6 sure-work product page optimization tips to increase your ecommerce sales.

6 sure-work product page optimization tips to increase your ecommerce sales.

Your product pages are the vital part of your online business on which your total business success largely depends. Product pages showcase your products to attract the web traffic and influence those visitors either to buy or to leave. And definitely you don’t want to lose your valuable potential customers without selling to them.

Your entire business success largely depends on how you provide user experience and how much the level you are providing. Your products pages must be well-organized, beautifully outlined and designed, relevant, and have to provide enough causes to convince a random visitor to turn into your loyal customers. Many brands don’t pay attention in making their product pages so great thinking that they are giving the best UX and products to their customers which is the ultimate mistake those brands do. On other hand leading brands and companies invest a large portion of both their budget and time in ensuring a super level of UX through their product pages.

Optimizing of your product pages is an another way of conversion rate optimization (CRO) or SEO best practice. Little changes in your product pages can make a huge difference and can help you to increase your conversion so quickly.

What makes a great product page?

An ecommerce product page is made to showcase products and their information to visitors so that they can take decision according to what they perceive. The main task of a product page is to convince visitors to add the viewed product to cart and to purchase it. And to do so, a product page must have some qualities of being “great” in terms of UX.

In general, your product page is all about your products. They showcase your products, show information to visitors and above all convince customers to buy your products. While the ultimate goal of your product page is to serve highest level of UX, you should design your product pages as intuitive and as informative as possible.

How do you know that your product page is enough to convince a visitor to purchase your product? Simply, by assessing the basic element of your product page. And what are they? There are four basic elements of any ecommerce product page that you should optimize to get the highest conversion rate. And these four elements are-

  1. Product
  2. Brand
  3. Product copy
  4. User experience

The first one “product” is the main element of any product page as ecommerce retailing is all about showing and selling products to customers. As it is named “product page”, product is the main actor here and all concern must be about presenting this “product” in a manner that it can answer every questions that come to your customers’ mind.

Your brand is as much important as your product. You may have an effective ad campaign to build awareness around your brand but on your product page branding of your product is must. Or otherwise customers will leave your page behind finding your products unbranded. So branding of your product pages is must nowadays to turn every possible prospects into loyal customers.

Another important element is your copywriting and I don’t think I need to tell you how much important it is! Your product copy is everything that matters to visitors as it shows information to them. Web visitors largely rely on products’ description and take their action of either buy it or not to buy according to information they get from your copy.

And finally the most important element of your product page which actually depends on the above three elements is user experience or the performance of your product pages to satisfy your customers. Visitors’ and customers’ confidence of buying your products depends on how you present your products or what and how much information you are providing to them. Another thing is very important when the question of UX comes, is your product page’s design.

And when you blend these four things with much care and intelligence, your product pages become the magnetic field of turning web visitors into your loyal customers.

Now you know what you need to optimize for your product page to increase your conversion. Here are some most effective product page optimization strategies which will help you to increase your conversion eventually.

  1. Clear CTA influence customers to act fast

The main purpose of your product page is to make your customers to click on “add to cart” or “shop now” button. Whatever design or shape you use make sure your CTA is so clear to notice and convincing enough to hit it.

But be careful when selecting your CTA. Don’t use any CTA that can confuse customers or let them think what to do now. Simple text CTA like “shop now”, or “buy it” or even “add to cart” is better options to choose.

  1. Great product photography is everything you need!

Products’ images are what customers look when purchasing products from online retailers. Products’ images make your products “come to life”. As in ecommerce customers can’t see or touch your products physically, your images are the only way to give them enough causes to take the call.

How can an image make the big difference? A clear and stunning product image attracts visitors and let them to know every single details of that specific product. It also helps you to build a trust around your product and brand and the more trust you will build with your customers; the higher conversion rates you can get.

Leading ecommerce marketers suggest to use large images as it can boost conversion up to 63%. But using small images also work better if they are visually enhanced and beautifully taken. There are no definite numbers of images you can use on your product page but try to be relevant when using products’ images. High quality and improved products’ photography is not only great for your product pages but also great for your SEO and audience targeting.

  1. Write excellent product copy that entice visitors

Product copy is the most important thing on a product page. But most of the ecommerce retailers underestimate the power of excellent copy which ultimately cause them losing potential customers and business productivity.

