Promote your Shopify store with content marketing: 10 ways to create effective contents

Promote your Shopify store with content marketing: 10 ways to create effective contents

A meaningful content is the most powerful marketing strategy for your brand. You may spend a lot of money to make great advertisements but a 1000 word’s article from your heart can make a big difference on your product’s sale. Content marketing of your brand generates 3 times as many leads than advertisements and it also cost 62% less than traditional marketing.

People like to read and when they read something about your brand, they consider your brand as their best choice. According to a research 60% of people want to seek out a product after reading about it and when the content is related to custom 90% of people find it useful. Again 82% of consumers have a more positive opinion about a brand after reading custom content.

The content marketing is beneficial because it contains information and details about your brand. When you write an article with lots of true facts and real life experience it builds an audience and creates urgency among your reader. It also builds a communication bridge between your brand and your consumers.

Here are some factors why content marketing is important for your brand-

  1. Brand awareness

Consumers believe and trust a brand when they come to know every aspects of that particular brand and a custom content can provide all the information that your customers need.

Content marketing creates your brand image. The more successful you content, the more customer you will get. Marketers give importance on making how to videos and presentation to create your brand awareness among the consumers.

  1. Search engine optimization

The main purpose of any type of ecommerce marketing is to boost your brand’s SEO and a textual content is not different. Every keyword that you use in your content helps to get your brand and product easily found. Content marketing helps to improve your search engine optimization 10 times more than traditional marketing.

  1. Drive traffic

When you post something on your social media your followers/friends click on it to see and they hit like button or post a comment if they like it. Thus you create a fan base for your brand. Content marketing is always drive new traffic. People would like to know more or to have your products when they see your product’s images, textual articles or product’s videos you publish on your social media.

  1. Influence conversion

A well written and informative content always convert your followers into customers and boost conversions.

  1. Build loyalty

Great content helps in customer retention. If your contents be able to make your consumers to believe on your products, they will eventually hit the CTA button and once they get satisfied, they will like to buy form you again and again.

  1. Evergreen contents lasts forever

Contents you publish generally last for eternity unless you remove or delete them. But an evergreen content will last forever without your regular updating. Evergreen contents are basically those which are more relevant and have no definite time boundary. These types of contents are regarded as all time assets to drive new traffic and boost engagement. Make up dos and don’ts article the best makeup look for your face shape will always be relevant rather summer face makeup look which has only seasonal appearance to particular audiences.

Ten ways to create great contents

A great and efficient content marketing strategy is what you need to adopt for your brand’s prosperity. Creating poor and less informative contents and posting them can cause you a great loss of both time and money but with a little extra effort you can create stunning contents which will in return boost your business.

Here are best ten basic ways to create meaningful and awesome contents to promote your online store and to drive more traffic.

  1. Get a clear idea for your content

Many content marketers complain of their failure of creating effective contents. It happens because they have limited or no idea how to present their thoughts. You will get succeed in content marketing when you will be able to get a clear idea in what to create. There are lots of ways to get ideas to create relevant and powerful contents.

You may try following ways-

  • Research for trendy ideas

Look for what is trendy. Research new trends and try to find out which trend suits your brand. Try to understand how many people are following the trend and who are they. Than list most viewed contents made on the basis of your listed trends and determine your content’s outline.

  • Use BuzzSumo

You can also look in to BuzzSumo, where you can find thousands of contents of various categories.

  • Use Google Analytics

Google analytics is another great way to get content ideas. Google analytics helps you to track down your posted articles and analyzes which makes your article so popular and flop. You also can get article formulation ideas from your most viewed and popular articles.

  • Read influencer’s blogs

Reading influencer’s blog to get content ideas is one of the best ways. The more you read the more you know. Reading also sharpens your writing ability and provides ideas and inspirations. Follow an influencer who writes or creates relevant contents and read his every post. Try to understand the format he follows and get ideas for your contents.

  • Ask your audience for ideas

Do not stop reading comments your readers/customers write in comment section. Readers are your biggest critics and let them to judge you asking them to leave a comment. Ask your readers and customers what sort of content they like and try to make them happy by following their advices. It is also a great way to drive traffic and retaining customers to your business.

  1. Use killer headline

The first impression is the last impression and you have your first and last chance to break this by creating a killer headline for your content. Your headline is the key to draw your readers’ attention and make them to read what’s inside.

As David Ogilvy said “On the average five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.”

Your main part of your content may be great with lots of facts, statistics or information, but you have only one chance to get your content read or watched through your headline. The more articulate and influencing your headline the more chance your content gets to be clicked. So think deeply, take your time, draw drafts and decide what will be your killer headline.

To create killer headlines, try following tips-

  • Use powerful words

Use words that create a shockwave in readers mind. Powerful words always have appeal and they create the first impression of your content. It is better to use words that express love, affection, urgency, a sense of demand and also not so violent.

  • Be bold

Do not be scared of being bold. If you feel right to use bold words (yet appropriate) than use it. Being bold presents a strong and confident image of you. Do not hesitate to make your headline more appealing. It is your space to make a strong stand.

  • Create intrigue

Readers like to be fascinated. Create a sense of curiosity with the headline. Don’t give everything; just give a hint of the great blast of your main theme.

