Promote your brands with Facebook marketing strategies

Promote your brands with Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook marketing is all about creating and sharing content and selling products through viral marketing. This way is much different than traditional face-to-face marketing. While time is most fundamental factor in ecommerce, Facebook marketing allows ecommerce marketers to promote their products and store on this social media platform to create more sales within a short time.

Facebook is the largest social media platform and absolutely best for marketing your brand and store. Over 2 billion people all over the world use this social network to connect with their friends and family. With these huge target population ecommerce retailers can successfully promote their brands and earn more revenue.

Marketing on Facebook helps you to get the maximum traffic for your store and you can easily create strong brand awareness and the possibility crosses the geographical boundary.

Why is Facebook marketing so important for ecommerce?

Social media marketing is very important to promote new brand and products and e-marketers can execute their marketing strategies free on social media. Facebook is no exception. Creating and posting contents on Facebook business account is free though advance Facebook marketing ads requires spending money.

Facebook marketing is a great way to cut down extra expenses and to improve your ROI. Your customers are on Facebook. It is now much easy to target your audiences with Facebook as you can easily segment them by their interest, behavior or geographical attributes. Moreover, as the customers can easily get closed with their sellers on this platform, they like to buy products from the same sellers again and again.

Now you know why you need to promote Facebook marketing for your brands and products. Let’s take a look on some most used Facebook marketing strategies to promote your store on Facebook.

  1. Define your goals

What is your goal? Why are you doing this?

You need to define and set up your goals before starting Facebook marketing. Once you set your goals, it will be very easy to promote your business on Facebook. Before knowing how to do, it is better to start knowing why you are doing this. Setting up your goals is important as it allows you to control over your marketing strategies. When you set specific goal(s), you can spend both your money and concentration to meet the goal.

First, define your goals. Why do you want to promote your business on Facebook? Then list your answers and compare between them. For example, if driving traffic and getting more followers is your goal to do Facebook marketing than compare which one you need most and are the same. Prioritize the goals and make the final decision.

Here are most common yet effective goals that leading ecommerce brands use to define as their marketing goals-

  1. Strengthen brand awareness

Your first and foremost goal has to be creating brand awareness for your business while you are already selling your products in online world. Brand awareness is how your products are represented by you and get accepted by your customers. Creating your brands awareness on Facebook (the largest social network) helps you to get highest traffic on your online store as you let customers know how much attention your product are getting through content posting and sharing.

2.Generate leads

To continue boosting your sales your Facebook marketing goals should be generating new leads. Generating leads is important if you want to continue your sales-funnel for longer time. Your leads are your customers whom you want to keep up with you for your sales journey.

3.Drive more qualified traffic

Driving traffic to your store need not to be discussed I guess. It is one step further from having a brand presence on Facebook. Qualified traffics are your potential customers and all you need to convert them by sharing your contents and posts.

4.Boost sales

Another important marketing goal is boosting sales. You are on Facebook, giving your valuable times to your customers, sharing your contents and post or spending money to create product’s ads. All these efforts you are giving to boost your sales funnel. That’s should be your ultimate goal when planning promoting your business on Facebook.

5.Who is your target Audience?

Facebook provides you billions of its users. It is undoubtedly great chance to promote your business to these huge numbers. But will all these people buy your product or do all of them need your products? This should be the first question you ask yourself when choosing target audience for your marketing strategy.

Targeting billions of people can hurt your business while a few qualified targets can change your fate. Define your audience and find out your Facebook buyer persona. Facebook provides you tons of choices to look for perfect target audience. You can segment your target group according to their demographics such as location, age, sex, culture if it matches with your business. Beside of these attributes you can target your market according to interest and behavior.

Some tips to find your target audience-

  1. Observe what is trending on Facebook and gather user info from comments, likes and shares.
  2. Use Facebook fan insights

    Create your Facebook business account

The next step of Facebook marketing is to create a business account. You may wonder, why do you need a business account while having a personal account on Facebook? Personal profile account is different than business account as the later one provides various features to promote your business through posting and sharing contents.

         7.Determine types of contents you want to post

Facebook offers the most advanced and diverse content types such as photo post, live, video, link post and Facebook story.

You can create any type of content that focus your products and can even mix them to generate most powerful contents. Research the most viewed and appreciated content types and try to create them. Do not make your contents too promotional as online study shows that 57.5% of social media users said posting too many promotions was the most annoying action from brands.

Types of contents-

  1. Status post

Simple text status content can create a great difference. Facebook introduces new status formats like larger text for shorter message and the option of colored background for your text.

  1. Images post

Images are always conversion friendly and Facebook image posts drive 2.3 times more engagement. According to Kissmetrics, photo posts get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs. You can simply upload your product’s images or their life style images on your page and see the difference. Facebook users prefer clear and high resolution images, so try to add beautiful and clear images.

  • Video post

Videos are the most demanded and viewed post on Facebook and 43% of users even like to see more from marketers. Facebook video posts have a higher conversion rate in terms of Facebook marketing. Mostly young people like to watch Facebook videos and they like to share these videos with their friends and family. So make enchanting videos with clear objectives and try to make them short.

  1. Facebook live video post

In recent year Facebook live has got the most attention. People love this new feature where they can connect with their friends and followers live and can answer all comments that they get during live telecast. Ecommerce marketers can leverage this opportunity to educate their customers about their products and services. Many leading brands already have leveraged this feature and are getting tremendous results.

  1. Links

Links are also a type post where you can share your contents links with your audiences. The links could be your older posts or your other social media links like twitter post, Instagram link or even your blog post link.

  1. Facebook stories

Like Instagram stories Facebook has just announced their Facebook stories feature which are basically in-the-moment content clip.

  1. Run Facebook ads

Now it is time to get known with Facebook’s ads campaigns. Facebook offers various ads strategies to run a successful ad campaign for your business on Facebook to get more engagements and sales. There are various types of ads tools on Facebook advert manager with which you can run paid ad campaigns.

Some ad types are-

  1. Dynamic product ads
  2. Multi-product ads
  3. Facebook leads advert


  1. Define your tone

What is your voice? Every brand has their own voice to talk to your customers. Your voice is basically your brand’s voice- how your brands talk to its customers. Define your tone according to your target audience. If you are new in ecommerce with relatively small brand, then try to be politer and joyful. Use even polite messaging tone when contact with customers or answering their questions.

Many leading brands use more serious and quite professional tone to treat their customers as their audiences expect this seriousness from the leading brands like them. Try to be humorous by avoiding lame and controversial issues and words.

  1. Create your posting schedule

Success of being read and getting more like and share of your contents depend on when you are posting them. Social media timing for posting contents is very important. Say, you have posted a content and after 5 hours you get minimum likes and shares or even worse zero like or share. What could be worse than zero shares?

You need to define-

  1. Your posting time
  2. Your post’s schedule

The best time of posting content on Facebook is Thursday and Friday where posting on these specific days’ accounts 18% more engagement. So try post your audience-engaging contents on weekends at 9am, between 1pm to 3pm.

Plan to post on best time to get more engagement and share. Create a content calendar and put your content routine on it. It will help you to take control over posting contents and to determine which type of content you need to post next. It is better not to post same type of contents in same day- you can post a image after posting a text status and can post video after that.

  1. Run Facebook contests

Running contests improves conversion. People love to join any contests that offer gifts, deals and prizes. Contests also bring new traffic and customers. Run various types of contests like “click to win it”, “give-way contests”, clearance sale contests” and others.


Facebook opens a new opportunity for ecommerce marketers to promote their business and brands on this largest social network platform. Take your time, understand the trends and let the wind to show you the way!

Happy Selling!!!

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