10 tips to execute facebook marketing strategies to boost sales and traffic

10 tips to execute facebook marketing strategies to boost sales and traffic

Facebook is growing every day and evolving with technology. Now we have thousands of opportunities to leverage facebook to promote new thoughts, business and ideas. Facebook is now the most used social marketing platform which provides ecommerce marketers various features to promote their products and brands and to get a huge amount of qualified traffic.

When executing facebook marketing strategies, many ecommerce marketers complain that their strategies don’t work. This happens when you only focus on big projects like paid promotions, large contents, or contests. But you can make the difference by optimizing and changing some strategies like using memes, creating and posting beautiful and short contents, enhancing your image quality or by live video streaming. These small strategies do not require your tech knowledge and you even do not need to spend extra money!

Here I discussed 10 best tips which you can use to get more traffic and to improve your conversion.

  1. Make the best use of your free Ad spaces

Brands on facebook try to cope with paid ads but they miss the golden chances of using the free-of-charge Ad spaces. Optimizing these free ad spaces enhances your whole marketing strategy.

Your profile and cover photo is such opportunity to showcase your brand and products. You may upload your brand logo as your profile photo but try to be more artistic when using cover photo. Think it as your art canvas where you can easily upload your free product ads.

Try to make it more attractive with cool design and concepts. Some tips for making the best use of your cover photo-

  1. Pick a cool concept which match with your brand’s value.
  2. Make it more humorous.
  3. Co-ordinate it with your current product ad campaign.
  4. Use cover photo CTA button
  5. Features your happy customers and fans

It is not always clever to use salesy or too promotional concepts in your cover photo. Instead try to make it more sale-inspirational and creative.

  1. Create product related videos

Video posts are king on facebook. Videos are most watched posts where over 8 billion videos are watched every day. It is huge number, right? So make more your videos related to your products and publish them to engage more. Do not stuck with only promotional videos, try to be creative and it doesn’t matter if you are not professional in this field. Just grab your device (smartphone, video camera) and shoot your products and products life style videos.

Some tips-

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Try to be relevant with your brand’s value.
  3. Create inspirational videos to inspire customers.
  4. Educational videos have great CTR.


  1. Keep your copy short

Brief messages works best for facebook engagement. Keep it short. On facebook posts that are less 250 words gets 60% more engagement. People always avoid long messages as they just scan your posts and scroll down. Facebook users are mostly distracted and they don’t have time to read longer posts. And that’s why most of the longer post get unread.

Though you don’t have to go short all the time, it is better to follow a specific format for specific types of contents. For example, you should follow short content format for your regular product updates, new arrivals and you can create longer copy for your weekly or monthly posts to engage more.

  1. Live video converts well

You already know what facebook live feature is. It is trending now. Everyone loves to go live on facebook, sharing their stories and moment. Leverage this new feature to advertise your products live. This live streaming concept is great to create brand awareness as people can actually see your products. So be creative and try to invent your own live video strategy for maximum results on this amazing platform.

Some tips for live video-

  1. Host live events where customer can visit your online store and can see your products.
  2. Organize events, webinars.
  3. Conducting Q&A sessions or interviews are also now trending.
  4. You can arrange live online classes and tutorials.
  5. You can launch your new products live through this feature.
  6. Organize joint events with your influencers to get double engagement. 
  1. Share customers posts

Sharing of your customers post is a great marketing strategy in social media marketing. Customer’s posts about your products are User Generated Contents which have a great impact on your facebook marketing. This UGC works as social proof which influence others to purchase your products.

Ask permission to your customers to Share their product review posts. You can also offers discounts and deals for product review posts.

  1. Engage

What else can be better than creating a connection with your audience by replying their comments? The most common mistake that facebook marketers do is they only focus on customer engagement by creating and posting contents rather their engagement with customers. Generally visitors comment on your posts to know something or to show their impression and expect your respond to their comments and message. When you simply tell “thanks” in reply for their liking or commenting, you show your care and gratitude towards them which eventually creates and helps to maintain relationship with your Audiences.

  1. Improve images

Visual posts boost engagement better than plain text post. An image can tell thousand words and posting images of your products and services confirm employing those thousand words instantly.

If you are not a professional photographer then try to hire one if possible. But many small businesses cannot afford extra costs of hiring professional photographer or image developer. You actually do not have to worry about that. There thousands of online image editor with which you can edit your images. Just try to maintain the basics of image editing.

Some tips-

  1. Always select a nice back ground.
  2. Do not overdo backgrounds with too much props.
  3. Try to focus on products.
  4. Shoot in bright lighting.


  1. Add a clear CTA button

You are losing potential customers because your facebook page CTA button is not working or you have added a wrong one. CTA button is the most important element of your facebook page as it tells visitors what to do next.

Make sure your page contains clear CTA button. Test if it works, if it is not working then try different CTA button. Add a clear and actionable CTA button like “shop now” or “learn more” on your every Ad.

  1. Paid promotion works

Paid promotions are different from organic posts. You can easily target a huge audience with these ad strategies.

Use facebook ad strategies along with your organic post to create more engagement and to drive sales. Try different types of ads and leverage them with. You can use multiple product images within a single ad format.

  1. Pin important posts

Pinned post is a status that you want to stay at the top of your page timeline. That means once you pin a post, it will continue to be in the same place, without slipping down the timeline.

If you have special post, important announcements, event, special offer or new and upcoming product information you can pin these type of post. Pinning on facebook is little different than twitter pinning. On facebook your pinned post have 7 days-period pinning position where after 7 days your pinned post will be in your time line as other normal post and you can repined the post if you wish. This is actually great, you don’t have to remember to unpin your post.

Bonus tips

  1. Include your store link in your “About”

Adding your website’s link in your facebook fan page About works as a CTA. If visitors find a clickable link which will let them directly to your web store, they would like to engage more. Many leading brands add their store’s link on About page.

  1. Create “Thank You” ads

The second bonus tip is not directly linked with your sales, but it will be more effective to engage more traffic to your site. While targeting existing customers to turn them into repeat customers is much easier than targeting and converting new customers, you should show your gratitude towards your existing customers. You can simply design a “thank you” ad showing some of your happy customers which will be your ultimate weapon to retain customers.

  1. Leverage the power of emoticons

Emojis are adorable! They are also conversion-friendly. Emojis are the most shared and used element on facebook. You can use various emoticons with your texts to create interesting and more engaging contents. Using Emojis can increases the possibility of getting more comments and sharing. According to an online study, posts that contain Emojis gets 33% more comments and also get shared 33% more. Even they get liked 57% more than posts without emoticons.

  1. Use hashtag Memes

Who doesn’t love memes on facebook? Memes are highly shared posts on facebook and you hardly find a single person who doesn’t even use memes of some kind, image based or provoking quotes or even hashtag. Though memes have a short life span, they are highly productive- creates immediate reactions such as liking, commenting and sharing. You can collect memes or can create your own memes. For example, if you sell donuts then you can create #LoveChocholateDonuts.


Strategies are nothing without execution and you can successfully execute your plans of marketing on facebook through optimization of your existing strategies. If any plan doesn’t work, twist it and then apply. Simple and small changing can make the big difference. So be creative and use every opportunity of facebook marketing to make your business profitable.

Happy Selling!!!!

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