Top Ten Free Shopify Theme for your Shopify store

Top Ten Free Shopify Theme for your Shopify store

Your storefront needs to be designed uniquely to promote both of your store and products. Think what will be your first impression at any brick and mortar shop with poor design and store structure. The same will happen when your customers find your store unorganized and unappealing to their eyes. Storefront design and style of any ecommerce store is the crucial part of driving more traffic and making profit through product sales.

Shopify the largest ecommerce platform has developed more than hundreds of themes and templates to make your store more organized and appealing to your customers. Hundreds of thousands of Shopify store owners use these themes to promote their store and brands.

There are many free and paid themes in Shopify theme store and you may get confused to select the best theme for your store.

This article will give you detail descriptions of top ten free Shopify themes for your store.

Ten free Shopify themes

  1. Minimal

Giving your store a minimalistic but amazingly responsive and feature rich look is what you dream about. Shopify offers MINIMAL the most used and a wide- layout responsive theme suitable for any types of device for your store. Minimal has great and flexible features like image slideshow, product filtering, homepage video, and product image zoom option which you can fully customize according to your choice.

The free Shopify theme Minimal has three different styles and each of them are perfect for different categorized product and stores. Let’s start with the first design Vintage which is specially designed for vintage art and craft and vintage clothes giving your store an aesthetically rich vintage looks but more flexible to function better to make enough sales. The Fashion template is better for them who want to sell fashion and lifestyle related products like fashion clothes, accessories and others. Music lover people always look for a wide collection and better categorized music shelves and many users have chosen Music template to decorate their music store fantastically.

Many Shopify store owners have been using this theme as it is best for medium and large inventory and it is easier to use with full customization.

  1. Debut

Debut is a flexible theme which showcases your brand and products by giving customers a closer look and this theme is suitable for all types of store. This theme is also fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Debut is an exclusive, stylish and vibrant theme for your store to attract more potential customers by showcasing your products with detail photographs. Debut lets you to tell your products tales by publishing slideshow videos on your homepage. Its performance of featuring singe product on your homepage creates a customer base for every single product allowing customers to use product filtering option. Debut also lets you to share and post your customers reviews of your products to promote your brand and products.

  1. Boundless

Boundless is both a mobile-first and a photography-first theme with minimalist UI featuring edge-to-edge photography. This theme is perfect for displaying larger product image on your storefront.

The theme has two different styles which can be chosen for showcasing your sorted product’s photos. Starting with minimalist but modern and elegant template Black & White which can be perfect for your fashion related items lets you to design your store front with full sized and large product images in an elegant way. The Vibrant style features sports related products. Many Shopify stores have been used these two different template to showcase their product images on their storefront.

Boundless has become a wide choice of store owners for its Shopify customized features. Unique and dynamic features like single product gallery, slideshow with fading effect and sticky navigation etc. this theme also features full-width collection images to present collected images in a full-width grid layout.

  1. Supply

Supply is a one of the best free Shopify theme for its easy-to navigate feature. This theme is ideal for large inventory with huge collection of products and it helps to create large menu for your products.

The theme allows the customers to filter their search by brand, price, catalog and other customizable options. The Supply theme features large product inventory for large collection of products, customization search option for customer to find their products, slideshows and featured collection on homepage to display multiple featured collections on your store front. Other included dynamic features of this theme are customizable content on homepage, search engine optimization, social media icons, built-in styles and color palates, and free theme update.

The Supply theme has two different stylesfor different types of products and stores. If you have an electronic or digital product store than Blue template fits perfectly to your store giving a dynamic and modern look and design. The Light styleof Supply theme fits for watch or other luxury accessories or for other products.

  1. Jumpstart

Jumpstart the crowd funding campaign is for single product shop which has none but a single product to sell. This is the most simplest but modern theme for your store to sell your new and own invent like unique door knob, car keychain or unique car charger.

This theme features image slideshow, “as seen on” section to promote your product, home page video and custom modules to share promotions, FAQs on your homepage. The theme also features a goal-tracking tool which tracks and displays of your funding progress.

  1. Simple

One of the most used and universal theme is Simple which provides sidebar navigation and clean minimalist design to perfectly showcase your products. This theme presents your products in a grid-like columns focusing on product photos. This feature of showing products helps to increase your sales and helps in customer retention.

The Simple theme features sidebar menu to display your products and collections, image animation to create a sleek and transition effect of your product’s image and related product option that shows and displays products from the same collections of your product pages. The most dynamic and appreciating feature that Shopify has introduced in Simple theme is the option to zoom in on the products previews-gives your customer a closer look of your products. This feature is unique in this theme and is missing in all other Shopify free themes.

Simple comes with two dynamic and variant styles- Light and Beauty. The Light template has white background and minimalist design on the other hand Beauty has a large header image with off-white style. Both templates have a strong, elegant and modern appearance which simply enhances your store’s layout and design.

  1. Pop

Pop is another minimalist but unique theme perfect for small niches and has been adopted by many types of merchandise. Pop mainly comes with two style for promoting your store whether you sell kid’s toys or beauty products.

Pop offers features like sidebar menu, slide-out cart, homepage slide show and product image zoom.

Pop includes two styles: Bone and Toys. Pop Bone has nothing to do with Bones but it is a template for skin products. While Bone promotes pharmaceutical products for your skin Pop Toy is for kid’s toys and gadgets. These two styles have similar features and product image options.

  1. Venture

Venture is a free Shopify theme for your large inventory focusing largely large-scale imagery of your products.

Venture offers features like multi column menu to display product’s details in a large multi-column drop-down menu, slideshow to showcase multiple products and brands, and promotional banner to promote your latest sales, new products and discounts.

Shopify Venture theme includes three different styles to pick the best and suitable one for your products and brands and the templates are Snowboards, Outdoors and Boxing. Venture Snowboard template is blue highlighted with large photography, Outdoor features more bright colors resemblance outdoor activities and Venture Boxing is more variant and dynamic that makes the cover image more alive! These three styles are really incredible with similar features but promote different types of products like snowboards, skies, mountain climbing shoes, accessories and hiking gears, and boxing gears and accessories.

  1. Narrative

Narrative is the most recent and popular responsive Shopify free theme for visual storytelling of your store. This is mainly a boutique designed theme to promote your products by telling a story about it with visual presentation.

Narrative is unique in this sense that this theme is the one of all Shopify free them which focuses on imagery to tell a story. It has default homepage with full-widthslideshow, an image with text and a video.This unique layout helps you to build an audience of your brand who trust your products for their storytelling ability.

Built for small inventory, the Narrative theme features hero video option telling your story through an auto play, full screen video at the top of your home page. This theme gives importance on visual presentation rather text wording and helps your products getting more traffic and potential customers.

The Narrative theme includes three styles: Warm, Light and Cold with same features but different color scheme.

  1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the extremely responsive and tailor made theme for modern and fashion apparel store. This theme is highly flexible and mobile-friendly with modern and unique topography, an edge-to-edge home page slideshow, a dynamic product grid and easy to add cart option.

Brooklyn is mainly single style theme for apparel store but it fit some other related products. You can customize the header with your photos and products category, menu, and your business logo etc.

Brooklyn is a minimalist yet most dynamic and elegant theme to promote your store and products.


Shopify has developed many themes and templates for your ecommerce store to make it more vibrant, unique and feature rich. There are more than hundreds of themes available in Shopify theme store among which above ten best free themes are categorized according to their functionality, features and flexibility.

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