Content marketing tips and trick: how to drive more sales and leads through your content marketing strategies

Content marketing tips and trick: how to drive more sales and leads through your content marketing strategies

Content marketing is one of the great ways to boost online sales and engagement through posting and sharing contextual contents on social media and on other platforms. It is quite different from traditional marketing strategy for its unique fit to any types and sizes of businesses and also for its super flexibility.

Ecommerce is now a super competitive sector where millions of e-retailers are doing whatever they need to do to get their expected revenue targeting same web audiences. In terms of social network evolution, the competition get even harder and ecommerce marketers are now using unique techniques to drive more leads and to boost sales. Nowadays retailers need to shout loud more to create a buzz for their products. It helps them to attract new customers and to retain the old one.

Content marketing, in general is creating and sharing of contents to drive more leads to any online store. It is a great way for any ecommerce brands and business to get the maximum targeted audience along with organic search traffic. Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing, where you provide information that your consumers are looking for.

E-retailers prefer content marketing as it brings qualified traffic and increases conversions. Content marketing is also easy to do- it can be written, simple images or video contents relevant to your brand and products.

Why is Content marketing?

Content marketing is important for ecommerce brands to promote their brands and products on social media platform. It is being more important day by day as more competitors are now taking part in ecommerce with the increasing numbers of online consumers. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote ecommerce brands and products to a large significant web audience. It provides enough information about brands and lets consumers to interact with brands via contents. Brands can express their ideas, values, information via writing contents or via visual contents.

What does the number say? Content marketing helps brands to generate 3 times as many leads than advertisements and it also cost 62% less than traditional marketing. Content marketing eventually increases your conversion rate to almost 6 times more with a increasing of 2.9% average conversion rate of sites. Consumers feel more confident in taking any decisions after reading brands’ contents. Stats show that 60% of consumers enjoy reading related content from their brands, and 82% of consumers have more positive opinion about brands after reading custom contents.

While ecommerce is all about competition of getting qualified traffic and to convert them into customers, content marketing helps ecommerce brands and business to drive more sales and leads. Around 90% of e-brands use content marketing as their marketing strategy to boost both customer engagement and sales. On average, e-marketers spend 20 percent of their budget on content marketing.

Content marketing helps e-retailers to –

  • build brand awareness
  • drive more qualified traffic
  • increase conversions
  • build loyalty
  • optimize buying process
  • boost relationship with customers

While more brands are leveraging content marketing to generate leads and drive sales, it is becoming more challenging for marketers to get maximum result out of content marketing. You need to be more strategic when making your own contents and sharing them to get maximum engagement and boost sales.

Content marketing Tips

You already have known why you should consider using content marketing strategies. Here are some “must follow” tips to make your content marketing more effective.

  1. Start with a story-telling

Be more engaging by telling stories. Stories convert well and it helps you to build a strong audience. Story-telling is one of the few most powerful ways to engage more traffic to your site. It is such powerful technique that helps brands to create an emotional place among readers and audiences.

While numbers show hard facts, stories humanize brands’ message and resonate it emotionally. Numbers may surprisingly perform well but a story always is too powerful to attract more customers because stories let audiences to feel what brands try to tell.

Storytelling as a content strategy is an effective way to lead users further down to the funnel. It also helpful in retaining customers as it make them interested towards your products and whenever they need to purchase products that you sell, they will definitely remember you. So you are not only selling products at present time, you are rather making an easy path for your products by telling stories.

Leading ecommerce brands always leverage storytelling as their content marketing strategy to boost engagement and drive sales. For example, Beardbrand, an online company selling beard grooming products use to tell story in their About section which eventually create an impact on readers mind as the company tries to tell how they start at first and where they are now.

Another example of storytelling could be Airbnb’s Facebook post of their “not yet trending destination” campaign where they promote a holiday place to stay in by telling a story how the place has been in hosting by one of their clients family for five generation.

It is not that you must have to tell your brand story all the time or how you started; you can share educational, training or simply promotional content through storytelling.

  1. Create a proof-full content strategy

There are hundreds of ways to do content marketing but for getting the best result you have to build an effective content strategy. You can do anything to make your strategy working, but all them may not work as you expected. That’s why you need to consider following a proof-full content strategy.

You should plan your content strategy in a way that you can meet all of your goals and objectives for what you want to do content marketing. Here are some facts that you need to consider for making your content marketing strategies more effective and result-driven-

  • Direction

First you have to define the direction of your whole content marketing operation-where to start and how to start. Content direction will help you to understand the factors that you need to determine when starting to create and share contents.

