8 best tips to generate more sales using facebook ads strategies

8 best tips to generate more sales using facebook ads strategies

Social media advertising is a great way to earn more sales revenue with a good amount of CTR. Facebook is no exception! Facebook business platform is a goldmine for any type and any sizes of business.


The answer is quite simple. Facebook has over 2 billion of active users with over 1.86 million daily active users all over the world. That means this platform provides an extensive targeting options to the ecommerce marketers to promote their brand and business beyond any specific geographical location.

There is more than this. Facebook provides an easy marketing solution through their advertising platform. The platform provides a huge user data base with various ad campaign techniques to attract new customers, generate sales, and to build a loyal following.

Facebook ads can result a higher ROI such as higher as 152%, which makes facebook marketing so lucrative in today’s digital marketing field.

Why facebook?

Still not convinced?

Then let me tell you the whole story-

Facebook has gained its tremendous success on social advertising by earning more than $6.8 billion social revenue in Q3 2016 alone! Followed by Twitter $545 million, and Snapchat $367 million. So you are not alone using this huge digital advertising platform, your competitors are also there.

In terms of ROI, more than 95% of social media marketers say Facebook offers best return, followed by Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook ads provide ecommerce marketers an extensive targeting option. This platform provides an easy customer reach of all over the world. You can easily find your target audience and can segment them according to location, age, sex, culture, or even according to interest, behavior, or life style.

With huge user data base, extensive target option and variety of ad objectives facebook could be your ultimate sales tool to sell your product all over the world!

Some benefits of facebook ads-

  1. Promoting brand

You can literally post any content on facebook like text post, images, videos, events, offers and links to your store. Facebook ads are best for promoting new brands as marketers can estimate the possible target before promoting sales.

  1. Huge engagement

Facebook provides an extensive targeting option. Though this is a social network platform and people use it to connect with others but it could be a great opportunity to engage them with your products ads.

  1. Easy reach

Facebook provides an easy reach to customers. Your ads are not only shown to your country users but people far away from you also see what you are selling. Again, as the platform is open to users you can reach to your target group according to your segmenting criteria.

Many ecommerce marketers often complain that they are not getting the expected results from their facebook ad campaign though they have been spending such amount of money. This actually happens when you set up ads and run them without compromising some facts such as customer’s interest, behavior and other attributional differences of your target. Either you have taken a large undefined target or your leads are unqualified.

To get the maximum result out of facebook ads you need to optimize your ads as well as your techniques. Here are some best tips that you need to imply to execute your facebook ads strategies if you want to drive more traffic and sales.

       4. Create your buyers persona

The biggest mistake that most of the e-marketers do is they target a large audience for their ads. In ecommerce though traffic is the most valuable element of making revenue, you need to target the specific traffic which are likely to convert to your potential customers. And that is why you need to create your buyer persona to increase you Click through rate or CTR.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional characterization of your ideal customer(s) based on general demographics and their attitude towards your products and service. A buyer persona is not a specific person rather it defines a group of people that you count as your target customers who may share same interest or behavior to your products.

A more precise definition of buyer persona can be-

“Buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modeled) representations of who buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions” 

A buyer persona is typically a list which contains demographic, motivations, goals and ambitions of your target audience. So you can now target more relevant audiences than before. For example, if you sell fishing equipment then your buyer personas would be the group of ex-military persons or simply the retired persons who are signed in any local or national or even international fisher associations. Thus you can again segment them according to geographical location, age, interest and culture.

      5.Improve your ad copy

Your ads are not getting the expected ROI. It is because you are failed to attract your expected customers through your ads copy.

Ads text is what simply converts your audience with a high CTR. Facebook allows you write maximum 90 words about your product and that’s your ultimate chance to convert random visitors into customers. This body copy shows what your products and how they can satisfy your customers.

Some tips to improve ad copy –

  1. Use social proof

Online customers often shilly-shally when buying something from e-retailers. What they need at that time is a little push and social proof by other customers push them directly to call the action. Use your old customer’s words as recommendation and embed them in to your ad text.

     2. Talk about benefits

Feature tells and benefits sells. Most customers prefer to know what your product can do for them rather how they do it. That is why telling benefits always work in converting audiences into traffic.

     3. Use clickbait words

Clickbait may have a bad reputation but when done right it actually works. Using clickbait technique in writing powerful ad text is actually beneficial. It creates a curiosity among customers and directs them to click on the ads. But you need to be careful when using this technique otherwise people will avoid your ads thinking some attention seeking clickbaits.

