10 ways to boost your Shopify sales using Pinterest

10 ways to boost your Shopify sales using Pinterest

Success in online retailing largely depends how much your business is optimized with social media platforms. Social media marketing has gain its peak on evolving the size and types of ecommerce retailing business and market experts are now giving more importance on the performance of social marketing channels.

Pinterest is now the most fastest and effective social media marketing channel which put all efforts to drive traffic and boost customer engaging to your store. This fast growing social media channel helps retailers to pin their products’ images and showcase them where customers and followers search and pin certain image. Pinterest is like an inspiration board where you can organize your pins and also follow others pin.

Do not know where to start? This article will provide you ten essential way of using Pinterest to boost your sales.

Why is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most used and largest social media platforms, which drives most sales after facebook or twitter. Pinterest has 150 million users all over the world and 70% of brand engagement is generated by users than brands on Pinterest. There are more than 1billion Pinterest boards and more than 50 billion pins. This huge number of pins and user’s activities makes this platform one of the best marketing channel for showing your products to the customers all over the world.

Here are some benefits of using Pinterest for marketing your products-

  1. Brand awareness

Pinterest is the best place to build your brand awareness. Pinners always try to find new pins and when they find your pinned advertisement they likely pin your products for future purchase. Pinning perfectly with pin description helps customers to understand why they should follow your pin.

  1. Image marketing tool

Pinterest mainly showcases your products’ images. People prefer product images than descriptions and this market channel allows you to show the world your products. When you capture your product’s image you actually capture the potential customers of your products.

  1. Drives traffic

Pinterest allows customer to visit your website when they take action in your pins. If they get interested about your products then they try to reach your company or store. They can see your products, business’s information, terms and conditions you apply on purchasing. Customers like to test whether your product or service can fit into their lives.

  1. Great sources of market research

You can keep tracking who are pinning your products as well as others. You also can find others boards with similar products and can determine your next strategies to get maximum pins.

  1. Pins have longer lifespan

Your facebook newsfeed, twitter hash tags have short period of time while once you pin your ads they get saved and people can find them whenever they search by key words.

10 ways to boost your Shopify sales using Pinterest

You need more marketing strategies to show your customers your products and to let them know why they need your product. Once you understand about Pinterest and how to optimize your store with this fastest channel the next step is how you can use Pinterest to maximize your sales and conversion.

Here are ten ways to boost sales using Pinterest-

  1. Create your Business profile on Pinterest

Creating a business account on Pinterest allows your customers to trust you when they purchase products from your online store. Creating and verifying of your account also helps you to make clear yourself as a genuine retailer while there are many frauds that can copy your products and make profit using your business name.

  1. Share your pins on your website or blog

Share your pins and embed Pinterest boards on your website or blog if you have one. It is a great strategy to share your pins through your site and blog. Mention in your every blog post that your followers can also find you on Pinterest and link and share pins on related post. This works like call to action and when your followers who are on Pinterest find you on the same platform, they will follow you there and re-pin your pins.

  1. Share your pins on other social media

Sharing of your pins and Pinterest page on your other social networks, like facebook, Instagram, twitter helps to promote your pins and Pinterest pages to your existing audiences. This will help you to built a strong audience of your pins and page and make the audiences your Pinterest followers.

But keep in mind that simple approaching with general and simple posts, notifications may not work while strategic approach of inviting your audiences letting them know exactly what they will get if they follow your pins and Pinterest page.

  1. Pin consistently

Consistent and smart pining helps to build strong audience that evidently drives real time traffic and increases sales. Pin every new product, maintain quality and engage frequently.

It is not that you have to be 24 hours active on Pinterest to share pins and maintain boards. What you have to do to make your Pinterest time more profitable is maintaining the timing of your pinning. Most of the pins fail to catch visitors because of their timing. You have to share your pin at a time when more people are online. More people see your pins more click and shares you will get. According to Bit Rebels the best time to share your pins is between 2pm to 4 pm in the afternoon and 8pm to 1 Am in the night.

Do not expect that your every pin will get share, focus on quality over quantity of your pins.

  1. Organize contests to engage your followers

Creating contest on Pinterest is one of the best ways to engage more followers. This is actually a great marketing tool to boost and drive traffic and sales. Contests on Pinterest create interactions, community, and brand awareness of your products. You have to maintain and follow Pinterest’s definite rules of creating contests or otherwise all your effort will go in vain.

Organizing contest on Pinterest results more sales. It also drives traffic and it is proven that you can increase traffic engagement up to 150%. Be creative and focus on your goal when organizing a contest. “Pin it to win it” campaign is now popular and many ecommerce store is making profit and improves referral using this contest.

  1. Use rich pins

Pinterest has announced a new tool “Rich Pin” which shows information about your products inside every pin. These rich pins include real time pricing of your product, stock update and direct link to your website so your followers can get exact information about your products.

Using rich pin instead of simple pin is beneficial as they contains valuable information about the product and let your clients to get that information easily. These rich pins are informative, conversion friendly and improve CTR (click through rate). Another benefit of using rich pins is auto price notification, it send an email notification to the customer who repined the product’s images if there is any price drop out.

  1. Follow Pinterest influencers

Pinterest influencers have huge followers and leveraging their power of fame is a great way to promote your business. Find influencers on Pinterest and follow them, follow their marketing strategies and if possible partner up with them. Invite them as guest pincers to create boards on your account.

Share related contents and products’ pins of influencers to get attention and keep maintain relations with them. various Pinterest users are now using this method, they are organizing and creating boards with other influencers to get maximum audience.

  1. Add a “Pin It” buttons

The easiest way to promote your online store and products is to let the visitors to pin your images. Adding “Pin it” button on your website and every single product’s page allow your visitors to share your website and product’s images on Pinterest.

According to BriteEdge, social sharing button is the most useful and cost free tool and websites with share button get 7 times more sharing than those without.

It is clear that adding “Pin it” button on your website can drive more traffic that will inevitably drive sales, create your brand awareness.

  1. Create smart boards

Pinterest board shows your all pins that you make and share. You can simply put your pins in a specific board and it helps your followers to find your products easily. If you add images of your different types of products in a single board your followers may find it useless as they have to fight in finding specific product they want.

For example, if you sell women summer jewelries than you can create a specific board “summer crochet chocker” or “handmade beaded bracelets” or even better “summer fruit rings”.

So create separate boards for products according to their categories and add images from your website. It is better not to show your products directly, you can use images of lifestyle of your products and this helps your followers to understand your product’s real life usability. Many expert Pinterest users set up boards congaing different facts and testimonials of their products. This is helpful to showcase your product’s real life demand and social proof to your followers.

  1. Engage your followers in sharing your pins

Your followers are your customers. So engage them more and more in re-pinning and sharing your pins. Involve them on your activities to make them realize that you actually care about them. Organize various contest, give gifts, discounts and membership to your follower to inspire them in sharing your pins.


Pinterest is now one of the most important and influential channel to promote your ecommerce business and to boost sales. Is seems hard at first to keep balance but with time and more research you will be the master of social media marketing strategy. Be creative and honest, think wisely and act carefully. The success will be yours.

Happy Selling!!!!

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