How to write a killer About page to increase your Shopify sales

How to write a killer About page to increase your Shopify sales

The first and foremost goal of opening an ecommerce store is to make maximum profit and by providing good products doesn’t work always when you are selling products online. People have less belief on online retailers and you have your ecommerce website through which you have to earn your audiences’ trust.

I believe first impression is the ultimate tool to sell online and an “About” page that’s why so important to drive traffic and revenue to any ecommerce store. About page tells about you and your company to your audience. A killer “About Us” page is regarded as a conversion booster which attract visitors showing them what your values are and what your brand can offer.

Your ecommerce About page is the perfect place to share your story, values and objectives. So don’t just make a regular info or bio, turn your About page into a conversion booster and turn site visitors into repeat customers.

Here’s how to engage your ideal customers and boost your sales with your ecommerce About page-

  1. Let’s talk about your customer

First mistake many do when writing their about page is that they focus only on “We” not on “You”. It is not always about you or only you to be cared- think about your audience, talk about them and win their heart.

Visitors like to know how much they would be cared by you or what your service will do for them. When they will be sure that they are in right place and there is someone who actually talks about them, they would no more hesitate to click the button.

Include a single or couple paragraphs focusing on your customers, talking about their needs, problems they are facing and let them know you are there for them. You can also add your objectives according to your customers’ challenges they face when shopping online and show them an easy way to overcome them.

  1. Use facts

Exaggeration of your goals, services and about you can drive away potential customers making them bored. Use true facts and avoid hiding truth. Simply point out what you can do or what extents you will go to fulfill your promises.

Let your customers to know what you believe, what is your company culture and what are your objectives in a well articulated way. It is better to avoid historical summery, otherwise your long, detailed and over-exaggerated summery will bore the customers.

For example, explain why your customers should do business with you. What will you or your products offer or how will your customers be benefitted if they buy your product?

If possible quantify your benefits. Numbers or percentages using with your points amplify your benefits such as saying your product is 10 times more comfortable than before is better than saying simply it is now more comfortable.

Include your expertise, area of interests and tell your visitors the technique you follow to solve their problem. Using facts accurately is ultimately creates a positive feedback to your visitors.

  1. Share your story

What’s your story? Share it and let know your people how you struggled to get this present position.

Even if your company or brand doesn’t have a story to tell, create a story telling environment and share what inspires you to start the business. Your story doesn’t need to be something charming or historically inspiring rather share why and how you start your business.

It could be simply for example, your grandmother’s Easter cake that inspired you to share the recipe or local kid’s lemonade stand that remind your childhood summer and inspire you to open a summer accessories store.

Customers actually enjoy the backstory and they appreciate when you share your story with them. They want to hear what did you before you started this business, how you got inspired to start this and where you are now.

Tell your customers what made you to sell this product and what you have got in turn. If your company has a long history than share it with specific time events and give some hint as to where the company is headed.

Try to be honest when telling backstory, share what exactly happened and do not fabricate it. Consumers do not like fabrication or bluffing and if they find your lies, it would be hard to convince them to buy from your store.

  1. Include social media button

Do not miss the chance of promoting your business- turn your About page into your social media hub. Including social media buttons for sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram or Pinterest let your customer know that you are available in social media so that they can easily follow your activities there.

You can also add your social media activities like fan’s post, customer review with proper link so visitors and customers can visit your particular post. It helps to build new followers as well as to promote your business in social media.

If you have a blog then post the link on your About page along with social media buttons. Your customers can easily find your blog from this page. The more you share your social media links the more your brand or business will be exposed.

  1. Get personal

Your “About Us” page is all about you so be the one who describes who are you and what do you do. Many ecommerce brand or company blindly follow corporate rules of writing an About page using “They”- third person phrase to describe themselves. This actually sounds boring!

It should be You describing your objectives and goals. So always use first person (I) if you are the only owner or first person plural (We) if you have partners.

You are writing a simple About page not any job seeking resume with bulletpoint facts and lots of achievements. Create a human form of your About page, let the readers know a real human is behind the business and they are hearing a story directly from your mouth.

You can also follow some tips-

  1. Describe your values

Let your customers know what you believe and what is your purpose of selling your products. If you follow any ideals than share it and describe how your ideals inspire you. It is not always about telling your products, your business should stand on your value. For example, if you are engaged with any social work or ever arranged charitable works then share them on your About page.

  1. Be authentic

If you are not a good writer then hire a professional copywriter to write your About page. Instead of copying from others, follow their format and create your own About if you don’t want to hire a copy writer. Keep in mind that what suits other may not suit you!

Do not share any controversial phrase, words or thoughts when writing your About page. Customers do not prefer bold words, controversial contents racial or religious controversies. So try to avoid using these and prove your authenticity through your writing. Your About page enhances the chance of turning a readers in to potential customer and also boost customer engagement two time more than average.

  • Be interesting

Be interesting! Am I telling you to do something hard? Trust me, ecommerce site’s visitors have less interest on reading your full, boring and historical summery. You have your golden chance to make the reader to click the “buy it” button and the chance starts with About page. So try something new to present yourself interesting to your customers. Share fun facts of your brand/ company, your hobby or funny videos of your team members to show your customers how much you enjoy giving your valuable times to provide such product/ services to them.

  1. Social proof always help

In ecommerce customers’ review of your products works as testimonials and social proof. When you have plenty of them why not to add them on a page that talks about your brand?

That’s right. Adding customers’ testimonials on About page helps to build rapport with potential clients. Consumers try to find out what other peoples say about your brand and in search of social proof they may click your “About Us” page.

Add some of your best product reviews; it could be your influencer’s posts or even your competitors. Many leading brands often post their customer’s or influencers reviews on About page though having a separate page for product reviews. You can also add awards or trust badges or even celebrity approvals. These endorsements on your About page give legitimacy and credibility to your brand to the customers.

  1. Plain text doesn’t help!

There hundreds of solid About page which contains nothing but simple plain text but I can show you thousands of other greatest About page which use eye catching photos, illustrations, videos and graphs.

Simple words are plain; color it with photos, graphs or videos. Showing owners photo always works, puts some personality on your About page. Clients and customers like to see the face behind the business. You can add your whole team’s photo, your products photo specially being used in real life, product’s videos or customer’s quote but be sure using of these elements make a sense.

  1. Make it easily findable

Make your About page easy to find. Customers do not have time to search for your About page and you will also do not want to lose a potential customer find your navigation to much complex. Add your About page either on home menu or footer menu or add the link on a suitable place which will easily get customer’s attention.

  1. Include your address, contact number or email

Make yourself easily findable to your clients provide them at least two or more than two ways to contact you. Add your company address if it have any, or add your address where your customers can contact with you. Provide your phone numbers (both personal and business) and email id on your About page so your customers can easily find the way to keep in touch with you.

  1. Update and update!

Nothing is better than update! The worst thing in commerce that may kill your conversion is providing outdated information. Update your About information monthly or half yearly. It is better to set a calendar for updating your information.


Your ecommerce About page is your story, your brand’s mirror and obviously it boosts customer engagement and sales. So create a easy-going, eye catching and informative About page following these tips and enjoy telling your story!

Happy Selling!!!!

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