How to boost your Shopify sales with Instagram marketing strategy

How to boost your Shopify sales with Instagram marketing strategy

What exactly has made Instagram one of the most used social media platform?

Instagram has over 600 million active monthly users and over 300 million daily active users. With more than 40 billion user-shared photos and 95 million videos this fastest growing platform is now a great choice of marketers to promote their ecommerce stores.

Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your products and to get maximum engagement. This free social media platform offers many great tools to boost your sales and huge number of followers to build your brand’s value. The average Instagram post generates a pre-followers engagement rate of 4.21% which is 120 times more than average Twitter post.

Leading brands and marketers are now using Instagram as a marketing tool to expose their products to these huge Instagram users.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is used by over 300 million daily active users so your brand has maximum target audience in a single day! This is just a number but you have the possibilities of getting more traffic to convert them in to your potential buyers. Instagram like other social media channels offer marketers with millions of possibilities of making followers, boosting their sales and improving conversion.

  1. Brand awareness

Instagram helps business owners to create a connection with their brands and business. Various Instagram studies show that, brands which are on Instagram receive regular engagement with 4 percent of their total followers than other social media like facebook or Twitter. Your main goal of using Instagram is to create a strong audience for your product who will help your brand to reach at the top, making huge profit. 70% of Instagram users look for a brand and 62% of users follow a brand on Instagram.

  1. Increase traffic

The more you have followers the more you get traffic to your ecommerce store. Your Instagram followers visit your site to look for the showcased product and if they like it they click the “BUY IT” button. The more traffic you get the possibilities of potential customer and ultimately your store’s conversion improves.

  1. Showcase and sell products

When you post images of your products being used in real life, you clearly showcase your products to your potential customers. Showcasing your products and product’s lifestyle open sales funnel and helps you to boost your sales. A study shows that 30% of Instagram users bought any products that they first saw in Instagram.

So to boost your Shopify sales and conversion you need to follow these ten ways of using Instagram as a marketing tool-

  1. Personalize your account

The first step is to open an account on Instagram and if you already have a personal account, you can now switch it to Instagram’s new Business account. Business account offers more professional-looking profile than your personal account. Using business account rather than personal account helps to build a professional and realistic profile to your followers.

It is easy to switch a personal account to a business account. You have to follow the following steps-

  1. Go to account setting and click to “Switch to Business profile”
  2. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, you do need a facebook account and connect it with your Instagram business account.
  • After connecting with facebook, you will be asked to add at least one contact details like email, phone number and be sure before filling this box that you are giving your public contact number.
  1. Optimize your profile

Your Instagram profile is you on Instagram as your audience can not see you physically. That is why you have to more careful when optimizing your profile. A better optimized profile attracts more followers and eventually boosts sales.

You should optimize your profile copy, add your clickable link and add an image that will make your profile more professional and attractive to your target audiences and followers.

  • Optimize your bio: make it more attractive

Your bio or information is the first main thing that your followers or audience will check when visiting your account. This is also important for your search engine result. This bio section is what you want to tell your audience about your brand (what will they get from your brand). So success of getting more followers largely depends on your profile copy, how much interesting or informative they are.

You are allowed to write 150 words about your brand and make it worthy to be believed by your followers. Instagram marketers suggest not to use hashtags on bio, it is not professional to use bunches of hashtags on your bio.

  • Add your link

Instagram allow you to use one link an your account which is much frustrated as other social media platforms allow more than one trackable link on bio which directly drive traffic to your ecommerce website. But when you are on Instagram you can only use one link (clickable URL) in the “website box” which allow people to go directly to your ecommerce website, or blog or other social media account from your Instagram profile.

Carefully optimize your profile link and if you have no idea how to create a short and worthy link you can use Google URL Builder. Another way to create a sure clickable URL link is to refer your link in an individual photo caption. Many well known brands has optimized this sneaky way of using link on their bio to inspire their followers to click on the link.

  • Add a profile photo that talks about your brand/you

Your profile photo resemblance you or your brand to your audience, so make sure your profile photo is well sized, colorful and eye catching. If you want to talk about your brand than use your brand’s logo, or product’s images that refer your brand (if you don’t have a logo). You can also use your models’ photo, your influencer’s photo but it is better to stick with your brands and products.

Make sure that your profile photo talks about you or your brand and don’t use any controversial photo that may create controversies and confusions among your followers. 

  1. Create inspirational post to boost your brand

Instagram is all about sharing your pictures to your audience and if you are in marketing Instagram offers you a huge opportunity to create your brand’s image by capturing and sharing beautiful and thoughtful photos.

An image can tell thousand words and a good image can tell the whole story! So don’t just click photos and post them instead create a story telling environment by posting nice and beautiful photo of your product or brand and the life style around them to engage more audience and to convert them as followers.

Before posting your content determine the type of your post whether it is a photo post or a video post, or an Instagram story. Then decide what you want to tell through your post and carefully determine what you don’t want your followers to know. For example if you decide to post a picture then it may be about your product’s feature or demo, or you can simply post a lifestyle photo of your product being used in real life.

Here are some content ideas to boost your brand-

  • Behind the scene

Post “Behind the scene” photos to let your followers know what exactly you do to provide them such beautiful photos. This type of content is a great way to boost engagement as it show your audience faces and facts behind the photo shoot.