  1. Make your content actionable

An actionable content is just the key to get the most desire number of audience and traffic. Actionable contents help boosting engagement and conversions while they are not different form your prolific storytelling, shareable, powerful contents. But even they contain a little extra fuel to let the fire on with high flame.

To make your contents actionable first you have to make sure that whatever you are making that speaks about your niche. And secondly your contents make audience to take an action.

Use visual images, videos to create such actionable contents with lots of examples, stats and evidences.

  1. Create relevant contents

Driving traffic to your ecommerce site is hard but getting qualified traffic is harder. You have to be more careful when choosing content for your qualified clients. If you fail to provide a relevant content to your target group your contents will fail you to get desire results.

Do more research on what your target group actually admires and what they will like you to create for them? This is actually pretty basic. Relevant contents are regarded as the backbone of any content marketing and it is really helpful to drive qualified traffic who will be your future customers. Always try to stick with relevant topic and your past posts’ feedback by past clients can be a great way to understand what actually your consumers need.

  • Create “How to…” guide with proper images

“How to…’ contents always have a great appeal to your customers and they also drive actual traffic to your online shop. If you sell hair products for example, write a how to apply and use such products on hair with beautiful images and add a video with the post. Try to make the content more aspirational, feasible and original.

  1. Create content calendar

A content calendar is your content schedule according to which you want to post your amazing contents. You may have tons of ideas for new contents and may get confused to maintain proper serial of posting them. Use content calendar and add every piece of your contents in it and enjoy!

  • Fill the gap

Do not take long gap between two posts. Be consistent and draw a deadline to meet the gap. Leading content marketers always pre scheduled their weeks; what number of contents they want to post in week and what they will do in next week. Make a realistic publishing schedule and try to follow it anyhow.

  • Try to post at least two blog post per week

If you write blog posts then try to post at least two articles per week. It is pretty simple to write and post two articles in a week and in return it can make huge contribution of driving traffic providing you two possible chances per week!

  • Post at least 1 skyscraper content per month

Skyscraper contents are big, juicy and off course traffic driving contents. They are perfect to create a huge interest and can be your game changer. You need to give more effort to create such skyscraper content.

You could publish a complete guide about something like “A to Z guide of content marketing” for example or it could be the best fashion tips for women or ultimate parent’s guide to keep their new born healthy.

It could be anything but keep your track and try to keep relevance. Skyscrapers are the best way to attract huge traffic and get maximum sharing. You can also publish them as book.

  • Post one video content per month

Video contents have a great influence on sale and they are the most shared content in web. Videos can drive traffic instantly and create a huge fan base for your brand. Do you know 73% of shoppers like to buy a product after watching its video on social media? Further statistics shows that 71% shoppers believe videos explain the product.

You could make videos on your product’s feature, how to use or simple demo or it could be simply your appearance before camera and answers customers’ questions.

Videos of telling your own story boost engagement and leading content marketers are now following this trend. 

  1. Use keywords for SEO

Whether your audience finds your content – or not among thousands of others depends on how you optimize your search engine and embed key words. SEO and keywords have direct impact on your client’s action and so on traffic.

The whole process is done this way- you upload your content and people find them on search engine. There is a 50/50 chance of your content to get clicked or to be lost in web for goods. The both possibilities depend on your search engine optimization knowledge and use of keywords.

Search engine rank your contents on keywords that you use in your content like Love or Tea. If you search tea you may find hundreds of contents about and related to tea, but when you enter specifically “summer tea trend of Japan” you will get fewer but most viewed and shared contents.

So use powerful key words and improve URL of your content to get better search results in search engine.

  1. Make your content easy to find

Always try to make your content easily findable. Making difficult to find it can create negative impact on both traffic and sales. Your audience might leave your site not finding your contents that would create a bad impression about you and your site.

You can categorize your articles according to topic and subject or can use tags to mark them. Making an easy navigation is always helpful. Do not make it complex.

  1. Make your content shareable

What is the purpose of making content? Off course it is to get more traffic. But all your effort will go in vain if your clients cannot find your content shareable.

Sharing of your contents is profitable for you while it brings you money. But your client’s purpose of sharing your content is more emotional and quite inspirational. When your contents (articles, photo, videos) create emotional or inspirational vibe among your clients they would like to share their feelings with their family or friends. So they share what they find and you get more share and view.

What makes content more shareable? Simply important information, heart touching true stories, true facts, love-affection, new findings, discoveries, and inventions all make a piece of content most shared and followed subject.

  1. Post User Generated Content (UGC)

User generated content is always drive traffic and good for conversions. UGC simply works as social proof of your brand and products while they are created by your brand’s actual users.

People believe and trust others who actually used a product than your mouth words. User generated contents get 4 times more CTR  and 28% more brand engagement than average.

Ask your customers to create reviews and get permission to post them on your website or in other social media accounts. Showcase product reviews, comments and happy customers to get more traffic. UGC is also good to create trust and loyalty among your customers.

  1. Repurpose your contents

Don’t let your valuable contents get forgotten forever! Repurpose them again and again. It is a great technique to boost your content marketing with less effort to make great contents.

Promote and share your great contents. You can repurpose them by turning them into news, podcasts, or can link them with your new one. If you plan to write an article on home gardening, for example, you can add your previous herb planting videos with it to make it more efficient.

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