Top ten paid Shopify themes

Top ten paid Shopify themes

Shopify offers a great collection of cool and amazing themes with excellent and brilliant presets to modify and customize your store. Customization of your store helps you to retain your customers and makes your store more functional and credible to your customers.

This article will provide you ten best paid Shopify themes which are available in Shopify theme store and have been used by hundreds of thousand Shopify stores.

  1. Retina– Responsive Shopify theme, $160.

Retina is our first choice of best responsive Shopify theme available at $160 price value. Developed by Out of the Sandbox, this award-winning theme is listed as Shopify’s number one theme. Retina is most responsive and amazing mobile-friendly theme which showcases your products with bold imagery on your homepage.

This stunning and beautiful theme features sidebar menu, slideshow video, home and product page videos which enhance your stores functionality and credibility. The most amazing feature this theme provides is that you can directly share your Instagram activities on your store’s homepage and you also can write blog and share theme with your customers.

Retina responsive Shopify theme comes with four stunning styles which are slightly different and best for your products. These styles include Austin, Montreal, Melbourne and Amsterdam templates with beautiful color background and different image front.

The Austin template is minimalistic yet modern and elegant which uses product categories showing in individual pages. Montreal template has slightly different color and homepage widget. The third template Melbourne is full of colorful and fun style while Amsterdam style is different from all of three styles with more techie and vibrant color and design.

  1. Testament-responsive Shopify theme, $140

The testament is the best-selling, responsive and most used theme developed by Underground. This theme is always a first choice for its strong brand-able design and features.

The theme features slideshow videos, color swatches to show available color of your featured products, product quick view option, multi column menu and sticky navigation system.

Available in four different styles Genesis, Exodus, Revelation and Deliverance this theme is mainly fits garment and fashion clothes. This theme offers many cool custom options for homepage, product page and header and footer option.

  1. BlockShop– Responsive Shopify theme, $140.

BlockShop is the most beautiful, highly customizable and most unique theme developed and supported by Troop Theme available in Shopify theme store at $140. This stunning and amazingly responsive theme is perfect to showcase your product with image slideshow on your homepage.

This theme features your product’s image slideshow on the top of your home page and you can share your YouTube video of your product on your product page. The other amazing features offered by BlockShop theme include Instagram feed, multicolumn drop down menu to help your customers find their desired products easily, and multiple slideshows. One incredible feature that makes the theme super responsive and functional is that it’s fully customization ability. That means you can customize the theme according to your style and creativity. You can easily change any style.

BlockShop theme comes with four interactive and responsive presets: Deli, Beat, Beauty and Playhouse with different approaches for each of the templates. The default style Deli is the minimalist preset with plain white and black contrast, Beat is darker with black background while Beauty comes with pink resemblances softness best suitable for women makeup or beauty accessories shop. The final Playhouse has the natural color contest with large header. The four styles are similar in function and features but slightly different in color, design and layout.

  1. Parallax– Responsive Shopify theme, $180

Another stunning theme for your Shopify store from Out of the Sandbox is Parallax available at $180. This stunning, clean and amazingly responsive theme is best for your medium to large inventory to take full control over your products.

This flexible and functional theme features parallax effect to create an animated depth effect when scrolling down the pages, multi-level drop down menu of product search, full-width homepage video, and promotional banner to promote your discounts, new and upcoming products and others. This fully customizable theme allows you to share your product photographs directly on your Instagram and utilize your blogs to share discussions and documentation of your products on your home page.

Parallax theme comes with four stunning styles: Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, and Los Angeles. All these four brilliant styles are interactive and responsive which are able to make your store more generic and functional.

  1. District- Responsive Shopify theme, $160

If you want to customize your shop and make it more responsive then Shopify offers you one of the most customizable and mobile-first theme “District” for your ecommerce store. Developed by Style hatch, parallax theme is available in Shopify theme store at $180 price value. This theme mainly fits for fashion and lifestyle stores but you can also adopt it for your generic store grid.

The District theme features promotional banner to promote latest sales, promotional, discounts and upcoming products, collection gallery of your products, slideshows, Instagram feed, and marketing pop ups for promotional messages with your customers. The most amazing feature that makes this theme unique is its easy customization. You can use the theme for your fashion or generic store with full customizable layout and features.

District offers three different and dynamic styles: District, Energy and Coast. The default District template is for your generic shop where you sell all sorts of fashion and accessories products. The home page of this style emphasizes product’s categories and photos enhancing your store’s credibility in selling products.

