How to use discounts and coupons to drive more traffic to your Shopify store

How to use discounts and coupons to drive more traffic to your Shopify store

Customers love offers and discounts.

Customers are now more conscious when they buy anything from online stores. And today ecommerce retailing is getting harder as there are more sellers and the number is increasing every day. So you need to try and apply different and effective tricks to get more customers and make highest revenue. Creating and using offers and deals is one of your ultimate tricks to get more attention and customer engagement. Discounts, sales, offers, coupons all are ecommerce promotions which provide customers a discounted price or gifts on their purchase.

Consumers always compare prices and like to call their actions when they find relatively low price. Offering discounts, coupons and arranging sales attract customers and make them to click the action button. If customers find deals and offers in your store relative, they like to shop from your site again and again and inspire others to buy form you.

According to VoucherCloud, 91% of customers say that they will revisit the store that gives discounts and coupons, 57% of shoppers would have abandoned their cart if they had not found any coupon. Further study shows that 62% online shoppers spend at least two hours each week searching for discounts and special offers.

Why offers and discounts

Coupons, discounts, deals and offers are very powerful tools to drive new traffic and boost conversion with turning the old customers into forever customers. Offers and discounts are great ways to promote your new products and brands as well as your new business. These ecommerce promotions open new sale channel and help you to get your target customers.

Using coupons, deals and offers effectively helps you to get customer attention and a properly used coupon or deals can turn hesitant shoppers to finally click the button and old customers to shop for second or third even for tenth time from you.

Following are what exactly deals and offers benefit you-

  1. Drive new traffic

What actually makes audiences to visit your online store or ecommerce site? Either you have exotic and best products or you are giving money off discounts or gifts on every purchase. Offering deals and discounts often attract new traffic especially qualified one and you know getting qualified traffic is how much important to make sales.

  1. Retains customers

Deals and offers encourage customers to return to your shop. These ecommerce promotions are great way to retain your customers. When customers find relative offers, sales and discounts they like to shop their desired products from you. Customer retention is sometime better and profitable than getting huge inactive traffic.

  1. Promotes brands

Deals and offers also help promoting new brands or products. These actually do the marketing part of promoting brands or products or even new business. Adding a discount or coupon code with new products attracts customer’s attention. Consumers do not like to take risk on testing new products but when they find a available discount offers price or a gift voucher they like to buy it.

  1. Drive sales

Ecommerce offers and discounts directly drive sales. That is right. Deals, offers or discounts, when implemented correctly, capitalize on online consumer behavior which helps you to make big sales than your competitors.

You may think that you have to offer bigger incentives like crazy deals and discounts but this is not necessary all the time while effective and correct use of small deals and incentives can create big difference increasing sales.

  1. Turn visitors into members

Turning visitors into life time members is really great for you business but it is not an easy task. Offering discounts and coupon codes can simply turn those random visitors into members.

Customers love discounts and they are willing to go a little more further to get an extra discount. Making them subscribe for a newsletter subscription will increase your brand’s members. When you offer an extra discount by providing coupon codes in every newsletter subscription, your target audience make themselves your loyal customers and lifelong members as they appreciate your offerings. Thus you can boost your customer retention, will win over a satisfied customer and can increase your sales.

  1. Boost seller-buyer relationship

When ecommerce retailers offer discounts and deals they actually boost their relationship with customers. In ecommerce seller-buyer relationship play the vital role in boosting customers engagement and conversions. Simply offering discounts create a trust and loyalty among customers make them realize that sellers actually care about them. It also boosts customer experience.

Best and most popular offers and discounts

There are many types of offers and deals which are commonly used by online retailers. Some most used and common discounts, offers and deals you can implement to boost customer engagement and revenue are-

  1. Cash back offers

Cash back offers are now most used and popular type of ecommerce promotion offered by the online store owners to encourage repeat purchase. “Spend $50 and get $10 back on your next purchase” or “20% off on next purchase” may be perfect example for cash back offer. Cash back offers is regarded as a effective incentive as it allows customers to get a part of purchased price refunded.

  1. Percentage based discount

This is one of the most popular forms of discounts where sellers offer prices is as a discounted percentage of a particular product or of everything. For example, an online tea shirt store may offer 15% discount on their specific summer women teas and 20% discounts on everything exclude the previously discounted product.

Percentage based discount could be smaller incentives like 5% to 10% discounts or bigger incentives like 20%-50% discounts or more than this. Percentage based discounts are basically perfect to liquidate old merchandise.

  1. Quantity based discounts

Discounts based on quantity of purchased products is a great incentives offered by a seller where buyer can save money purchasing goods in greater number rather than purchasing single products. This is also a trick implemented by online sellers to entice buyers to purchase large quantity.

