10 Adwords optimization tips for setting successful Ad campaigns

10 Adwords optimization tips for setting successful Ad campaigns

Online marketing is all about driving traffic to your ecommerce site and store and all works you do must be focused on this one and only goal. Many ecommerce business owners implement various strategies to increase their conversions by building a beautiful website, great inventory and product category or by offering great products and deals to their customers. But all their plans and works may fail them to meet the initial goal of ecommerce business-driving traffic if there is no solid search engine marketing strategy (SEM) for showcasing your product to the customers.

Google Adwords is the largest and most powerful advertising platform for search engine marketing which offers tons of options to advertise your products for getting more customers. The platform yet is little confusing to use as it offers thousands of different options and features to get the best result. You may find yourself wondering which feature to use at the right moment and which latter. As the platform requires money to spend for advertising your products on Google, any wrong decision can cost you a lot. Many ecommerce brands just get the biggest result using Google Adwords and many lose everything. That’s why you need to optimize your strategies to get the best out of it.

Optimization of Google Adwords strategies will help you to determine what is perfect for your business. It doesn’t require your tech skills or extra money- you can optimize you Adwords strategies by using actionable keywords, adding Google ad extensions, creating great landing page, or just following aesthetic rules.

Google Adwords provides various types of dynamic and effective features to make your ads more actionable. You can easily use these features and can improve your search engine marketing experience.

Let’s take a look on some best practiced Adwords optimization tips which can help you to get more leads and to improve your conversion-

  1. Use actionable keywords

You are paying for your keywords, so focus on using actionable money making keywords that covert more. If your keywords are not working as you wanted to, remove them and employ new well performing keywords. Many ecommerce business owners spend lots of money behind under-performing keywords for better engagement and conversion. But they don’t realize that they can make the difference simply by using long tail killer keywords which absolutely under their budget.

Some tips to use actionable keywords-

  1. Find new keywords using keyword planner and other tools.
  2. Replace less converting keywords.
  3. Focus your budget on your keywords that convert well.
  4. Make your keywords more eligible by using match type or adjusting your bids.


  1. Add extensions to rank higher

Adrank is your ads position on Google and on other search engine that determine how exactly match your ads with search terms. The search engine ranks ads according to the relevancy of ad contents, keywords and information. Google Adwords allows you to add extensions in your ads to show relative information, phone numbers, or other details of your products and store.

You can add phone extension, location extensions, and sitelink extensions. You can include your address, contact number, products offerings, delivery process, free shipping tag, and product delivery schedule.

Adding site extensions is easy and painless. These extensions increase your ad’s quality score and also increase click through rates as they convince customers providing much more than plain URL.

  1. Use negative keyword to reduce unwanted costs

If you think your exact match keywords are not working well and you are paying for unwanted clicks than use negative keywords to filter out unwanted leads. Negative keywords allow you to specify the keyword for which your ads will not appear. This will help you to focus your budget and also to save your money.

For example, if you run campaign for advertising your products, let’s say women yoga pants and you don’t offer free shipping than include “free” in your negative keywords. This will prevent people who want free shipping to click on your ads. Thus you save your money.

  1. Use location bid adjustment

Bid adjustments are a percentage change to a bid that allow for an increase or decrease for better control of where ads are shown. It allows you to control over your ads frequently based on where, when and how your ads are shown.

Track your location campaigns to see which is performing well and which is not. From this information you can control the performance and budget of your campaigns. Find out which regions or cities costing most and reduce their bids or exclude them from your target. Bid adjustments allow you to increase ROI, controlling over frequencies of search. You can increase or decrease your bids wherever needed.

  1. Create seasonal product ad campaigns

Ecommerce marketers suggest to create seasonal campaigns. Seasonal campaigns are great to increase ROI and conversions. List your seasonal products and create seasonal product’s adgroups and run campaigns offering alluring discounts and deals. Seasonal campaigns help you to engage more along with your regular ads without hurting your budgets. Carefully bids on keywords, and it is better to bid separately for these seasonal campaigns.

  1. Remarketing your products for better engagement

Create a remarketing list of your products to re-engage customers who already have abandoned their carts. Remarketing feature of Google Adwords offers a huge chance of re-engaging old customers with new customers.

People on search engine look for what they want most and keep searching for that product until they find it with a desirable offers. So take the chance and reconnect your customers at a more cost effective ROI.

  1. Test your ads and landing page

Always test your ad text, copy, extensions and landing page. Do A/B split test of your ad copy and campaigns to know whether they work or not. If you deny this test than you will probably spend more money.

Split testing on your ad copy and ads will help you to determine which type of ad’s copy you can set for better engagement. You don’t need big improvements in your tests; small improvements can highly impact on your campaign ROI.

  1. Update your landing page

Your landing page has the fundamental potential of turning clicks into sales. You need to update your landing page more often to increase your low quality score. Updating landing page also increases CTR as it boosts the page’s relevancy and Google rewards relevancy.

Landing page optimization is not that much hard or time consuming. You can do it simply by enhancing page structure, establishing relevancy between your ads and landing page design and offerings. Try not to hide the page or too much clicks to reach the page.

  1. Change your ad schedule

All the days may not work same when it comes about converting. Certain days may work better but some specific days or a day can convert more for you. Find out that day and budget from one of your more expensive days to that day.

Ad scheduling is great to gain more ROI from some specific days or day which convert more than other days. It also helps you to focus on budget and to spend more to get the best result.

  1. Find what your competitors using

Monitor your competition to see your competitor’s performance using Google’s Ad preview tool. See what keywords they are using, and if they are using your keywords or not. This helps you to compare your ads and campaigns so that you can easily replace or remarket to win the competition. Track your conversion and find which ads are getting only clicks rather than converting. Do not bid on your competitor’s brand’s name. It could harm your core business causing a great loss of money.

Bonus tips

The tips I just discussed above are not all you need to follow to optimize your Adwords campaigns. There are lots of other optimizations tips you can use them to get a better result but these discussed tips are what you need primarily.

Here are some bonus tips that you can utilize when optimizing your Adwords campaigns-

  1. Do not bid too high on keywords

You have already ranked some killer keyword for organic search and they may bring you a good amount of clicks and sales. So why should you pay for a click that you could have received for free? To avoid this issue update your keyword strategy and focus on keywords that are not getting the best organic traffic.

  1. Try new Adwords features

Google Adwords offers tons of options and features to create such engaging ads and campaigns. Get known with these features and leverage them to get the best result. Do not worry about clicking on new features, Google provides instructions for their every options and features. Test them and if you get satisfactory result adopt them in to your strategy plan.

  1. Change your offers

You have a higher bounce rate because of either your ads are not working or the landing page is not relevant. So change the offers on your landing page. Find out which one is not working. It is better to optimize your landing page according to your campaigns as changing campaigns can cost you extra money. 


Do not worry. Taking risks is good and if you leverage the power of Adwords correctly and effectively, you will be the king in Adwords marketing! Just try to be reasonable and plan every step you are going to take.

Happy Optimizing!!!

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