How to write a killer promotional email that increases sales

How to write a killer promotional email that increases sales

Promotional email is a great tool for email marketing campaign. Promo emails are generally send to consumers to let them know about new promotions like sales, discounts or offers, or about new investments, business opening and webinar.

There is a huge chance of your promo email not to be opened, people most of the time delete these promo emails without opening them. While promo emails have a great opportunity of improving conversion as they work as CTA, your first aim will be to make sure that your promo mails must be opened and replied.

Promotional emails can be very effective for any B2C marketer. Best promo mails are targeted call-to-actions that drives your sales, boosting up customer engagement and click-through-rate.

What is promotional email marketing?

Promotional email marketing is a product marketing strategy through sending emails that inspires your potential customers to click the buy button. Ecommerce store or business owners send emails to promote their products, new deals, announcements or news related to their business and brands to trigger customers’ attention. These promo mails either trigger customer retention or works as direct CTA and in both way ultimately drives sales.

Online marketers nowadays rely on these promo mails more than conventional marketing strategy as these promo mails successfully creates brand awareness among customers and retrieve old customers.

A promotional email when written efficiently, drive its readers to make immediate action. Again a well-designed email copy creates urgency among the readers make them to sign-up or register.

For example, your store may offers weekend sales start from next week and sending promo emails about these sales will help to cover great number of audience.

The promotional emails are effective because they are-

  1. These promo emails are cheap and become cheapest the more you send.
  2. You can easily track your emails by using analytics which shows number of open, clicks and send.
  3. Promo emails are best way to meet the target group of audience.
  4. Promotional emails increases customer engagement.
  5. Through promo emails you can send text, photos, info graphics or even web links.
  6. Promo emails are the greatest way to reach people even from far away.

The chances of your promo emails to be opened depend on how you design the format and what is your tone to your clients. These basic things highly influence recipient’s choice to open your mail. There are some other influential elements that can also change the situation. While the subject line of a promo mail is considered the most important part to make recipient to open the mail, study shows that “From” or the sender line motivates 60% of recipients to open the mail.

Here I discussed some essential techniques to write a killer promo emails that actually drive sales-

  1. Keep subject line short

A short subject line enhances the appearance of your promo emails. Long subject line generally kills your mails open rate. Your recipients may not find your mail interesting if you use long, boring mouthful words in subject line.

Short subject lines easily attract reader’s attention as they tend to be catchy and easily noticeable. Try to make the subject line short, keep the word limit with 40 characters or five to seven words.

Many ecommerce leading brands often include their names, brand’s name or their influencer’s name with relevant topic in subject line.

  1. Use actionable language

What exactly can make your recipients to open your promo mails? Certainly it is your subject line.

Subject line with most powerful words creates a urgency in your recipients and inspire them to click on your mails immediately. This actionable language doesn’t need to be only verbs; some powerful words can trigger the persuasiveness.

Do not use overtly promotional words like “discounts”, “sales” or “free”, using these words only can make your mails spammy. Instead use words that create a deep emotional situation, kind of informative. For example, if you promote new home décor items then “Meet your home’s new friends” or “Let Martha Stewart inspire you every day: diy home decors” will work to create an urgency. You are not directly telling your recipients to buy from you rather you are inspiring them to know the whole story.

  1. Make your email opening catchy

Most common mistake people do when writing a promo mail’s opening line is that they start their mails with “Hi there!” or “hello, I am …” pitchy words which actually drive away reader’s attention.

Your opening line is the second most important part of your promo mail. Either your recipients will read the whole mail or not actually depends on how you start your mail’s opening.

Emil marketers suggest not to use plain text like “Hi” or “Hello” instead it is better to use “I noticed you..”, or “Congratulation..” or even greetings will work. Many marketers also use slick opening starts with questions and quotes. For example, if you sell books online, sending promo mails containing a catchy opening line such as “Are you a reader?” or “Guess what! Books are boring!” simply persuade the readers to go through your mail.

  1. Establish relevancy

Just like the email subject line, your email copy should be relevant. You should maintain the relevancy – your copy must be related with your products otherwise all your effort will go in vain.

What you want to tell in your email copy must be related to that previously said subject line. That’s how you can convince readers that what you are presenting in your promo mail is relevant to them. So try to use the very beginning of the mail to explain why you have mailed them.

  1. Always use “You”

The mail must be for your clients and customers not for you. So instead of using “I” and “We” write in “You” to tell what and how your customer will be benefitted from this promo mail.

Writing in second person using “You”, or “Your”, or “Yours” show that how much you focus on your clients. For example, “décor your living room according to your dream!” It means you are focusing on your clients not on you.

Most of ecommerce marketers do the common mistake of using lots of “I” and “we” in their email copy. Saying “your account is now active” is much more client oriented than saying “we have opened your account”. This is actually a good way to be value-oriented when writing a best promo email.

  1. Feature tells but benefit sells

That is right. Customers only care what your products are offering or how they will fulfill their needs. And it is your job to explain to your clients through email copy.

Describing features of your products may influence your readers to click the action button but telling them what exactly they are going to get from your products will surely make that happen.

For example, offering 30% discounts on products is tempting but telling the readers why they need your products and how they will be benefitted is a sure call.

  1. Use an effective design

Your email design should support your email copy. Effective and good design works as secondary factors of persuasiveness. It engages readers with the content quickly. It also helps the readers to get through the email and find out next step of their action.

Try to maintain word size, capitalization and highlighting your information. Try to avoid all bolded text, all capitalized text, white type over a light background and a small and hard to see call- to- action button. Include your social media buttons in easily findable place. You can include social proof, facts or info graphics or images. Using relevant image with text prioritize your email to your clients.

  1. Insert links

Don’t miss this! It is quite mandatory to include links above the fold in your copy. Including URL links of your products, business sites or other related and relevant thing are the most crucial element to turn the readers into your potential customers.

Links provide readers a path way where to look for further information or what you are selling through your promo mails. If readers do not find any links to click they might wondering why have you send them this useless mail.

Include links as much as you can but never use any irrelevant links. Make sure all the important links you just used are clearly recognizable and your readers can find them easily. It is better not to use “click here” instead link key phrase that identify what a click of the link is going to take to render.

  1. Smaller the better

Many email marketer believe that longer the copy the more it will get clicked. That’s not true exactly. Readers do not have time and patience to read every words of your email. They just go through the copy thus your large word-full copy loses the chance to get CTR.

So don’t make the copy too large. Instead just point out core benefits and information you want to let your readers know. For example, instead of telling the full history of your online book business, just summarize what the readers will get and give them available links of your website.


Promotional email marketing is a great way to retain customers and improve conversions and off course to promote new products and brands. Check the copy before sending it and if needed edit it.

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