The quantity based discounts can be offered as a flat rate or as a fixed percentage or even as a sliding scale. If you sell coffee mugs for example, you can offer 20% discounts on buying 3 coffee mugs at a time.

  1. Free Shipping

Customers love free shipping. Shipping cost is the number one conversion killer and the main reason of abandoning of shopping cart. Offering free shipping is a great way to boost both customer engagement and revenue.

Free shipping discounts are very helpful and you can use them all year round or for special occasion or products but they work every time. For example, you can offer free shipping for some specific countries, or can offer next day shipping on buying your products in a certain time.

  1. Freebies

Offering gifts with purchase of a specific value is a smart way to boost customer engagement. This also let you to provide additional value to your customers.

Brands can easily offload their inventory without decreasing prices by offering free gifts to their customers. While offering discounts can create huge loses, giving a gift with purchase can be a great way to maximize revenue with customer retention.

For example, if you sell online women accessories, you can announce a free gift with every $80 purchase.

  1. Instant discounts

“Get $10 0ff your purchase of $80 0r more” or “20% discount on total order over $50”. Instant discounts are very helpful to decrease cart abandonment rates and also help to increase average order values. Instant discounts include either Dollar discounts or percentage discounts.

  1. BOGO

“Buy one and get one for your friend”. This type of incentive is perfect for retaining customers. Big grocery stores and super markets often announce this “buy one get one” offers as store clearance sale. Many leading ecommerce brands are now also announcing BOGO deals to reactivate customers.

Many online Christmas gift shop offer buy one Christmas candle and get one free during Christmas which eventually double their revenue and triple conversions.

  1. Loyalty points

Offering your customers reward point for each dollar spent is a great way to encourage them to become loyal and repeat customers. These reward points can be expressed in “points” or “dollar-value”. It depends on you how you name your program either based on “Dollar” or simply on “Reward Points”.

Many supermarkets offer loyalty points as Reward points on their customers (who have membership cards) purchase. Customer, who gets highest reward points, gets discounts or special offers.

You have to be more careful when naming your loyalty program otherwise it can hurt your business goals.

When and how to use offers

There are lots of ways of using deals, discounts and offers to drive customers’ attention and revenue. All you have to understand these promotions nature and have to determine your aim of using them.  To leverage discounts and coupons to grow sales and customer loyalty you can follow the below ways-

  1. Weekly/monthly sales

You can arrange weekly sales along with monthly discount codes. It is better to call bigger sales at the end of quarter.

  1. Social media contests

Social media contest is the greatest way and chance to get more social media engagement with a huge conversion possibility. Social media contests like “click to win” or “giveaway gifts” allows you to get more visitors along with more share of your particular product’s post.

Many leading brands often organize social contests to promote their promotions like lifetime discount, gift, freebies or others. Social contests are really helpful to drive qualified traffic and boost revenue.

  1. First time shopping offers

Your new customer may become your repeat customer in future if you treat them well. Offering introductory discounts, coupons or gifts for their first shopping from you is a great way to make the first buyers to repeat customers.

It may be the first time for the buyer to purchase anything from you but it is certainly your last chance to make him/her your happy customer. 

  1. Prelaunch discounts

Prelaunch discount is the best way to promote your new products and business in pre-launching period. It helps you to get maximum feedback and pre-occupied audience group. You can offer discounts, freebies or simply promo codes to launch your products.

  1. Holiday/ seasonal offers

Everybody loves holiday deals. Holiday or seasonal discounts and offers are great ways to retain customers and turn them into repeat customers. Target a sales number and offer executive discounts and gifts on your seasonal products. You can choose any time during the season like eve of the season or middle of it, while leading ecommerce brands choose end of the season to give offers and discounts.

  1. Abandoned cart offer

The best way to make the people return who have abandoned their carts is to abandoned cart email offer. You can send them an email with a discount after a few hours left. The mail you send will remind them about your carts that they have left behind and will act quickly.

  1. Influencer offers

Online influencers have a great impact on your business as they have huge fan followers. You can use them to expose your brand. To do so, provide exclusive offers to your influencers to attract their followers to convert them into customers.

For example, you can send sample products to any influencer like a blogger or vlogger and give them promo or discount codes to share with their followers. Thus your influencer’s followers come to know about your discounts and when they visit your store you can give them cut.


Couponing done right boost both traffic and sales. But deep discounting may hamper your sales and may deflect your sales goals. So be careful when using discounts and coupons. Do not use frequent offers and deep discounts after getting overwhelmed with the result. You can get a satisfactory result for the first time but following same path can cause you double. So research market and then decide what to do and how to do for better result.

Happy Selling!!!

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