10 effective ways to get customer reviews for your online store

10 effective ways to get customer reviews for your online store

What makes random visitors of your site to believe in your mouth’s words when they take the decision of purchasing products from your store? Yes, you are guessing right! It is another customer’s recommendation or reviews of your products.

When you are selling products online and as there is no option to get a first look physically of your products, customer reviews play the important role in that case. Reviews are regarded as the social proof of your products and brands to online consumers. Customers always search the section where others talk about that desired products. Whether it is a glowing 5 star or a somewhat between 3 to 4 star, customers get enough information from those ratings and reviews and get convinced whatever the reviewers’ write about your products.

So in that sense, customer reviews have a great influence in engagement, retention and as well as your average order value. It can boost your sales, build customer trust, create a loyal relationship between you and your customers. As reviews work as certificate and validation of your products’ authenticity and quality granted by your customers, these reviews build a strong brand sense for your products and help you to find out what people actually think about your products.

Why you should consider customer reviews?

Customer reviews in today’s ecommerce competition is one of the main factors of boosting sales and conversion. These reviews initially introduce your products to new customers, help to build a two-way interactional environment which eventually influence in customers’ decision making. While customers don’t have physical access of experiencing your products, real customer reviews help them to understand what exactly the products can do for them.

Real and non-biased customer reviews helps retailers to boost sales by convincing them even the most critical one. The another reason why ecommerce retailers should consider customer reviews is that people trust other peoples word than yours. It is because of increasing number of ecommerce retailers and fraud issue, not only for that reason, online customers like to compare products when they shop online. They look for what others say about that products of different vendors and then decide from whom to purchase. They read the good, the not-so-good and the average reviews to make the call.

The most important benefit of reviews is that they create smooth way for your future customers- leaving a good message about your products that can make them feel confident to make the right decision.

According to a study, customers like to spend 31% more money to purchase the products that have “excellent” reviews. Another study found that, 88% of shoppers trust online reviews in the same way they would trust personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Stats shows that customers who prefer reviews also like to write reviews and 70% of customers would leave a review if asked to.

A review is not just a customers’ experience about your product, it is more likely a “social proof” which eventually help your new customers to get motivated and convinced to purchase that specific product. Reviews also help you to increase your store’s online presence- help to get a better rank on search engine.

Here are some reasons why you should consider product reviews from your valuable customers-

  1. While 80% of shoppers trust brands who have online reviews, having reviews of your products can eventually be important to build your brand trust among the consumers.
  2. Product reviews generally introduce your products to the customers and these can create a hype by removing customers’ apprehensions.
  3. When customers read reviews of a product that they want to buy, then they feel more comfortable as reviews assure them that the product is safe to buy.

Now you know why you should consider product reviews. Here are 5 most effective strategies to get more reviews specially the positive one for growing your business –

  1. Just ask for a review

If you don’t ask, then how can you get the answer?

But sometimes asking something without offering any return may be hard but when it is about to ask to write reviews, trust me it’s a sure fire! So ask your customers to leave reviews of your products and services. Where 90% of shoppers think that reviews help other buyers to make their buying decisions, 70% of consumers want to help companies improve their products and services through leaving reviews of their products. So just making ask of leaving reviews for your products that your customers buy is a good thing for your business.

It is indeed a bold move- asking directly your customers to write how they feel about your products and services but somehow it is the best idea to start. Many ecommerce brands directly ask customers to leave reviews and some follow tricky ways to convince customers to write review for them.

For example, Amazon convince customers to leave a review by showing reviews with a “write customer review” button on their product page.

While Beard Brand bravely ask customers directly to write something good for their products by using big, bold “Write a review” button on product page.

When making ask to your customers to write reviews of your products, keep in mind that keeping a soft request tone always works, because customers don’t like you to be bossy to make them write or to do something. So “request” is better than to be bold and direct. For example, “would you like to say something about our products?” is better to make customers to act quickly without thinking too much of getting return.

  1. Email Follow-ups

Email follow-ups are great to get reviews and when you automate the process, the result will be in your favor. Sending manually emails to every customer after their purchase from you can be hard sometimes if you don’t have much manpower. It is time consuming too and sometimes you can miss some of your valuable customers. Which may be bad for your business.

When you set an automate email campaign which will be turn on after a week or few weeks later the purchase complete, your consumers might have something to tell you about the products as they receive enough time to experience the products.

Post purchase review request is also great for your boosting customer engagement as well as to retain old customers by upselling products. You can also send products’ promo codes of special deals as incentives in follow up emails.

  1. Take advantage of social networks

Your customers are not only in your websites or online stores; they are scattered in various social media platform and it is your golden chance to ask them for user generated contents. UGCs are also product reviews that are created by the consumers and shared on social networks. These UGCs are the most powerful product reviews that may help you to get a huge target audience with increased numbers of sales.

For example, if you receive a positive feedback of a product on facebook, consider cross-posting it on your other social media platform and even on your store and do the same when you get in-store product reviews. This will help you to get maximum reach with huge possibilities of new sales.

  1. Offer incentives

Offering something back for leaving reviews always works. As majority of your customers may not feel okay with writing reviews of your products, you need to convince them to do what you want them to do. Offering rewards and incentives is no doubt a great way to encourage your customers to leave reviews of your products.

It is indeed a great strategy not only to make your customers to leave reviews but also to turn your first time customers into repeat customers. Incentives such as special discounts and coupon codes can be enough to inspire a review.

For example, you can offer 5% discount on next sell or free shipping on next deal or even a sneak peak of upcoming items first if they write a review in return. You also can simply reward your customers on account their numbers of reviews in certain time such as the best review of the week or month.

Here is an example from Adagio Teas, where they reward customers 5 loyalty points for each of their reviews.

But keep in mind that, offering excessive discounts and rewards can ham your business ethics by increasing cost and decreasing your neat profit. Watch your tone when requesting customers to write reviews in return of rewards and incentives, because sometimes customers may find your request and offerings insulting or may think that you are bribing them for reviews.

  1. Leverage influencers to get positive reviews

One of the most impactful strategy to get reviews from customers is to appoint influencers on behalf of you to make the request. Influencers always have a great influence upon consumers and often they make their fan followers to purchase your products if you are connected with them.

Send sample products to your influencers and tell them to write review of your new and bestseller products. Another way to leverage influencers is to ask them to request their fan and followers to write reviews after purchase your products. You can arrange and create contests with your influencers and reward gifts, offers and lucrative discounts to percipients in exchange for feedbacks of your products and services.


There are hundreds of ways to get reviews from your customers but most of them may be not suitable for your brand and business. These above 5 strategies are regarded as frame work of getting customers to write reviews for you. You also can ask customers for photos that they have taken with your products, or can convince them naturally to write positive reviews by focusing on customer experience. Whatever you do, it should be your business friendly. Keep in mind that, a positive review is what you need to convince customers to purchase your products and a negative review is what you need to clarify your position.

Happy selling!!!!

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