7 most effective A/B tests that you must do to improve your ecommerce store’s performance

7 most effective A/B tests that you must do to improve your ecommerce store’s performance

With time everything changes. Customer’s choice, taste, and off course perceptions and values about your products. To get back in the right place you need to test what is actually working and what is not. Testing your ecommerce business’s performance is fundamental to understand your business’s current position and to improve your conversions.

Anything associated with your ecommerce site and store may can stop working or stop providing the best output. Don’t get upset. It is pretty okay actually when you are on ecommerce platform to sell your products. A/B or split test is the most used technique to test ecommerce sites or store’s performance. Conducting A/B test you can bring small changes to see what actually works best, such as, changing current type and shape of your CTA button to find if it converts more than previous one- is actually split testing.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is the way of utilizing different elements by changing them comparing two different versions of a web page to see which version works better. It is the most used technique for testing ecommerce website’s performance.

Here, A and B stands for two different (comparatively) versions of same website where A is your “Control” or actual landing page and B is the semi changed version or the “Variation” page. Both versions are shown to similar visitors at the same time without noticing them to find out which converts well. Let’s say, both versions A and B are shown to 50 visitors at the same time and they both get 50% visitors, where A gets 5% conversion rate, and B gets 10% conversion rate. So definitely, adopting version B is more beneficial to get a high percentage of conversion.

You can test your homepage elements (headlines, hero image, navigation or CTA), product page or checkout for getting better result. With A/B testing you can easily track down what your customers thinking about your site and how you can improve their experience to increase your sales and conversion.

Why it is so important for ecommerce sites?

As an ecommerce website is everything you have got to attract visitors to showcase and to sell your products, sometimes you may need to change the appearance of your online store to attract more. You may follow a design that works pretty good for you but sometimes people prefer a little more extra to be convinced to make any decision. You may consider bringing some changes but you don’t know if it will work or not. It’s a 50-50 chance of success- such changes can bring a good improved conversion or also can cause lost leads and conversion.

A/B testing helps ecommerce owners to-

  1. increase sales
  2. boost engagement
  3. convert more customers

A/B testing helps you to find out the possible performance of your ecommerce store by providing actual solid data. You can understand whether your changes is working or not from your testing. A/B testing helps you to determine potential damage and to fix it.

Now you know why you need to consider split testing for your ecommerce store. Here are seven most important elements of your ecommerce site you must test to get better engagement and to increase your conversion.

  1. CTA

“Call-To-Action” or CTA button is the most important element of your ecommerce website on which your conversion rate largely depends most of the time. This button with various shapes and forms and text do the most important job- directing your customers to the next level of sales funnel. CTA is one of the best ways of converting visitors to customers. A simple “Submit Now”, or “Add to cart” or even “Get Started now” button can make the big difference in improving your conversion. With these CTA you are not only telling your customers to do something, rather you are directing them to a process. So your CTA copy must be so enticing or otherwise it would be just a button that doesn’t impact.

Test various shapes, colors, placement and text of your CTA to get the best result. Simply changing the color of your CTA could hit a huge conversion as hubpost blog has increased 21% clicks by changing their CTA color green to red. You also can test button text, changing or adding words could lead more engagement and conversion- adding “It’s free” after “Download now” can boost conversion rates by as much as 320 percent. Yeah! It is a huge improvement.

Do not use words that create pressure on customers – using “Buy Now” directly increases sales but it somehow pressurizes customer, rather “Add to cart” is better option for increasing your order values. Again, placing CTA in the middle of the landing page rather than the corners of the page increases conversions as visitors can easily find it.

Smart tips

  1. Always keep your button text simple
  2. Make it more personal
  3. Place the button near the eye
  4. Make it more inspirational


  1. Page navigation

Navigation bar or menu is the fundamental element of an ecommerce website which helps visitors to find their desired products easily and quickly. A good navigation provides a better shopping experience and leads to more sales and profits. But sometimes you need to optimize your menu function to get the best result.

Your landing pages may not get the same engagements all the time. To determine whether your navigation is working or not you need to test it with A/B testing. It helps ecommerce site owners to determine which design of their menu bar converts more. So first find out which pages are working best and which not. Than redesign or switch your menu bar order, color, text and shape and test which version is working better than your control version. Simply changing the order can lead a 50% increase, while changing color, text and shape can bring additional 40-50 percent increase in both sales and engagement.

