How to create an influencer marketing strategy to promote your ecommerce brand on social media?

How to create an influencer marketing strategy to promote your ecommerce brand on social media?

influencer marketing concept in business

Influencer marketing has become famous overtime with the evolution of social media marketing. Ecommerce businesses are now partnering with influencers to promote their brand for maximum reach. Influencer marketing campaigns help businesses to increase sales and leads.

What else is powerful than word-of-mouth recommendation? Influencer marketing is the foundation of word-of-mouth marketing where some influential personalities speak on behalf of your products. They promote your product to their huge fan and followers, collaborating with you in content creation and share their thoughts about your brand and products to their audiences. As a brand you may have thousands of audiences and customers, but it is quite impossible to reach the maximum audiences out there. But partnering with social media influencers can help you to get the highest reach with maximum leads.

Influencer marketing is beneficial for ecommerce business, no doubt. But success on getting maximum leads and boosting engagement depends on how effectively you have conducted your marketing strategies.

Who are influencers?

Influencers are generally personalities that have influential attachments with people on social media channels such as facebook, Instagram or twitter. These personalities are either media celebrities or people who have a huge fan/followers on their social media account. For example, Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential personality on Instagram and many brands partner with her to promote their lifestyle and fashion products.

There are millions of influencers on social media channels and a large number among them are industry experts and though leaders, who create and share such engaging and inspirational contents. You can also find some accounts that have less number of audiences but have a strong influence on them- these types of influencers are called micro influencers and nowadays they have a large demand to ecommerce owners.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

As in ecommerce word-of-mouth plays the vital role in generating more sales and in customer retention as well, brands now try to leverage this powerful marketing strategy through working with social media personalities. Working with influencers helps ecommerce business and brands to increase sales. Social influencers have a great influence on consumers over social media and off course great opportunity for brands to promote their products to a large significant audience. These social media personalities have a huge audience base that admire and follow influencers’ activities, words and lifestyle. So for any ecommerce brand who aims to increase sales and leads, it’s a great opportunity to get the maximum engagement for his/her products.

However, influencer marketing is not just benefited for earning more revenues, it also helpful to grow your business on social media network. Here are some benefits of influencer marketing-

  1. Increases brand value
  2. Creates brand awareness
  3. boosts engagement and leads
  4. Provides social proof
  5. Builds trust

Marketing Strategies

Now you know who are influencers and why they are so important for your brand and business. The next hard part is to create an effective influencer marketing strategy on which your overall success depends. Here are six strategies to follow when conducting influencer marketing on social media.

  1. Set your goals

Every business has its own goals which help it to achieve desirable outcomes. These goals help business owners to focus on specific directions or provide motivation. Similarly, every marketing strategy has specific goals which help businesses to meet their set up goals and objectives.

To build a successful influencer marketing strategy for your ecommerce business or brand, you need to define specific marketing goals to ensure it fits your business value. When you are on social media channels to promote your business, you need to employ a fruitful influencer marketing campaign to either drive more qualified traffic or to boost your sales.

Define why you want to partner with influencers on social media and set specific goals for your influencer marketing program. You can hire influencers to simply launch your products, or to drive more traffic, or even to increase your reach. But that’s not all! Leveraging influencers provide a wide range of opportunities for your brand and business. Most of the leading ecommerce brands partners with influencers on social media not only for promoting their brands only but they create brand awareness and expend their customers reach with their influencers.

Recent trend of influencer marketing goals are-

  1. Content creation
  2. Content promotion
  3. Product launch
  4. Event management
  5. Corporate communication
  6. SEO

So before getting started, set your goals and find out the field you want to focus on and create a goal- specific marketing strategy for your influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Identify your influencers

The next step is identifying influencers for your business. You can find hundreds of influencers and their endorsements on different social media channels. Some of them are real life celebrities, some are super influencers such as bloggers, or some are aspirational users who have huge friends and followers.

Whom to target? Actually the answer lies on your need. Whom you need most to promote your product or to grow up your business? First you need to define influencer’s characteristics for your business- if the influencer fits or not. Second, how much he/she could contribute to your business? And third, how you can make deal with him- whether he demands money or anything else.

Most of ecommerce businesses target the most powerful influencers thinking that they can provide them (business owners) huge target audience, but they don’t consider above three factors before partnering with them. This can unstable their whole marketing strategies and also cost them huge money.

To identify the best influencer that fits your business you need to consider following aspects-

  • Relevance

Influencers are different for every brand because they tend to be more contextual fit. This is the most important criteria every ecommerce business must follow to identify the influencer for marketing their products. If there is no relevance between your brand and influencer whom you choose, the consequences may not be favorable for you. For example, Kim kardashian is known as the most “influential” Instagram user, but leveraging her power to sell your software may be a bad approach as most of her followers may not find your product relevant to their fashion sense.

