12 best SEO practice that could double the sales

12 best SEO practice that could double the sales

Let’s say, you are selling hammocks and have an online store only from where you sell your products. Now how can your customers find you or your products? The answer is simple, searching on web- entering keywords- click on your site’s URL and finally there you are.

Is it really that simple?

There are thousands of results with a single keyword searching and people prefer to click the top rank URL as it is seemed to be the top rank site in search engine. So where are you? Are you among the top five results?

For any ecommerce retailer organic traffic from search engine is must to be successful and to ensure that it has to make the front page of any search engine result. So for better rank it needs to make a good SEO strategy which can help the business drives more sales and organic traffic.

Why do you need SEO?

Purchasing products from e-retailers is different as consumers never touch or see physically the products before buying them. And that’s why getting new customers is hard but not impossible while you are still on search engine and anytime the scenario can be changed.

  1. SEO helps to rank top in web search

Why ranking on search engine is important?- is the most asked question and the answer is 44% of online shoppers begin their search with a search engine and you have a great chance make your sales double by receiving the highest traffic to your online store. The highest rank you are on the highest chance you get to be clicked. That’s why you need to organize a SEO strategy.

  1. SEO creates traffic

Properly implemented Search engine optimization could help you to improve your conversion. As traffic creates conversion, SEO creates traffic. You can grow your business with customer acquisition with the help of SEO. According to a study, SEO accounts approximately 30% of ecommerce site traffic. It provides the massive possibility of getting unpaid traffic. It is not only that SEO creates traffic for your site, it also helps you to implement your other sales strategy more effectively.

  1. SEO is cost-effective

Getting traffic through ecommerce marketing can make you spend more money while it is necessary to be successful in ecommerce. Many ecommerce brands and business spend 12% of their revenue toward marketing campaigns. There are other additional costs that can add extra burden on you as you need to spend money to make your business successful.

SEO not only helps to create new traffic or to gain the highest rank, it also minimizes your extra costs- removes overloads from your head. When you follow such optimization it means you bring some changes and SEO is cost-effective in this why while you can personally do such optimization.

For example, you can create powerful marketing campaigns for your products but simply optimization strategy for search engine can boost your product search than those expensive marketing ads.

  1. SEO improves your ecommerce store’s credibility in all aspect

The main target of running an ecommerce store is not only catching traffic. What will you do with enormous traffic if you fail to sell them products? Just keep in mind that selling new prospects is hard instead of selling to existing customers. And to maintain a successful line of sales you need to satisfy your customers with both your service and products.

Search Engine optimization helps you to improve your store’s credibility by enhancing the store front, product presentation, customer support and product related services. Maintain all these aspects is fundamental to open a sales funnel.

Best practice

Now you know why you need SEO. Let’s have a look on the best SEO practices that may help you to catch more traffic and to double your sales.

  1. Do keywords research

Keyword research is the most important activity in SEO marketing. Using right keywords for search engine ranking is must for your site where your total search success depends on it. Researching the present demanding keywords not only helps you to learn which terms to use to target the largest traffic but also helps you to learn to turn random visitors to repeat customers.

Researching for right keywords to use them helps your customers to find your site and products easily as people sometimes search products by their model’s name, number, product id, colors or products general name(such as bed sheet, bed-cover, pillow cover etc). When you learn what type of keyword directly connect with this type of search you then can tailor your visitors’ search history.

You can search keyword in web and there are some other ways to research keywords. These are –

  1. Wikipedia is great for keywords

Wikipedia can be a single way to find out the most powerful keywords which you can use to gain the top rank in web search. Wikipedia is the largest information bank where you can find anything by search. Simply put a word say “ecommerce” and you will find a complete easy on ecommerce. Take a look on how Wikipedia use and synchronizes all keyword within a great topic format. You can follow those interlinks and keywords for further information and clicking on them will lead you to their respective URLs. 

  1. Create your own keywords

The best way to optimize your search engine is creating your own keywords. When you use any keywords that you find on websites or from other keyword providers, you may position yourself on 2nd or third pages of search engine. But with your own keywords it is possible to make place in first page.

  1. Use long-tail keywords in product’s title

Long-tail keywords are generally longer and more specifically keyword phrases, that customers and visitors are more likely to use when they decide to purchase your products. Long tail keywords generally tend to be a phrase which contains the main key word such as “Jewelry” is a keyword or more specifically a headword where “statement necklace-contemporary women jewelry” is long tail keyword which is perfect to find specific jewelry that a customer wants.

So when you embed long tail keywords in your products title, the chances of appearing in top search of your products get enhanced and your customers can find your products easily in web.

