Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing tips for ecommerce stores to increase revenue

Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing tips for ecommerce stores to increase revenue

Holidays are always great to make sales and the last holiday season of the year is a golden opportunity for ecommerce stores to earn more revenue. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the largest shopping event and ecommerce just grabbed the attention of most of the holiday’s customers nowadays. Customers all year round wait for these holiday shopping events and don’t want to miss the chance to get their desirable holiday deals.

This holiday season is now a great opportunity for ecommerce retailers to sell their products and to earn more revenue than from other times of the entire year. Customers are now prefer to buy their holiday deals from ecommerce sites rather than physical shops as these ecommerce stores provide lucrative deals and discounts and easy delivery. More than 60% of shoppers now like to shop from ecommerce sites and stores, and the number rises in holiday season. According to U.S News, in 2015, Americans spent nearly $2.4 billion shopping online during Black Friday alone!

Every ecommerce retailers want to leverage the power of holidays and if it is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, no one wants to miss the chance of making huge sales. But success is not easy to get, and if you want to run a successful Black Friday or Cyber Monday you need to do a lot with your marketing strategies. Most of the e-retailers create strategies that mainly focus on driving traffic during holiday season without realizing that they already have a customer base and what now they need is to sell multiple products to these existing customers. So they end up minimum sales losing the great opportunity of making huge revenue and hope for best result in next year.

What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The concept “Black Friday” deal in shopping is not new. It started in 1960s countrywide in USA when shop owners (brick and mortar shop) arranged various deals and discounts on the next day of Thanks giving (especially on Friday). The sellers that time accounted their loss in “red ink” and profit in “Black ink” which later became a tradition as “Black Friday” in retail world. Black Friday is considered the day after Thanksgiving but recently online stores start the event from the Thanksgiving Thursday.

The Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping event in the year which is held on the first Monday after the Thanksgiving. It is now the most expected and largest shopping event which possibly very soon will replace the Black Friday. According to a report, in this year 2017, online shoppers will spend more than $6.6 billion, which will be 16.5 % more than last year for Cyber Monday deals while, Black Friday will only receive $5 billion in online sales. Cyber Monday becomes popular as it gives customers some time to think what to buy and not to rush while Black Friday starts just the next day of Thanksgiving.

Though these two shopping events started and still a tradition in US, but ecommerce has broken the boundary, spread the tradition by creating a shopping fever all around the world.

Here are 8 tips how to improve your sales offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies-

  1. Send Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales emails

Email is always regarded as the best way to promote any deals and discounts. It is also a great marketing strategy which generates huge sales during holidays. While social media cause traffic influx, email marketing helps to target only potential customers. And you don’t want cold traffic that randomly visit your site or abandon carts without completing the deal. So begin your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping event with sending sales emails to your customers.

Create sales emails with special deals and discounts and send them to your customers. You also can arrange email subscription which will help you to get the best result. Before sending emails, create your email list and always consider sending emails to your existing customers.

Smart tips-

  1. Make your email subject line catchy enough to catch readers attention
  2. It is better to personalize your emails.
  3. Include “Add this to your calendar” linking to your website.
  4. Maintain your timing of sending your sales emails.
  5. Prioritize your customers offering them different discounts (it is not wise to treat your customers all the same). Offer your most valuable customers the best deal.

    2. Offer special holiday discounts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is all about discounts and deals. You may offer discounts on your products in other times of the year but never ever forget to offer a special discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It is not what people want it’s a kind of demand.

Offering exclusive discounts during holidays helps to boost your sales and customers engagement. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the busiest shopping days of the year, you need to give people a reason why should they make deals with you. There are thousands of sellers out there who are offering lucrative and exclusive discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and if you want to keep pace with this huge completion you must have to call the action.

So, do your market research and find out what your competitors are offerings. Never discount too much, rather twist your discounts with referral program or special contest. You can offer discounts on prices, discount on discounts or even discounts on shipping fee.

  1. Leverage social media to spread your sales message

It is time be more social! Social media during holidays become the most crowded place and you can leverage this crowd to boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Nowadays, people follow social media conversations and events to know shopping updates and discounts and look for holiday shopping discounts. According to study, there were about 3.8 million social posts mentioning Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2015. That a huge number, right!

Empower your social media marketing strategies to boost your sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Create social media hype and target your potential customers. Social media is a great place, absolutely a Diamond mine to get huge engagement on a millisecond. So don’t be the last person, your competitors already have started the hunt. Start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday social media marketing earlier and keep it even after shopping events.

Smart tips

  1. Create black Friday and Cyber Monday sales campaigns and ads.
  2. Create personalized contents on social media.
  3. Focus on selling not promoting.
  4. Add videos, carousal ads, GIFs, or vines to boost engagement.
  5. Convince your audiences to share your contents to get special discounts.
  6. Get connected more and more and be super responsive.