  • Goals

The next important thing is to determine your goals- why you want to conduct content marketing. Defining and setting up of marketing goals is important as it helps you to take control over your marketing strategies. Without specific goals you will only spend money and time in creating and sharing some meaningless contents that may not bring any changes. So define your goals- either you want to bring some qualified leads or to build brand awareness or even both.

  • Contents types and forms

Determine the types and forms of contents that you want to create and share. Content forms refer the format of contents such as text format and visual format.

Text contents are good, engaging but they are not always better for boosting conversions, on other hand visual contents (image or video) have a great impact on audiences and they are very helpful to get expected ROI.

You can create various types of contents and share them to get the best result from your content marketing strategy. There are various types of contents that have more or less equal impact on readers- some may boost engagement and some can influence conversions. Each of these types has a different meaning and show your data and information differently. For example, Facebook meme has become one of the most powerful content types which has a great impact on audiences and brands are now using this type of content to bring leads and boost engagement. There are also other types of impactful contents such as infographics, videos, newsletter, blogs and case study which also boost ecommerce sales and engagement.

  • Time frame and content schedule

Maintain a definite time frame for posting and sharing your contents on various social media platforms. Know the best time when to post as e-marketers has found that posting contents at some specific times and days get better engagement. Create your content calendar and always maintain consistency of posting your contents. It helps you to get a positive feedback from your audiences.

  1. Promote benefits not features

Most of the content marketers promote product’s feature through content marketing which is actually have less impact on readers and audiences. As “feature tells and benefit sells” you must promote products’ benefit to create impact on your audiences. People don’t have patience to know what makes your products rather they show interests when contents provide them what your products can do for them.

A feature simply is a fact of your product which cannot give any resonance why your consumers need to purchase it, on other hand benefit is the explanation of what that feature does for your consumers. Your audiences don’t want to know what your products can do rather they demand to know what your product can do for them. So try to avoid exaggerating about product’s feature when creating contents.

  1. Showcase your products through your contents

Content marketing is a great way to showcase your product with relevant information to audiences. Showing your products and services in context helps your audiences to get the clear idea about what exactly your messages are trying to say.

Let’s say you bring a new line of women jeans to sell and want to promote, (if you write blog) then include the link of your new women jeans product page as a recommendation. It would be a good promotion without being too promotional.

When you share contents on your social media channels, try to add products images, videos with relevant text contents or create separate visual contents showcasing products. Short video has a great appeal on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. As these short videos (2-3 minutes) have the highest ROI, also can effectively boost engagement and drive more sales.

  1. Include a clear CTA

Many ecommerce marketers often include a Call-To-Action button in their contents. They do it because to influence people to take the next action and to lead them down to the path of conversion directly. It is absolutely a great tactic of content marketing.

When readers read your blog content that is written about health nourishment supplement for babies, for example, they can be inspired by your words to get a chance to look what the products look like. At that time your small CTA button can make the big difference-lead your readers to a place where they can see or even purchase featured products.

This goes same for your other types of contents, videos, Facebook posts, Instagram stories or even for twitter posts. Include a clear CTA with every contents if possible and remember to make your CTAs relevant to your contents.

  1. Create different content strategies for different social network platform

To make your content marketing more effective and successful, create a content strategy for each social network. Though social networking channels share pretty similar settings to create and share contents but each of these channels has unique characteristics and functions. Moreover, the behavior pattern of users also different from platform to platform.

Following of the same strategy for each social media platform can reduce your marketing performance, leaving a general impact on your audiences. For example, Facebook allows both text, video and image+ text contents while Pinterest only allows photographs. So it will not be wise to follow the same strategy for both Facebook and Pinterest to share your contents, rather create separate strategy plan for similar content to post on these platforms.

  1. Share User-Generated Contents to boost engagement

Content marketing is not easy like it sounds. It takes a lot of time to create such eye-catching and inspirational contents to attract audiences. But you can get the best out of it minimizing your effort. How? Simply by sharing User-Generated-Contents. User generated contents convert well. They play the role of social proof created and shared by your customers and followers on their social media accounts.

As testimonials are essential for ecommerce brands to boost engagement and sales, user generated contents help brand to take break from creating contents. These contents are mainly created by the customers to inform other customers and audiences about your products. Share these UGCs on your social media accounts.


Content marketing is essential for every ecommerce brand and business to boost engagement and to drive more sales. Effective content marketing helps brands to get more leads ant to increase conversions. Content marketing is a long game- requires hard work and patience. Don’t be worried or impatience if your first content doesn’t get the expected result. Try to find out what to improve and be creative when creating contents.

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