     4. Persuade customers with deals and discounts

Use urgency and scarcity related words to persuade customers. When you create a urgency using words like “limited offer”, “sales”, or “free shipping” you create a fear of missing out among your audience and influence them to take the action quickly.

     5.Pre-qualify your leads

Another big reason why your ads are not working well for you is you are using your leads without qualifying them. In digital advertising you need to understand your leads and to qualify them.

While you are paying for your ads you will not want any unwanted random visitors who just click and leave. Getting more clicks is sales friendly but it doesn’t contribute in conversion funnel unless it converts.

Prequalifying a leads is an act of testing whether a person who has expressed interest towards your products meet the buying condition. It is a great way to filter out random visitors who randomly click on your ads and never buy anything.

Prequalify your leads by adding basic sales information and filter those unwanted clicks.

Some tips-

  1. Adding and displaying price simply prevent random visitors to click on your ads.
  2. You can also mention specific target market to whom you want to sell your products. For example marketing software companies clearly state their target market (such as ecommerce marketers or manager) on their product copy to prevent random clicks.
  3. Another way to prevent unwanted clicks is to mention definite shipping destination or location.
  4. You can use facebook leads adverts to avoid these unwanted clicks.

    6. Show clear CTA button

Adding and showing a clear Call-To-Action button on your facebook ads converts. Many customers like to take an action without entering your webpage or facebook page. So they look for a clear next action button on your ads.

Adding a CTA button is not only obvious to get a good CTR but it also lessen marketers burden by taking the loads on its shoulder. Again facebook allows only 20% text within image so you do not want to waste that precious chance by adding small CTA button within thumbnails.

You can now add any CTA button ion facebook and it really works. Instead of using many CTA button try to use a definite actionable button such as “Buy now” or “Learn more” instead of using “Shop now!” “Learn more!” “Contact!”. You can also use any single among these action button.
        7. Offer more choices

Multiple-product ads are a great way to offer more options within a single ad. The more options you offer the traffic converts into repeat customers. This is a great way of advertising your products and thanks to Facebook.

The carousal format of facebook ads allows you to add multiple images into a single product ad or group of related products and links. Leveraging multi-product ads helps marketers to earn more revenue by increasing product relevancy and click-through-rate. This strategy also costs 30-50% less per conversion and 20-30% lower per click.

       8. Offer time limited deals

Customers appreciate deals and offers. Offering discounts, deals and sales drive people to act quickly. These persuasive tactics are great to boost engagement and drive more sales.

Offering limited time deals on your facebook ads drives more qualified traffic and converts more. Use urgency creating words like “Do not miss the deal”, “Click to get free coupon”, “sales will end… ” or “last chance” to create a sense of missing out.

Some tips to use offers and discounts-

  1. Create urgency through using time limited offers.
  2. Add a countdown timer on sales ads.
  3. Show limited stock to create scarcity.
  4. Offer free and discount coupon for clicking on ads.

    9. Improve images

The most vital element of your facebook ad is your products images. If your image is blurry or controversial that hurt your audiences’ belief or emotion, you will lose qualified traffic and potential customers.

Products images play the important role in converting a prospect into customers and customers into loyal and repeat customers. According to eBay research, product images have a great impact on buyer’s behavior and it is possible to predict CTR based on image features.

A good quality image has the ability to generate more CTR and increases ROI. When you add a stunning product image, it draws viewer’s attraction and influences them to click on the ads to know more. Again a good quality image also drives new traffic and customers as it showcases your products in a great way.

So try to use good quality photographs maintaining resolution rules and avoiding blurriness. If possible hire professional photographers or otherwise use image editing software to enhance the visibility of images.

Some tips to improve image quality-

  1. Try to focus the product.
  2. Maintain colors and sharpness.
  3. Try to capture product’s lifestyle related images.
  4. Do not edit much; keep the natural look as much as possible.

           10. Leverage video ads

Video ads are the most popular and powerful format of facebook advertising. These ads surely boost conversion by converting customers. As young audiences prefer videos and videos showcase your products in a best way you must leverage this powerful ad strategy to boost both engagement and sales.

You can create videos for only showcasing your products or to testify your products. Research the present trends and target your audience then shoot your products life style videos. Try to keep relevancy and make them interesting. Otherwise boring and lengthy videos can drive away your potential customers.


Facebook ads are important for ecommerce operations. But you need to optimize your techniques to make your ads successful in returning your investment and improving your conversion. Follow the above tips to make your facebook ad strategy more fruitful.


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