making YouTube videos you should have decided who the target audience is and how you want to promote or sell your product to that target audience. Is your product video perfect for the targeted group? Getting answers for theses question will help you to set value propositions for your audiences. Ecommerce experts suggest to define a target group carefully keeping in mind that your product has only one shot to make the impression.

It is suggested to determine the age, culture, demographics of your target group for better result. For example your target group and value proposition will be different when selling fashion clothes for either teen girls or mid aged working women. Teen girl’s fashion value is way different than mid aged working women and if you make similar content videos for both target group that will be disastrous for your whole business marketing strategy. So carefully define your target group and value proposition before developing your content videos.

  1. Create your business channel

Uploading anonymous videos cannot help you to reach your target goals. When people watch your videos they look for an address to either follow or to watch next videos and having a branded business channel of your own helps you to make a professional image to your customers. People prefer more professional activities and when they find your absolute account where they can put their questions, comments or purchase orders they would like to follow your YouTube channel or account.

Get a name, upload a logo and get started! Make your videos and it is better to make them short with lots of information which your customers find helpful to understand your products and services.

  1. Create unique and innovative contents

Unique, innovative, informational and somewhat funny videos are the most watched videos on YouTube and people do share these types of videos most often. So try to create unique and innovative yet understandable contents.

When developing contents for your business and services think carefully what message you want to deliver to your customers and followers through your videos and conceptualize those ideas in a way that should perfectly present your products and services to customers. Inappropriate and non-conceptual videos have less appeal while funny and more content base videos tend to be viral.

Expert marketers always hire professionals to create conceptual and innovative contents but if you are new in business it is not necessary to hire a professional content maker. Try to stick with your ideas and make the difference. Another important thing to create effective and viral contents is using better equipment such as high quality video camera, better quality sound equipment, and high definition video quality.

  1. Short videos have great appeal

Always try to shoot short videos. YouTube videos with more than 2 minute length fail to make the customers to watch them until the end. YouTube marketer experts suggest on making short videos with less than 1 minute length and it is surprisingly proved that those short length videos have almost 100% views.

People less prefer large content videos which have 2 or 3 minutes length and obviously who has that much time and interest to watch your super lengthy videos until end! Short videos with full information have a great appeal and fully watched videos have given greater visibility by YouTube rankings algorithm. So keep in mind that your video has to be more visible and fully watched to get maximum views and shares.

  1. Be consistent in video uploading

Like your other social media performance YouTube also requires your consistent appearance to make sure you are available there for your customers whenever they need you to reach. An account that doesn’t have any contents in the list is no match and fails to compete with its other competitors.

Being regular in creating and uploading contents helps you to determine how long you can perform to promote your products to your customers. Try to be more consistent in posting videos and frequently check whether there is any comment or question from your customers and followers. YouTube marketer experts suggest uploading videos once in a month or once in every two weeks if you can manage.

  1. Make your videos findable

Making videos and uploading them on your YouTube channel is not enough for your video marketing strategies. What is the purpose of your videos if they are not found? Most asked questions about finding videos by YouTube marketers is why viewers or customers do not find their videos after successfully uploading them. This happens when you do not focus on right key wording, title and descriptions of your videos.

People search any videos by typing key words in website search engine or in YouTube and these search engines show the best findable results according to the key words. For example, if you upload a video about making ice tea people who search for tea making tutorials may find your video if you correctly tag key words and title of your content. Making YouTube advertise of your product also works.

  1. Encourage viewers to subscribe your channel

The more viewers subscribe your channel the more you get reward from YouTube. Large numbers of subscribers make your channel high ranked on YouTube and your followers and customers will find your videos easily. It also helps to build a trust and loyal customer base of your product. Encourage viewers to subscribe your channel to watch your next videos. Many leading YouTube brands apply various tricks and techniques to encourage their viewers to subscribe their channel. Follow the leader’s approaches and techniques and create your own strategies of making your viewers to subscribe your channel after watching your videos.

  1. Use Annotations to engage your audience

Annotations are useful to engage more audience. Annotations are YouTube features to show links and texts on your videos. These help your videos to be more effective and appealing to your customers knowing them full description links and outside address to research more about your product and services.

Moderate use of annotation helps to engage more viewers but too many text boxes and links make your videos less effective and your viewers may find too many annotations disturbing.

  1. Use YouTube ads

YouTube ads are another best way to promote your products. You can simply promote advertises by paying monthly charges and this promotional tactic is more helpful than free video uploading. Large companies often use YouTube ads to promote their brand and you can see those ads when clicking on your desired videos.

  1. Leverage other social media platforms

Social media platforms are interrelated and you find same people following your YouTube, Instagram or facebook account. Leveraging other social media platforms with your video marketing platform will help you to making a large coverage of your videos. Use your YouTube video links on your Blogs, Instagram or twitter accounts which will allow your followers of different social media platforms to watch your videos on YouTube. This is certainly a good strategy to make your videos findable and most shareable.


YouTube is now an obviously used medium to promote or sale your products and ecommerce marketers are paying more focus on video marketing to build their brand personality.

Video marketing is a powerful technique to tell your products’ story and before doing it, test the water. Consider all the requirements and get started in YouTube marketing of your products and services.

Happy Selling!!!!!

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