Common content marketing mistakes that you should immediately stop doing

Common content marketing mistakes that you should immediately stop doing

Content marketing is the most effective way to get leads and it is undoubtedly beneficial for ecommerce sites. But often ecommerce marketers and site owners do common mistakes over and over without noticing them. These mistakes not only lower the possibilities of getting leads but also affect your marketing effectiveness.

Content marketing is nowadays one of the most referred and done marketing strategies to get maximum reach and drive sales.

Common mistakes

  1. Not having specific marketing goals

When you are doing content marketing you have to define your goals- why you are doing this. Having specific goals always help to determine the direction of your marketing strategy. It helps you to achieve your objectives.

Most of the marketers don’t have specific goals when doing content marketing and at the end just spend a lot of money for nothing good. Goals and objectives helps you to take control over your marketing strategies. Without specific goals you will only spend money and time in creating and sharing some meaningless contents that may not bring any changes.

For example, if your marketing goals is only to bring leads than your contents should be more engaging that only focus into attracting more audiences, but if you want to convert the audiences then you should create some contents that can direct your audiences down to the sales funnel.

  1. Not focusing on problem-solving contents

You may create a lot of contents hoping to get maximum leads and drive sales but your contents are not converting as you expected. This is because either you have created some general contents or your contents don’t do anything for your audiences. The last one is one of the most common mistakes in content marketing most of the e-retailers and marketers do.

Readers and audiences search for contents that have the solutions of their problems or can answer their questions. Consumers most often react or take action after reading such problem solving and influential contents on internet. If your audience don’t find answers that they are searching for, they could possibly search elsewhere for that information- and in the end you may lose potential customers.

Problem solving contents always convert well. These contents provide a clear path to your audiences and also have demand. For example, “the best ways to remove acne spot” is more useful than “how acne forms”. The first article provides a clear path of removing acne spot while the second one is somewhat telling the scientific fact of acne formation. And if you sell beauty products or about to bring new acne removal lotion, telling people how to remove acne scar from there face will absolutely bring you some potential leads.

  1. Not understanding customers’ interest/demand

Not understanding your audiences’ demand or choices is another biggest mistake that can affect your whole content marketing strategy. You may go through a lot of eBooks, great articles, journals for getting ideas. It is better to research keywords, data and information before creating any piece of content but at the same time you have to understand what your audiences expect you to create.

Content marketing is all about attracting more traffic and leads as well as to drive sales by creating and sharing contents. If you don’t know what your customers like or dislike, then how would you satisfy them with your contents?

Research briefly what today’s consumers like and what makes them to think again about most products. Follow your audiences’ social media activities, their liked pages, persons and even their status about most popular products and their interest.

  1. Not branding your content

Another big mistake you may do when conducting content marketing is not branding your content. Most of the content marketers get busy on inserting keywords and backlinks in their content, forgetting paying attention to branding what they are creating. This is the most common mistake and the vital reason of why your content isn’t getting what you expect.

Focus on what you are doing- writing blog or creating fun post of your products or even a follow up marketing content, you must brand your content. So that when audiences or customers see your contents they can understand that this is your creation and how much effort you are giving to satisfy them.

  1. Not creating evergreen contents

An evergreen content stays on internet forever. These contents have an all-time reader appeal as they contain information and necessary infographics. These content provide same information today and ling into the future. For example, an evergreen content may be an article on “what types of body shape you have” or “how to make simple black tea”. These content have value for today and will have same value after 10 or 15 years from now as they offer same types and scale of value.

In ecommerce an evergreen content is that content which successfully continuously bring traffic to your site or store no matter what month it is. Evergreen contents allow you to market to your customers and possibly increases revenues without having to spend any time or money.

  1. Not having CTA

Not having a proper direction where to lead your readers and customers is another big and common mistake that many content creators and marketers do. A CTA button is what generally leads customers to make the “purchase” decision. When your content doesn’t give any clue to customers what to do next, then you just lose your potential customers and spending a lot of money for nothing.

Your content must lead customers to a next step, that could be to directly checkout page, or to sign up page, or to tell them to share, comment or just leave you! It has to be something! Adding an effective CTA with your content is beneficial in that sense your customers may want to do whatever you want them to do right after finishing your content. If you don’t add any CTA or add CTA in a place of your content that would-be be missed easily, your customers might change their minds.

It is better to add a CTA like “sign up”, or “read more”, “buy now” etc. in your contents.

  1. Being irrelevant

You are not getting expecting results from your content marketing because you are being irrelevant when making and sharing your contents with your audiences. Being viral is not everything. You may have one great content that people love but these same people may not find anything to love in your next contents.

Being relevant when making content is important. Relevancy connects your audiences with your contents. If your audiences find your contents relevant to that they are interested or what they believe in, they would like to share your contents and would follow you for next contents.

Creating and sharing something that doesn’t match with your brand value may hurt your whole ecommerce operation. People don’t like controversial, boring, similar, plain contents and contents that don’t match with their interest. So be relevant and create something that successfully spread your brand value.

  1. Not sharing your contents on social media

Many content marketers say that they don’t like to share their contents on social media. This is absolutely the biggest mistake most people are doing nowadays.

Social media is largest platform where you can find audiences from all around the world. Any content that is shared on social media gets much more engagement rate and ROI than those only share through websites, or blogs. Today you can’t deny the power of social media where media celebrities too sometimes get minimum engagement than social celebrities.

Share the links of your contents on different social media platform and convince your audiences to share your contents from their accounts. This will ensure maximum coverage with huge engagement.

  1. Not using multiple forms of contents

What is the different between your plain text contents and the page of a boring history book? Make your contents more pleasant and cool using multiple forms of contents. Yeah, that’s so bookish way to explain!

Simply add photos, infographs, illustrations or videos!

Look at this example where how google rank contents with single image-

here majority of leading and high ranked contents contain at least one image. Then think where will be your contents if they contain enough images and videos?

Top at the list! Why? People loves photos and videos than plain boring piles of words. Image says thousand words and videos convert 100 times more! That the simple equation. And same with infographics. They are so engaging, retaining and absolutely converting. 

  1. Not repurposing of your contents.

You are just creating and sharing tons of contents spending your valuable times and money for nothing if you are not repurposing your contents. Repurposing contents means you reuse your pre-posted and shared contents again and again. Don’t just continuously create contents. Sometimes it’s better to re-use old contents that have already a huge engagement and sharing.

Repurpose your old contents in new contents as reference, quote and better as infographs.


Don’t worry if you do or already have done one of these above mistakes during your content marketing. Find out what you have done wrong and then try to find alternatives to cover the loss. Trust me, everyone does mistakes. What you need to keep in mind that, doing mistake is okay but doing it continuously is a “BIG” mistake.

Happy Selling!!!!

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