Many leading ecommerce websites have changed their menu bar position, color, options and text copy and have found a satisfactory result. Formstack increased 50% views by changing the option “Why Use Us” to “How it Works” for that specific page. Moreover, removing and redoing options with adding new options also works better- brings an increase on sales by15.68 percent.

Finally, you can remove menu bar from the page. Why do you need to add a menu bar when you don’t want to direct people anywhere else from the landing page? That’s, right. Removing menu bar from sign-up page contributes a lot in converting people to customers. Test and test to find the best working variation, and adopt the changes.

  1. Product display and Search

Click through rates often depend on how your products appear to your customers. Consumers generally respond according to your homepage products’ image or your search option system.

You may find difficult to decide which products to show on homepage or how to arrange your new and upcoming products on product category. The easiest way to find the answer is running A/B test of your product search and menu option.

Categorizing of your products and showing them perfectly is one of the hardest thing you may face when running an online store. As visitors only respond according to what you are offering to them, you have a huge chance to make maximum revenue by showing your products on your homepage and categorizing them according to products’ mix. Make sure your site has right product mix and if possible add a new product to the mix.

Another thing you may need to A/B test is your product search and navigation system. Easy search option will help you to get maximum click throughs as it let your customers to find whatever they want from your site easily. You can also test product recommendation whether it increases your revenue or not.

  1. Product’s image

A/B test your website’s images whether they work better or not. A slight change can make a huge difference- can bring highest revenue. Test your homepage images and products images to determine which work better.

Homepage images or your products’ images are the main criteria to bring new leads to your ecommerce website. Test which type of images draw more visitors to your site- products’ images, models’ images, illustrations or photographs, products’ lifestyle related images etc.

  1. Product’s copy details

An excellent product copy converts well. Your products’ copy is everything that you tell to your customers. It doesn’t only provide the description of your products, but also introduces your products to your customers.

A product copy with enough information is able to convince a customer to take the ultimate call. When customers find whatever they want or need to know from your product copy, they would like to buy that product as your product copy provides them much confidence about that specific product.

When writing product copy test which one works best. Write different types of product copy such as focusing on benefits, or using bullet point or even using products images and videos to test which copy converts well. Do not just copy paste manufacturer’s descriptions if you sell manufacturer’s product, instead formulate your own creative products’ copy and use it to describe your products to customers. Always try to give a personal touch and to make the copy more humorous and trustworthy.

  1. Pricing and shipping strategy

Pricing in ecommerce is one of the hardest things for ecommerce retailers to set for their business. Many retailers don’t know whether they set lower or higher price for their products and how pricing will affect their whole business system. And that’s why marketers suggest to do A/B testing of product or shipping pricing.

Test various pricing strategies to find out the best suited one. There are various ways to set pricing and to show them on your homepage. Remember, pricing too low or too high cannot be a way to get maximum revenue, rather this strategy can harm your business. It is better to add fraction after price such as .99 or .50 after your prime value. Another way to modify product pricing is changing color and shape of pricing box. You can add discount or offer and showing them on your homepage ultimately increases your conversion.

Again in terms of shipping pricing, marketers suggest not to add extra shipping fee which is the key to earn customers’ loyalty. Adding free shipping bar on every pages of your website can help you to turn prospects into customers.

  1. Payment option

Allowing wide range of payment options is beneficial for ecommerce businesses. If you limit customers with few payment option, you may lose huge number of customers who may leave you not finding their preferred payment methods. So testing of your payment option is must.

Adding different available payment methods also help you to build a trust among your customers as nowadays customers don’t prefer to deal via their credit card for card theft scandals. So adding available and universally granted payment options like PayPal or Amazon payment can help you to get maximum traffic and to increase conversion.


There are many others element that you can test to find the best way to leverage them. But these seven elements are prominent for your business and primarily you need to split test these seven effective element to get better result. Do not hesitate or get worried if outcome is not what you expected. just switch back to your previous settings or try a new test. Always remember, trying is best for ecommerce rather do nothing. Once you done A/B testing these elements you can test your social logins, recommendations, site’s headlines, sub- menu list and others.

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