  1. Create beautiful landing page and banners

To make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies a surefire, you need to optimize your site structure. A well structured and holiday decorated landing page is just you need to add on your marketing strategy.

When customers visit your store, they need a little push to get motivated to purchase products from you. That push could be excellent deals and discounts, offers or your cordial behavior. But a nice, warm and a meaningful landing page can make the big difference. Creating a new landing page which highlights your Black Friday and Cyber Monday time limited deals and discounts is fundamental if you want to boost up your holiday sales.

Many leading ecommerce brands and stores create different Black Friday and Cyber Monday landing page or design some banners and start to use those from the middle of the year. This helps them promoting their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales discounts. Using such optimization also helps to retain customers as they can easily find the available information of your store’s deals and discounts.

Smart tips

  1. Clear a nice holiday spiritual landing page with actual information.
  2. Include banners such as “free shipping for black Friday” or “Cyber Monday deals will start on…”
  3. Include a sign-up function to let customers to get updates.
  4. Don’t make it so salesy; rather make it more alive with relevancy.


  1. Create urgency with countdown timer

Online customers act fast when there is a clock ticking, telling them how much time it has to announce the end of the deals. And guess what! People actually love count-down!

Online customers prefer to compare your products with others and don’t take the call until they get the most satisfactory deals. That’s why most of the e-retailers have few actual customers with influx traffic. According to e-tailing, 94% of online consumers take time to find out the lowest priced products, 36% of which additionally spend 30+ minutes to compare prices and 51% of which visit 4+ online shops before finalizing a purchase.

Adding a countdown timer simply changes the scenario. Countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and persuades customers to act quickly. For example, adding timers on deals such as “you have 18 hours to get 25% discounts on this item” or “next day free shipping for Black Friday purchase” promotes excitements, leading to increased traffic and boost your sales.

Smart tips

  1. Include countdown timer in every products.
  2. Add a timer in promotional emails.
  3. Design a banner countdown timer so that your customers can see it every time they visit your sites.
  4. Add a countdown timer on your social media page to create hype about the event.


  1. Upsell and cross-sell with discounts

Upselling and cross-selling is great to increase sales and conversion. Both of these are great ways of marketing and e-retailers often earn more revenue upselling and cross-selling products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales days.

If you sell luxury products you can upsell them with holiday discounts. It is a great way to recover abandoned carts especially on big shopping days like black Friday and cyber Monday. Similar to upsell, you can offer combo sales (2 or 3 or more products at a combo discounted price) to cross sell your products. Cross-selling is very effective during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales; you can sell more products to a single customer.

Smart tips

  1. Upsell and cross-sell through your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales email marketing.
  2. Create scarcity showing limited offers and discounts.
  3. Cross-sell less-popular products with most wanted products.


  1. Promote early

Many ecommerce brands and stores promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and deals just before the events take place (3 or 4 weeks before the big days). Don’t do this mistake ever. Promote early to get the maximum engagement.

Time is money and you have less time! The earlier you promote your offers, the more prepared your shoppers will be. Online shoppers start their Christmas shopping research just after the Halloween and recently black Friday and cyber Monday have become the largest shopping events before Christmas. Online shoppers search for deals and discounts and compare them before finalize their decision. If you promote your offers 2 to 3 weeks before the big events, you will probably end up with few sales. So, target to start your promotions at least 5 to 6 weeks before Thanksgiving to ensure maximum engagement.

Smart tips

  1. Announce your upcoming Black Friday and cyber Monday promotions in the middle of the year.
  2. Start promoting your special offers 5 to 6 weeks before Thanksgiving.
  3. Create promotional contents and post them on your social media channels.
  4. Create content calendar and follow it strictly.


  1. Make your site responsive and mobile friendly.

Test your sites response using devices and make sure everything is okay. If your landing page takes too much time to load, fix it. Customers don’t have time and patience to wait for your site to be loaded; they will leave your site immediately being bored and disturbed. Optimize your site’s structure and contents for better loading speed.

Now is the time for mobile shopping and largest number of shoppers prefer mobile shopping as it is much easier and takes less time than sitting in front of a desktop. A study shows that people now spend 51% of their internet usage time on mobile device than spent on desktop. According to Adobe, in US mobile shopping during Black Friday and cyber Monday accounted $1.2 billion in 2015. That’s really terrifying for you if you have still not made your site mobile friendly.


Black Friday and cyber Monday has become the largest and busiest events for ecommerce businesses. It is a great opportunity to make some extra holiday season sales with huge revenue and off course to retain your old customers. Be prepared, set your goals and sit tightly. The big days are almost here!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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