Product copy is everything to describe your products’ feature and benefits to your customers. Guess if there is no description along with products image how will you make your customers to buy that unknown products that they don’t what to do with it. Product copy is your products technical or manufacturing details but sometime your own touch works better.

For example, CB2 a modern furniture brand writes their products’ description avoiding listing out the features. They simply and beautifully write the vivid description in a paragraph and then list out the same details for easy catch up.

Try to tell story behind your brand and products through copywriting as it creates more humanize environment for your products. It also creates an emotional attachment with your customers and let you to draw their attention easily. Don’t always follow the outline, think out of box and show your creativity in writing such great copy. It is better to avoid copying technical terms stated by manufacturer, rather create your copy using manufacturer’s term in your own way. Try different format and choose the best one and use it.

  1. Use videos to engage more

Video describes your product better than your plain text description and images. Products’ videos are one of great ways to describe your products’ feature, benefits and why customers should buy your products in details. Videos also serves as proof while images only showcase your products from some angles.

Leading ecommerce brands use videos on their product page to show their products IRL to customers. They often use customer made videos as social proof. This actually works as a persuasive technique where customers get convinced watching your products’ videos. Videos are engaging too. They often draw visitors’ attention and turn them into loyal customers. According to Hubspot, 90% of online shoppers report that, they like to take decision after seeing product’s videos.

For example, bellroy a leading online wallet brand greets their customers with a product’s demo video on their product page.

  1. Social proof and ratings always works

What makes people to rethink about buying products from online stores? Yeah, you are guessing right. It is review and ratings by other customers.

Social proof is one of the most powerful factor that can both attract and drive away potential customers to and from store. Online shoppers always look for products that have maximum positive review and moderate ratings. Studies shows that, products with reviews have a 12.5% higher conversion rate than products without and the conversion rate for the same product after adding reviews become 35.27% than before adding reviews.

Again customers feel confidence to buy products from online sites when they find other customers’ reviews and ratings. Customers sometimes don’t pay attention to product description if they find such great reviews. A study found that customer reviews were trusted 12x more than manufacturer description. According to study done by iPerceptions, customers are 63% more likely to buy from a site that displays customer reviews.

User generated contents (UGC) are the most impactful types of reviews that you can use in optimizing your product page to increase your sales naturally. These simply put emphasis on your products from the customers’ angles of view. Again using user generated photos as reviews from customers’ social media posts also helps to increase conversion rate. This will help visitors and customers to understand your products in real life action.

Don’t hide bad or negative reviews if there is any because they too increase your conversion as much as 67%! Surprising, right! Bad reviews create trust among customers as they find the site more trustworthy. But remember few bad reviews is okay but too many bad reviews are not good for your brand.

  1. Offer live chat to answer customers’ questions

Live chat is the best way to increase your site’s UX and thus to increase your conversions. Live chat offers customers to contact sellers live via chat apps available in sites. It not only improves your conversion but also provides better customer service by answering customers’ questions just right they ask.

What can be worse than letting customers to leave your sites because you aren’t there to answers their questions. This is one of the most impactful conversion killers. Customers may have questions, thoughts or even complains about your products or services and when they don’t find you or any easy option to contact you right the time they need you, they might leave your site not finding you helpful or available.

You may provide contact numbers or email addresses but offering live chat is the best idea to increase both of your site’s UX and conversion rate. Leading ecommerce brands and companies provide 24 hours’ live chat options and are getting higher conversion as well.

Try to be regular and responsive when customers knock you to know something. Do not be so rude or lose temper if customers ask something annoying. Remember you have one chance to make that annoying customer to your repeat customer through your live chat service.


Online shopping is now more popular and customers of these days but anything from online sites. But you are not only there to sell your product to these customers alone. Lots of ecommerce retailers are out there with exclusive products and services to attract customers and they are doing very well indeed. So what should you do to win the game? Simply optimizing your current product page can help you to earn your goals. Make your customers to click “add to cart” button with well and excellent page design, better customer service and excellent product copy with stunning product mages. These are not everything. Try different options for your product pages such as make your product pages mobile friendly if they are not yet optimized or speed up your pages’ loading speed. These optimizations will not only drive more visitors to your site but also convert those visitors into your repeat customers.

Happy Selling.

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