  • Reach

Look for the influencers who have huge reach and off course that too fit your business. The more reach your influencer has, the more potential opportunity you have to make good sales. As your influencer is a perfect fit to your business, you can easily leverage his/her reach to get the best result. For example, if you sell fashion wear then Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post about your product can boost your sales after all.

  • Actionability

This criterion refers your influencer’s capability of action over social networks. How much people follow him/her on social network? How much influence he/she can create with his/her contents?

Influencers do not force people to follow them rather they create a sensation among the audiences with their powerful writing ability, concept and even their presence. The power of an influencer depends on which level he belong, – either upper power level or mid-level. Recent market research found that, mid-level power influencers have a great demand as they can nurture their relationships with audiences and influence loyalty of audiences.

  1. Partner with them

Now you have found your ideal influencers with whom you would like to work. Check the list and start to reach each of them. It is better to reach them directly- proposing your deals and telling why you want to keep in touch of them.

First collect information about your influencers and find out about their personality, moral values, connection with audiences and what they are spreading through their social sharing. This helps you to align your brand with your influencer’s by understanding the mutual benefits.

Now it is time to reach out them. Many ecommerce marketers suggest reaching listed influencers through third party companies and agents which saves times. But reaching directly to your influencers is more beneficial, where 79% of social influencers prefer businesses to reach them directly. It also helps you to create a communication bridge with your influencers and get closer to them. Reaching directly to influencers is time consuming task but influencers are most responsive as the brand tries to connect them by itself.

Once your value proposition matches with your influencer, ask him/her to join with you and to introduce your brand to his/her audiences.

  1. Content Collaboration and content sharing

The next step is collaborating with influencers to create excellent contents to boost engagement. Actually, content creation is the key to a successful influencer marketing.

Leverage the power of your influencers to promote your business and products. Ask them to create contents for your products and share them with their audiences. There are lots of ways to work with influencers. You can ask them to mention your brand on social network, promote discount codes through them or can allow guest overtake for better result.

For a successful influencer marketing, create a content schedule discussing with your influencer and decide what types of contents can impact more on your marketing. team up with your influencer and create effective message that fits your brand’s objectives and your marketing goals.

  • Social media mention

The easiest way of leveraging influencers to promote your brand or business on social media channels is by having them to mention you and your business. Send your best selling or new products to your influencers and tell them to showcase your product or product related information by posting on their social channels. You can offer gifts, freebies, or even small cash incentive to influencers based on your agreement to boost your relationship.

  • Display influencer created contents

Encourage your influencers to create contents about your brand and products (review, promotional posts) and share their contents on your social channels. This is two-way collaboration- your influencers promote your brand with their audience and you share their posts with your audiences. It is a win-win technique where both you and influencers get benefited.

  • Promo codes sharing

Sharing promo codes through influencers is one of the most used method of promoting your products and business. This is a great way to collaborate with your influencers as they help you to promote your product by sharing the codes to a large and significant audience. The influencers showcase your products and influence their audiences to take actions by sharing discount codes that you provide.

  • Let them tell a story

Give them a reason of talking about you and your business. Telling story through influencers is one of the greatest ways of promoting your market ideas through influencer marketing. Let them having experience with your products so that they can express their impression with their massive fan-followers. This way you can easily spread your brand messages to large, massive, and moreover influenced audiences.

  1. Reward their efforts

As your influencers doing a great job for you, you need to reward them for their effort. Compensation inspires influencer’s actionability and motivation. You don’t need to reward them financially, if agreed, you can reward them by sharing their posts, send them gifts, discounts and exclusive deals to let them feel special.

For example, airline companies give promotional air tickets to their influencers (travel agencies, travel blogger) to reward their effort.

Some known methods of rewarding influencers are-

  1. Financial payments
  2. Shout outs
  3. Product discounts, exclusive deals and gifts
  4. Commission


  1. Measure your results

Measuring the result of any marketing campaign is essential to find out the effectiveness of particular marketing strategies. This step helps you to understand whether your strategies are working well or not, or what you need to optimize for better result.

When you are working with influencers, you need to measure your outcomes to understand how much effort you have given and how much you need to give to improve the situation. Measuring results also helps you to find out whether your campaign has helped you to meet your business goals. For example, if your marketing goal was to expend reach then measure how much involvement you have got with your influencers.


Today social media and ecommerce can’t be thought separately, each of these two are interlinked. And there are millions of influential personalities on social media directly or indirectly involved with ecommerce brands helping them to grow their business. Find out your niche suitable influencers and start working with them. Create your own strategies and nail the game!

Happy Selling!!!

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