8 effective Facebook ad strategies to drive more sales to your online store

8 effective Facebook ad strategies to drive more sales to your online store

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days?

Yes, right. Facebook is the most used social media channel which has a great opportunity for ecommerce retailers to sale their products on this platform. Facebook authority provides various tools and techniques for advertising products to e-retailers and brands.

If you want to promote a new online store or brand or already have a store, then Facebook ads can be your trump card of making your sales double and driving more qualified traffic. As you know you are not alone in web retailing, you need to be more goals-oriented to be successful.

Facebook ad is a great tool to sale products online and you have to make best use of this platform to ensure cost effectiveness of this paid advertising.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, which has about 2 billion active users all over the world and over 1million active daily users with an increased rate of 23%. The number is rising!

There are about 2 millions of businesses on Facebook who are using Facebook ads for their retailing. The social platform also holds the second largest net digital ad revenue share worldwide. When done effective Facebook ads can results a good ROI with huge customer engagement. Over 93% all types of ecommerce merchants use Facebook ads daily.

Facebook ads provide ecommerce marketers an extensive targeting option. This platform provides an easy customer reach of all over the world. You can easily find your target audience and can segment them according to location, age, sex, culture, or even according to interest, behavior, or life style.

With huge user data base, extensive target option and variety of ad objectives Facebook could be your ultimate sales tool to sell your product all over the world!

Some benefits of Facebook ads-

  1. Promoting brand

You can literally post any content on Facebook like text post, images, videos, events, offers and links to your store. Facebook ads are best for promoting new brands as marketers can estimate the possible target before promoting sales.

  1. Huge engagement

Facebook provides an extensive targeting option. Though this is a social network platform and people use it to connect with others but it could be a great opportunity to engage them with your products ads.

  1. Easy reach

Facebook provides an easy reach to customers. Your ads are not only shown to your country users but people far away from you also see what you are selling. Again, as the platform is open to users you can reach to your target group according to your segmenting criteria.

Facebook ads strategies

Facebook ads are easy to run but for getting the best result you need to optimize your ad strategies. Here are 8 best Facebook ad strategies which you can follow to drive more traffic and increase your sales.

  1. Research your target audience

Facebook is an ideal platform for ecommerce marketers as for its incredible targeting options. These options are not only limited to huge user database to easy reach but also extends to a hyper-target audience for more related ad target.

Success of any marketing strategy depends on how marketers imply the options and his knowledge. If you do not know who your target audience are or whom to sell your products, then your whole ad campaign can go in vein. Knowing your target audience will help you to estimate the depth of your ads.

Another mistake is targeting large audience, believing that it will help to attract more customers. Facebook ads are paid ads that mean you are paying this large and irrelative audience. Try to narrow it by interest, behavior pattern, and location or by other attributes that match with your brands and business.

  1. Install conversion tracking pixel

Facebook provides various functions to track your conversion and Facebook conversion tracking pixel is one them. You may not know about this tool yet, but it is one of those necessary functions you must install and use to create a successful campaign.

Facebook pixel is a small snippet of JavaScript code that you can use into key pages to track down your customers’ actions. It is not everything that a facebook pixel can do- it is actually helpful for ecommerce sites for increasing conversion and as well as for showing different ads to relevant audiences. Installing and placing a conversion tracking pixel can be a good way to track down your ROI. Moreover, you can retarget your ads to site visitor and to remarket them to those who have showed interest in your products and services.

For example, placing a conversion tracking pixel into product page will help you to understand how your audiences and users are behaving towards your products- if they are taking any actions or not.

  1. Build a strong relationship by using custom audiences

Custom audiences are your existing audiences and customers who already in your list by showing interests to your products or buying your products. It is a great tool to target your existing customers with unique deals and offers.

For example, you can simply create a made up custom audience from your customer list and send them special deals, offers or discounts to reward their loyalty. This strategy not only brings you a sale, but also creates a strong bond between you and your customers.

Custom audience is also helpful to retarget the audiences who regularly visit your Facebook page, and are likely to purchase something from you. By leveraging this cool tool, you can easily target new audiences from your list who have not yet like your page or buy from you.

Moreover, you can build a strong customer base by using custom audience feature as it reveals your care and respect to your customers.

  1. Use dynamic product ads

Another great feature facebook provides is its dynamic products’ ads which is ultimate the most powerful tool to bring back your customers. Facebook dynamic ads are valuable for ecommerce sites to get the highest ROI as these actually automatically promote products to people who have even slight interest in your products and services. It is a great way to retarget peoples of audiences and to promote recommended products’ ads as long as you want.

Why dynamic product ads’ templates are so important? This feature will automatically pull images, product names and pricing and other information from your product catalog, so you don’t have to create ads for each of your products.

  1. Leverage multi-product ads strategy for better engagement

Facebook multiple product ads are a carousal ad format which showcase multiple products in a single ad. It is one of the most valuable feature on facebook for ecommerce sites to showcase their multiple products within a single ad.

As multiple product ad showcases multiple products in a single ad, viewers can scroll through the images and can select their desirable one to get enough information. This type of ad is great to get the highest ROI.

Many leading ecommerce brand often create multiple product ads on facebook to showcase their old and new products at a time. This helps marketers to remarket their existing products and to create a room for new one. Moreover, multiple product ad is cost effective and easy to create. So if you want to drive more instant traffic and potential customers, then you must reconsider creating such multiple products ads to showcase your products through images and videos.

  1. Optimize your retargeting campaign

Facebook retargeting campaign is a great way to retain your customers who abandoned their cart before completing their purchase process. In ecommerce, abandonment of cart is general but you may not want a high abandon rate. Consumers like to click on ads to get ideas and tend to leave your site abandoning their cart. You may not stop this but you can make them to be back to complete the process. And that’s why running general retargeting campaigns are beneficial for ecommerce brands to minimize the abandonment rate.

  1. Boost conversion with video ads

Video ads are ruling the platform. Yes, video adverts convert well as well as bring new leads and customers to the site. A simple plain image and text combined ad may create a buzz among the consumers, but a video surely converts. Why? Videos are more engaging and spread your brand message so perfectly. It is not all, videos are now the most watched content on platform as facebook algorithm prioritize video content.

When you create an ad that only show your products image and plain text information, visitors may not find your ad attractive and appealing to click on it- so they just pass away or ignore your ads. But a video always has a great attraction to the visitors as it not only showcases your products but also humanize your content so well- leave a little chance of getting avoided by the visitors.

  1. Do not sell all the time!

Telling your brand’s story through facebook ads is a great way to market your brand and products on social media. Facebook is one of the largest social media channel with a tons of users and features that provides you a lot of chances to promote your brand through facebook ads.

It is not wise always to sell through ads, better create a story telling environment for your brand and spread the message. Promoting is better than selling in ecommerce and consumers appreciate site owner’s concern for them. Creating ads to spread your brands story, objectives and values always helps to build a customer base. You can create both image or video ads showing your brand, your team, story behind the company and also your perspective.


Marketing success depends on how you execute your strategies. Ready, steady and go. Launch your facebook ads campaigns following these useful strategies and get the most out of facebook marketing.

Happy Selling!!!!!

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