  • Lifestyle shot

Showing lifestyle of your product/brand is better than just showcase your products. Shoot photos of your products being used in real life and post them with a beautiful background. If your brand sells exercise suits for example, upload photos of people wearing them while jogging or doing indoor exercise. Green country road or high-equipped gym will be great background for your lifestyle shoot.

  • Product’s demo/showcase

Create videos on product’s feature “what is it…”or “what’s inside…” to showcase your products. While showcasing of your products directly is not sales-friendly, product’s demo or feature content is regarded as one of the most important marketing strategies to showcase your products.

  • Educational

Post tutorials of your products to answer your customers question instead of plain text FAQs.

You should be more careful when creating any content and keep in mind that you are creating and posting these contents not for only to catch your target audience but your main target is to convert them into followers and potential customers of your products. There are lots of online tools to create beautiful and attractive contents on Instagram such as Canva, Pablo, and PicMonkey. You can use one of them and create beautiful contents around hashtags relevant to your brand.

  1. Post user-generated content (UGC) to involve your followers

Showcasing your customers is a great marketing tactic on Instagram which is adopted and practiced by leading and best brands. Encouraging your followers and customers to create content of your products that they have purchased from you helps you to create a social proofing of your products and separate you from the rest traditional sellers.

When you post and share your customer’s post about your products that means you assign them as your brand’s ambassador which actually inspires other users to buy from you. This referral marketing strategy can boost your sales and engagement.

  1. Use attractive images to build brand value

Instagram users and followers always value high quality and visually attractive images which actually creates the possibilities of engaging more traffic and getting more like in your content. Using of visually appealing photo helps to build your brand value, make your brand and products acceptable to everyone.

Instagram recommends the image size of 1080 x 1080 pixels with 2200 word limit for caption. Sometime it is hard to upload images under this restriction but once you get the trick to maximize your picture’s quality by clicking photo with a beautiful background and a touch of any photo editing tool, your picture will worth millions!

You can add your domain name in your product’s image which really works to get more traffic and engagement and eventually boost sales.

  1. Leverage trendy hashtags to reach your target audience

Instagram hashtag is one of the best ways to increase more engagement and boost your Instagram sales. Using and leveraging right and trendy hashtags help you to reach your target audience and to spread your brand. Many Instagram sellers often ask why do they use hashtags on their post and my answer is why not! Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get average 12.6% more engagement than post without a hashtag.

Another reason of using hashtag is to get better search for your products. Instagram is not only a social media platform but it is also a search engine and your hashtags are keywords. So when you use appropriate hashtags your contents get categorized and your audience and followers can easily find them.

You are allowed to use maximum 30 hashtags in a single post but it is not wise to use too many hashtags in a single post. Many leading brands use at least 7 or more in hashtags in their post but as for new and medium brands at least 3 or maximum 5 hashtag is standard.

There are many popular and trendy hashtags and you can find them on internet, so search for trendy and appropriate hashtags and wisely use them to reach your target audience and boost engagement.

Some trendy hashtags are-

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #beautiful
  5. #fashion
  6. #followme


  1. Create a contest to increase followers’ engagement

Customers love giveaway gifts and coupons. Arranging giveaways and contests help you to get more followers with a single post than your other regular post. According to Iconosquare 41% of Instagram users follow a brand purely for perks and giveaways and 70% of users had participated in a photo contest at point.

Arrange monthly or half yearly or other occasional contests like “Like to Win”, “Hashtag UGC” contest, or “Email-gated” contests. Announce weekly discounts, offer coupons and sales to increase engagement and conversion.

  1. Ask influencers to review your posts

Social media influencers are modern-day celebrities in ecommerce business and they play a vital role in social media marketing. Instagram has no difference and all you have to find right influencers with tons of followers. Follow them and try to find out how actually they do business on Instagram.

These influencers have thousands of followers and working with them means you have possibilities to introduce your brand and products to new audiences.

Influencer marketing strategy is regarded the most beneficial way of marketing as you it allows you to access people from all over the world. Many leading brands collaborates Instagram influencers to showcase their products and get positive and more engagement.

Here are some tips to get the best of influencer marketing-

  • Send sample products to your influencers and asked them to review your product. Do not pressurize influencers instead ask politely and let them decide what content they want to review.
  • Share influencers’ contents so that they also can get your followers to have a look to their accounts.
  • It is better to pick relevant influencers with huge followers.
  1. Organize guest takeover

Gust takeover is a new feature that Instagram has introduced which is also a kind of influencer marketing. Instagram account takeover is simply taking over someone’s account temporarily and share contents with their followers.

Guest takeover works so well to boost engagement and this marketing strategy is regarded as 50/50 value exchange. When you allow an influencer to take over your Instagram account temporarily, your influencer can share his/her posts with your followers and can also go live with your audience. This temporal takeover helps to build a strong audience target group for your brand and so for your influencer’s also.

Before organizing any takeover, carefully select your influencer and define your goals and rules. It is better if you discuss what to post and what not to before the takeover.

  1. Boost your sales with Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is a great tool for marketing your brand on Instagram. It helps you to improve your conversion and scale up your business. Instagram advertising helps you to get maximum views and engagement. According to Forrester users are 58 times more likely to engage with Instagram branded content than branded contents on facebook and 120 times more likely than Twitter.


Whether you are a startup or leading business in ecommerce sector, Instagram can help you to get the maximum followers to make your brand one of the top brand in ecommerce. Set your goals and get ready to make your call. What is fun for others that may be a great scope for you to make profit. And don’t get overwhelmed, keep in mind you are not alone in this competition.

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