  1. Create interesting contents

Another important strategy of optimizing search engine for rank is creating great contents. A great content is always regarded as a sales tool where it publicizes for your brand. When you create a content related to your products, it ultimately showcases your products to your target audience and convinces them to purchase your products.

Many ecommerce brands create enormous contents but ultimately fail to capture the predicted audience. It is because they literally create huge contents but do not make them unique or relevant to their products.

To begin, post interesting blog and articles about your products and engage your customers. If possible make videos and share them on social media. For example, if you sell women jewelry then write a series of articles to let your customers know about jewelry trends and types.

Some tips to make content unique –

  1. Try to composite at least 1800 words, there is actually no definite word limits for blog articles.
  2. Research on content posting time and know when to post them to get maximum sharing.
  3. Add educational and product’s demo video on your blog, facebook, YouTube and on other social media.
  4. Click beautiful photos of your products or lifestyle of your products and share them with your audiences.
  1. Optimize your pages

Optimization of every page of your website is helpful to rank higher in web and to earn more revenue by catching more qualified traffic. You need to optimize your page’s URL and content to make them more eligible to get the top position in any search engine.

You can optimize your pages by optimizing their title tag, content, h1s, and can add small CTAs or place deals and promotions. For example, you can add your full bio with brand’s log and direct CTA button in your About page.

Some tips to optimize your pages-

  1. Start title tag with a keyword.
  2. Use h1 tags for your title and ensure of using h1 tags before other header tags.
  3. Make your title more human-readable
  4. Keep your Meta description under 150 words.
  5. Leverage SEO friendly URLs.
  6. Add images, videos to dazzle the page
  7. Use internal links.
  1. Add product rich snippets

Rich snippets are generally a form of structured data which help your site to be found on based on some rich information. It is must for every ecommerce website owners to add markup to enable rich product results. Using these rich snippets allow Google to add additional information with your product so people when search for your products can get price, availability, ratings and stock level. So they exactly find what they are looking for and you ultimately make the sale.

Using such markup also increases both click through rates and conversion rates. Maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information and be relevant.

  1. Write unique products description

A unique and informative product description helps your products in many ways. First, unique and original product description enhances the value of your product. Second, it is what you can define as your own key word and finally, your product description separates your products from your competitors. So when you write a killer description you build a wall between your product and others who actually copy manufacture’s description. Maintaining originality of your description helps your products to get the top rank in search preventing the duplicate content penalties.

It is better to write your own product’s copy maintaining the relevancy of products feature that its manufacture defines. Try to use bullet links and spaces to catch customers’ attention. You could include products educational or demo videos with your description which will enhance the credibility and functionality of your description. 

  1. Make your site quickly loadable

The success of your website is largely depends on how much time it takes to load. Web visitors prefer quick loading as time and money matters to them. If your page requires or takes much time to be loaded the probability of page abandoning increases. According to a study, 40% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load and 47% of users expect a site to load in two seconds or less. Yes! That’s quick.

A faster side speed ensures better User Experience, where UX is fundamental criteria for improving your conversions. The faster site speed leads to happier users, increased productivity and more time users spend browsing. Loading speed is also important for ranking on Google and on other search engine. The less time your site takes to be loaded the more possible highest rank it should be on Google as it requires page speed to rank a site.

To make your pages fast improve your hosting plan, reduce if there is too many http requests, and cut down external scripts. Try to add internet-friendly images with good length and resolution.

  1. Create a link building strategy

In ecommerce Backlinks are so important for SEO. When many other websites are backlinked with your ecommerce store or site, Google see this as a factor in terms of your website’s authority. The more your site gets Backlinks the higher Google will rank your page and those other pages.

  1. Make your site mobile friendly

Mobile is now the most used device and mobile shopping has reached in its highest pick. People are now being interested in shopping via their smartphones as smartphones provide existing features that support web browsing as well as ecommerce operations. According to a statistic 30% of all U.S ecommerce sales now occur on mobile and 30% of mobile consumers abandon transactions on websites that aren’t optimized for mobile.

Mobile friendly optimization is important as Google gives importance on mobile friendly sites. This optimization is not only great for SEO, it also enhances customers experience thus boosts your conversion.

  1. Add social media button

Social media is now ruling the ecommerce. The more you connected with social media channels the more possibility of getting qualified traffic increases. Social media optimization is also beneficial for Google ranking as the search engine requires page’s authority and relevance that social media can provide.

Integrate social media buttons as a small CTA to your product page. You can also add them on About page, and on homepage. Adding these social media button helps you to get found easily and to create a large follower base of your product.

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