The Energy template comes with bright contest and uses photo overlay gradients. This style is more elegant with a flavor of tech and gadgets. The Coast is the most colorful and vibrant among the three styles and it uses image slider at the top of homepage. This style also use similar photo overlay gradients.

  1. Pipeline-Responsive Shopify theme, $140

Pipeline is a clean, responsive and progressive theme developed by Corknine available in Shopify theme store at $140 price point. This flexible theme uses broad full screen home page with small contents. Each and every content or category of products uses background photo related to the product content which enhances your product page 100 times more worth millions.

Pipeline theme is basically better for large inventory with hundreds of products and features many cool functions. The offered features are full-width Instagram feed, multi-column drop down menu, modular style home page to showcase products and brands name in modular style, and parallax effect creating an animated depth effect when you scroll down the pages.

All the three style offered by Pipeline are minimalist yet modern and more functional. The Bright, dark, and Light styles are perfect for your large inventory to showcase your products in a minimalist way. But it may not be best for your large sized product images. These all styles have similar features and functions with slightly different colors, background image size and text. You can customize the Pipeline theme according your store’s layout, topography and other customizable features.

  1. Showtime-responsive Shopify theme, $160.

If you want to buy a premium theme which will make your store to look premium, then Showtime will be your first choice. This theme is developed by Mile High themes and it is one of the best Shopify responsive themes which showcase your products and brands with many amazing features to increase your sales.

The theme offers product category filter which lets your customers to filter your products by type, and sorts by price and best sellers. This feature helps the customer to look for exactly what they want or best seller products by cutting down lengthy search time. The other features are multi-level menu, home and product page video, product quick view, multi-column drop down menu and home page collection grid which allows the customers to shop directly from homepage.

Showtime comes with three different styles for different product inventory: CookTime, FurnishTime and FashionTime. The CookTime style is mainly for cutlery products and it uses large and bold image front on homepage with medium header. If you have furniture products then FurnishTime template of ShowTime theme is perfect to use for your store and the FashionTime style is best for generic fashion products. ShowTime theme works better for any large shop selling home goods like furniture, home decors and accessories or cutlery products.

  1. Canopy-Responsive Shopify theme, $180.

Canopy is the most eye-catching, unique and brilliant theme developed by Clean Themes and available in Shopify theme store at $180. This theme is mainly perfect for large inventory selling fashion and clothes. This theme focuses on showcasing large images of products.

The canopy theme features quick buy option where your customers can add products too their curt without leaving the page. Its two menu options allow you to choose either a multi-level, slide out side bar menu or large horizontal menu. Among other coolest features the Instagram feed and full-length homepage product video is mentionable.

All three styles for Canopy theme are Elda, Thread and kiln which are similar in featured functions but different in color and design attribute. The Elda and Thread has similar layout with different color and content text but kiln style features most unique template with oblong rectangles for section of the page.

Canopy theme is most unique and best for large product image but customers prefer traditional and popular styles where the Kiln template may fail your purposes.

  1. Palo Alto-Responsive Shopify theme, $180.

Paolo Alto is a minimalist, simple, responsive and unique theme developed by Page Mill design available in Shopify theme store at $180. This minimal yet unique theme is best for your large inventory. It offers many cool and amazing features to modify your store.

This beautiful and simple theme offers large image, video banners, single featured product, and stunning editorial style homepage.

The Paolo Alto theme includes three stunning presets: Paolo Alto, SoMa and Sanford which provides nice layouts and colors to enrich your storefront.

  1. Startup–responsive Shopify theme, $180.

Startup is simple and responsive product-focused theme developed by pixel Union available in Shopify theme store. This is a mainly modular layout theme best for one page store.

This theme features modular style home page, home page video, Instagram feed and wide layout.

All four styles Tech, Art, Home and Cloth focus on your product branding via showcasing them on your store. The Tech style fits with home applications. The Art template uses arts, vintage paintings, crafts and other form of art product to showcase them on homepage. The Home preset is best for handmade ornaments and accessories and the Cloth fits best with fashion and dresses.

This minimalistic theme is best for any small startup business and it caters your product well. You can customize homepage or your product page and can add cart button on homepage.


Picking the best theme for your store may cost you some extra money but if you know which one is exactly better for your inventory then paying for the theme may worth. Excellent design and inventory preset helps to build an immerse look of your design which play the vital role in sales and customer retention. So keep looking and compare the themes before buying it for your store.

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