10 Most Amazing Stock Photo Websites for Your Store

10 Most Amazing Stock Photo Websites for Your Store

Image is great to tell story to your customers and followers. You can even target maximum leads through inspiring and stunning product photos. And that’s why images are regarded as the life support for ecommerce brands.

As photos has been an integral part of ecommerce operation, stock photo sites now are most wanted and visited sites for getting high quality and breathe taking photos to use according to your purposes.

You may have thousands of your products’ photos which you use to showcase your products in your website or online store, but sometimes you may need some inspirational decorative photos to decorate your site or store. Now you may have the question “where to find such beautiful and inspirational decorative images?” This article has the answer with details from where you can easily collect shareable stock images for your ecommerce site.

Why stock images are important for ecommerce?

Stock images are royalty-free images that you can re-use by downloading or sharing them from stock photo websites. These images are not only important for your business, rather they have a great demand globally. A stock photo website contains thousands of such stock images and videos which are generally free but sometimes some stock image website may demand cost for downloading such stock contents.

Stock images are used as decorative images in ecommerce where ecommerce brands and websites or online stores use these stock images (off course relevant to their brand and business) to create a esthetical vibe that may attract customers and visitors. As these stock images are easily editable, brands use them to make logos, brand massage or even site cover images. The purpose of using such stock images is mainly to décor your website.

Stock image websites

There are various stock photo websites that offer high quality, stunning and beautiful stock images to use them on your website or online store. But which one is the best among all of them? That’s actually a tricky and hard question to be answered. As ecommerce brands are different according to their niche and value proposition, all of the existing stock image websites may not perfectly suit each niche product or brand. If you are an emerging brand, then you may need a site which provide budget-friendly stock contents rather than too-hefty premium stock images.

Here is the struggle you need to overcome with your knowledge and sense of humor. You should look for a site that offers free, relevant, and legal to use images and won’t drown you!

Here are 10 amazing stock image websites that are absolutely relevant and contain stunning, meaningful and amazing stock images. let’s have a look-

  1. Burst by Shopify

If you are looking for ecommerce inspired stock photos for your business and brand then Shopify Burst is the first choice of ecommerce entrepreneurs for its clean and modern design. The free stock image website has millions of stock photos with zero license, so you can use or download any images you like on the platform.

The website contains images that are offered under the Creative Commons Zero or CC0 license, which allows you to use the photos for any purpose. All the photos are categorized by genera and theme such as fashion, love, food, flowers and so more. The best feature of Burst is their “business” section where you can find hundreds of business related stock images.

Why to consider:

  • Contains beautiful stock images for various industries, best suited for ecommerce brands.
  • Free to use, editable and high-quality images.
  • Easy navigation and search options for images.
  1. Pexels

Pexels is another stock image website that has a large library with plenty of categories. The German based stock photo website is CC0 curated, contains medium collection of 30,000+ stock images. These free images are maintained high-quality with Curative Commons Zero license like Burst. The most amazing feature of Pexels is its search function which really make the site greatest among the great.

Why to Consider:

  • Large library with plenty categories.
  • High-quality and stunning photographs with CC0 license.
  • Free to use and images can be edited.
  1. Unsplash

Unsplash is another seriously cool website with stunning and amazing stock images. This website doesn’t have CC0 license but yet they offer a great collection of thousands of stunning and aesthetically pleasing stock photographs for ecommerce and other sectors. Unlike Pexels, Unsplash upload daily base photos- 10 royalty free photographs every 10 days.

These free images are exactly what you need for your ecommerce website. They are beautiful, high-quality, stunning and easily editable. Unsplash has a great collection of stock images which is 300,000 in number in total.

One thing that may a disadvantages of Unsplash is their limited search options. That means they don’t have a category and you may not find what you are looking for sometimes.

Why to consider:

  • Large library with over 300,00 stock images in total with daily upload.
  • Beautiful high-res stock images for various industries.
  • Royalty free for commercial use.
  1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the most premium stock image website with millions of royalty free stock photos in their super rich library. This website not only offers high-res, and stunning images, but also they have a wide collection of illustrations and graphics.

Shutterstock constantly are working to enrich their library with premium stock images and they add 10,000 new high-res royalty free images every day. So that offers you a huge choice options and will not let you leave without what you are looking exactly. Their search option is also prominent which allows you to search anything possibly, and literally anything!

Shutterstock offers both free and buyable images. you need to pay for premium and exclusive images, pattern and illustrations, which is actually a little expensive. But if you purchase bundles of stock images or graphics or illustrations, the cost will be reduced.

Why to consider:

  • Royalty free images with easy on-site editing options.
  • Large library with premium images
  • 10,00 daily new image upload makes your search easy.
  1. Gratisography

Gratisography is a free stock image website designed by designer and artist Ryan McGuire which offers a plenty of royalty free stock images for ecommerce. This is actually a private website where all images are taken and uploaded by Ryan himself.

You can easily download images, edit them to fit on your site. The best thing of Gratisography is its originality, you never find its contents on another platform or website. this stock image website has a large library with plenty category of images such as animal, nature, object, urban, people and so more. You can also search images on their search bar.

Why to consider:

  • Original high-res photographs.
  • Royalty free images easy to use them
  • Huge library with a plenty of categories.
  1. Foodies feed

Foodies feed is one of the largest stock image website that only offers food photographs. This website is the perfect place for you if you are looking for real, magnificent and natural food images. foodies feed is created by a Czech photographer Jakub and all food images are captured and uploaded by him.

This food stock image website is absolutely amazing and cool as it features all kind of food photographs around the world. The images are free to download but some exclusive images may require facebook sharing first before they are unlocked for download. This is actually a goldmine for food bloggers, designers, hoteliers, or even for ecommerce brands who need such beautiful food images for their website.

Why to consider:

  • One of the largest food stock image website with thousands of realistic, natural and high quality food images.
  • Food images from all around the world which are free to use.
  • Huge library with thousands of real food image collection.
  1. Flickr

Flickr is a stock image website created by the ecommerce market place Flickr where you can find such inspirational stock images for your ecommerce brand and business.

  1. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io is one of the best free stock image site that offer you a huge collection of eye-catching stock images. the website’s library is huge and includes extensive bank of photos which cover most aspect of design. So whether you need decorative photos for your blog, article, website design or for your ecommerce site or online store, you are at perfect place to collect your stock images. this website is best suited for ecommerce sellers who sell clothes, fashion accessories as this site features a lot of aspirational images of respective sector. This is just perfect to your target audience.

Why to consider:

  • Aesthetically pleasing images.
  • Medium large library with hundreds of images for different industries, best for fashion and clothe niche.
  1. Stockpic

Stockpic is another stock image website that offers beautiful and stunning stock images for free. This site has a medium large library but their collection is absolutely priceless.

  1. Life of pix

Life of Pix is a collection of free high resolution stock images donated to the public domain by the Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal. With no copyright restrictions, the beautiful photos are free for personal and commercial use. If you need social media images of the moving variety, their sister site Life of Vids offers royalty-free videos, clips, and loops for you to use to your heart’s content.


Stock images are an integral part of ecommerce business as they enhance your store’s or site’s aesthetic aspect and make it more attractive to customers. As these stock image sites are free for using and downloading stock images, you can look for any stock image website for relevant images, but they may not fulfil the requirement of being aesthetically pleasant. Many websites contain low quality and blurry images and using those images can hurt your site’s performance. So, make a list of industry leading stock image websites and then prioritize each of listed site by your requirement.

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