Tips to choose the best dropshipper supplier for your Shopify store

Tips to choose the best dropshipper supplier for your Shopify store

If you want to start your own dropshipping business you must have to choose the best suitable wholesalers who will dropship your products to your customers. Dropshippers are the wholesalers who sell bulk products directly from the manufacturers to retailers or other companies. Dropshippers do not sell to public. There are thousands of dropshippers you can find in internet but it is a challenge to find a genuine and efficient dropshipper for your store.

This article will provide you basic factors to select the best suited wholesaler with some tactics to find out legitimate and genuine wholesalers.

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How to find the legitimate dropshipper

There are more than thousands of dropshipper suppliers in the market and it is hard to find the legitimate one among them. The supplier you choose for your dropshipping store can be fake or fraud that causes you a huge loss in the beginning of your business. So you have to be more cautious when searching dropshipper wholesaler for your store.

There are some tactics to find a genuine dropshipper supplier. These tactics are-

  1. Genuine wholesalers do not ask for ongoing fees

The genuine wholesalers do not ask for monthly fees for your ordering and doing business with them but if they ask for monthly charges then they might be fake or fraud. You will have to give monthly charges or other fees if you are using wholesaler’s directories for searching your supplier but it is different than paying individual dropshipper wholesalers.

  1. Genuine wholesalers do not sell to public

They do not sell products to the public directly rather their business is with other businesses. Wholesalers who sell directly to public are kind of retailers and you will have to make sure that you are dealing with actual wholesalers who only sell to you not to your customers.

  1. Genuine wholesalers require an application

If you are not asked to open an account, than chances are high that your wholesaler will be fake or a fraud. Real wholesalers always ask the retailers to open an account by submitting an application rather through a simple mail. 

  1. Genuine wholesalers do not publish product price

Genuine wholesalers do not publish their pricing as they do not sell to the public. You will be provided with a special login after approval of your application and then they will send you their list of pricing.

  1. Genuine wholesalers ask for minimum per- order-fees

Some genuine wholesalers charge a per-order dropshipping fee for every single product order to cover their increased cost of packaging and delivery. They generally ship bulk rather single item to cover the costs.


Tips to choose the best dropshipper

A general question is always asked by who want to start a dropshipping business that “how do I choose a wholesaler/dropshipper supplier who will be best for my business?” It is not easy to answer in a single word or phrase. There are many things or criteria to understand when choosing the best suitable dropshipper supplier for your dropship business. Many ecommerce expertises have given various tips to choose the best wholesaler supplier. The most common tip is to ask your wholesalers some basic questions to find out your requirements you want from them.

Followings are some basic factors which you need to keep in mind when searching and choosing a dropshipper supplier for your store.

  1. Experience:

Ask your dropshipper how long they have been in business. It is important because dropshipper supplying business is more risky than standard business and many dropshippers lose their position in market within first couple of years. So avoid fresh face and look for veteran dropshipper with more experience and knowledge of product supply. It is said that the longer they have been around, the better they can be for your business.

Make sure your dropshipper is not new or unskilled; ask his company’s foundation date with legal papers.

  1. Product listing

It is more frustrated when your customers complain that their purchased products don’t match with your product descriptions and images. This is actually a big issue and a disadvantage of dropshipping as you cannot see the product which you order from your wholesaler. Many dropshipper wholesalers provide wrong data and images of their product even provide incorrect product listing. They often show products they don’t have in their stock and when you order to buy that product they send you “out of stock” massage.

Ask your dropshipper wholesalers whether they have correct product listing or not. If you find any product mismatch with its description and specification, immediately avoid him or try to find another option to switch. You can check product’s specification by contacting with the manufacturer.

  1. Product pricing

Ask your wholesalers for their detail product pricing list and compare with others to find out whether they are demanding a high pricing value for similar products. Generally dropshipper suppliers of similar products have same or slightly different pricing of their products. It is better to choose a dropshipper who demand relatively fair price for his products. Otherwise when you will add additional price to any high priced products the result may be end with no sales and no profit.

  1. Fees and charges

Genuine wholesalers do not charges monthly fees. If your wholesaler requires you to pay monthly fees, it is possible that you are dealing with fake supplier.

Dropshippers charge per order dropshipping fee of your products to cover their packaging and delivery costs and it is standard in business. Generally wholesalers charge $2 to $10 per-order-fee and it depends on the size and quantity of your order. But some dropshippers charge more than conventional rate. High and outrageous per-order fees and other charges have a negative impact on your profit margin. Calculate the possible profit you want to make and if the number is adjustable with high fees than make deal with the wholesaler otherwise it is better to keep looking for the best one.

  1. Shipping partnership

Make sure that your dropshipper use fast and legitimate shipping companies to dropship your products. If your products do not reach within promised time to your customers, your customers will lose trust and interest in you to shop in future. Make sure that the shipping company your wholesaler uses deliver your product without any damage.

  1. Shipping datelines

You have to choose the wholesaler who offers a good dateline of product delivery so that you can assure your customers the expected date of their purchases. Fast and trusted shipping always enhance stability and functionality of your business. Make sure that your wholesaler deliveries your product within 24 hours and your customers receive their purchased products within 48hours.

Shipping dateline is the most important factor in dropshipping because your customers do not know that you are dropshipping and if you take long times to delivery purchased products you will certainly lose your potential customers. So ensure that your wholesaler do not take long time to ship your products to your customers.

  1. Return policy

It is quite absolute that you will face with return issues- your customers often want to return purchased products if they find them unmatched or damaged. Managing of returned products is also a part of your business and your store’s capability of making maximum profit largely depends on how you deal on return issues.

With dropshipping you do not have to handle returns directly but you have to understand your drop shipper’s return policy whether it is advantageous to your business or not. Make clear understanding of how wholesalers handle returns before choosing one for your store and then write your effective return policy to provide your customers a hassle free return of their purchased items.

  1. Payment methods

Before choosing the dropshippers with whom you want to do business, ask them how they handle payment. It is important to consider what types and how much options of payment your wholesaler offers you. Available payment options make the payment process more flexible and it also enhance your store’s functionality and stability. If your wholesaler requires you to pay using unauthorized or third party payment option instead of popular and trusted payment gateways, it is better to avoid that supplier and to look for the better one.

  1. Custom packaging

Many wholesalers do not offer custom packaging but the best one does. Custom packaging helps you to win your customers trust by building your own brand when you dropship products to your customers.Your wholesaler let you to control custom packaging that means you can create your product’s shipping labels and packing slips and you will also add coupons, gift cards and vouchers or your customer service phone numbers and email address with your products delivered to your customers.

  1. Others review

One of the best ways to choose the best suitable dropshipper for your dropship store is to consider others reviews. It works like customers review of your products. Go to forums, social media or wholesaler’s website where you can find other retailer’s reviews about the supplier. Compare between the best or most reviewed wholesalers and then choose a wholesaler company which attributes fit with your business.


Dropshipping is a better option for starting an ecommerce business but it is not apart from some risks. To minimize risks and to make maximum profit by increasing your sales you must need an experienced, skilled and your store-friendly dropshipper wholesaler. By partnering with an efficient dropshipper you can easily expand your business and scale up your sales.

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