9 ways to turn your holiday customers in to lifelong customers

9 ways to turn your holiday customers in to lifelong customers

Holiday season is the best time for every ecommerce retailer to earn a lot of revenue. Holiday shoppers don’t have time to investigate your products or to compare with others, so you have the ultimate chance to make maximum sales during this season. And why not make these holiday shoppers your repeat customers when you are selling the best item in the market?

That’s right. Holidays are not only best time to make revenue, it’s the greatest way to get some fistful qualified customers whom to you can sell in future again and again. During holidays shoppers average spending increases but after the season they return on their average spending. Most of ecommerce retailers face critical time during post-holidays as customers reduce their shopping spending, but there is still an opportunity to keep conversion high as holiday season and to increase your ROI at a maximum level.

How? Simply by converting your holiday shoppers into your lifelong loyal customers. Sounds crazy, right! Holiday shoppers are more likely one time shoppers and selling products to them during off-holiday time is really hard. But if you know how to reach your holiday shoppers and to convince them to buy your product, the game is in your hand! All you need to give them reasons to stick around all year round. Adopt trendy marketing tactics and follow our guidelines of nine most effective strategies to turn your holiday shoppers into your repeat customers.

There are lots of way to drive traffic into your online store but you have to be trickier when planning to turn holiday shoppers into your repeat customers. Here are 9 effective ways that you can follow to convert your seasonal customers into your lifetime loyal customers.

  1. Impress your customers with attitude

The first thing that influence customers whether to return or not to your store is their first-time-shopping experience. And that’s why first impression does matter!

Customers act quickly finding your online sites more interactive and well-organized. That’s why always try to create your landing pages relevant and eye-catching. Make your site faster loading and super informative. The key of getting higher traffic is to give your visitors and customers a “WOW” experience.

You can follow the following optimization tips to get better result-

  • Optimize your landing pages and highlight your new products top at the page, so that it can be viewed easily.
  • Make sure customers can complete the purchase without any hassle.
  • Optimize your sign up process by using social login instead of email login.
  • Send auto emails to your customers after their purchase complete to say thanks and to give updates about your prodyuts.
  1. Target wisely

If you don’t know whom to target, then how will you target your right customers? Know who are easy to turn into customers.

You can use predictive analytical tools to identify the holiday customers with the highest likelihood to become loyal customers. That not only helps you to focus on marketing but also allows you to communicate with most flexible customers.

  1. Re-engage holiday shoppers ASAP

If you can successfully re-engage first-time shoppers within this timeframe, you’ll have a better chance of driving repeat purchases from them.

One of the best way to turn your holiday shoppers into lifetime shopper is to re-engage them after their first purchase. According to a study, 69% of an ecommerce customer’s first year spend occurs within the first 30 days.

How will you re-engage your holiday shoppers? Set a follow up email marketing camp through which send upselling and cross-selling emails to your holiday shoppers. Offer them lucrative deals, discounts and incentives like “10% discount on your second purchase” or “get free shipping on next purchase”.

If you have new line of products, then send promo emails to your recent customers. It is also a better option of re-engaging holiday shoppers in your post-holiday sales.

  1. Exceed customers’ expectation with excellent customer service

A good UX is the parameter of great loyalty. How can you ensure such great user experience? Simple. Great satisfaction lies in little effort. Simply delivering of products before the date could be a good start.

For example, offering free shipping as an exclusive discount or deal always works better. You can also offer free returns or special discounts. These seamlessly improves customers’ perception about your brand and business.

Providing a good customer service is beneficial when you want your holiday shoppers to purchase all year round from your store. When customers approach to you to purchase something, they first notice how cordial you are during the process. They may have a good first impression but they could have trouble during checkout or return. Here’s your chance to prove your expertise to turn them into life long and loyal customer.

Online customers are seriously complex in terms that; they may like your brand for once but they can turn their back instantly finding anything that give them a bad experience. So make sure that you are there to wow them at every opportunity.

  1. Offer incentives

After a holiday shopper makes a purchase from your store, bring him/ her back with a special deal. Offering something is always a great way to turn one-time shoppers into year-round buyers. People loves being rewarded and online customers are no different.

Selling to a customer opens a new chance to sell to him/ her again and again. But in that case you need to incentivize that customer to convince him/ her to make next purchase. Offer discounts on promo or follow up emails. This actually generates more activity from the same person. Offering special discounts will not only make them feel special by your brand, the reduced cost will make your product more appealing.

  1. Retarget through promotional emails

Retargeting is one of the most powerful strategy to turn any first time shopper into life-long loyal customer. And email campaign is perfect idea for retargeting your existing customers.

When you set a promo email campaigns to introduce your new line of products, send those promo emails first to your existing customers with a cordial thank for past purchasing. This is a sure work method of retargeting customers as consumers appreciate brands’ concern about them.

Here are some ideas of promo mails that you can use to retargeting your customers-

  • New product announcement
  • New sale
  • Flash/discount sale
  • Product follow ups

Thus you can empower your promo mails to retarget your customers to turn them into your lifetime buyers.

  1. Invite your customer to join your loyalty program

A loyalty program is an excellent way to make customers feel happy and to make them to purchase from you again and again. It is a great way to improve engagement and retention.

Leverage your social media accounts and other ways to inform new customers about the benefits of staying engaged with you. Tell them why they should stay connect with you. For example, for each purchase customers will get loyalty point with which they can get discounts or free shipping opportunity.

Loyalty program is one of the best way to convert seasonal customers into loyal customers. This program offers them something precious and valuable that may not your genera customers receive. If you already have a loyalty program, then highlight it in your holiday sales and by every possible way.

  1. Feature your customers on social media

Your customers are your hero. Encourage your customers to make contents featuring your products and then ask their permission to share their post on your social accounts. This is one of the great ways to leverage UGCs for retention and engagement.

Featuring customers on social media and online sites help you to get a good impression as people likes to be featured. When you share your customers’ photos, post or other forms of contents that feature your products, the chances of products exposure also increase. Not only you can engage new shoppers by featuring them, you can also spread your brand awareness among potential customers.

  1. Give your customers reason to trust you

What if you don’t have any cause to make your customers trust you? Trust is the ultimate factor that has a great impact on customer life time value.

Online consumers very much likely to only purchase products from retailers that create a trusted relationship with them. Since, ecommerce is all about perceive through internet, as a seller you have to build a strong trusted place for you. So that, your customers can get relief that they have you whenever they need. 


These are most effective ways to turn your holiday shoppers into lifelong customers. As you already have known that, selling online is all about making customers satisfied with your services. And here each strategy focuses only on customers’ experience. You should prioritize your customers before profit. The long you have loyal customers, the long you can make profit. Train your team and prioritize customers need. It will be easier then to turn your holiday shoppers into your loyal lifelong customers.

Happy Selling!!!!

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