How to execute influencer marketing strategies on Facebook

How to execute influencer marketing strategies on Facebook

Influencer marketing is a great way to promote products and sales on social media. Social media influencers help ecommerce businesses to get maximum engagement and to increase their sales providing a huge reach for their brands and products. But the first question that pop up on mind that which platform is best for influencer marketing.

Every social media platform has different features that allow ecommerce owners to promote and sell their products to a huge number of social media users. Recently, Facebook has become the most used and reached platform for ecommerce business owners as it provides an easy way to promote businesses and brands. This platform provides unique features and easy target options for businesses and brands are now more collaborating with various influencers on this continuously being popular social media network.

Why Influencers are important for business on Facebook?

Two common questions are associated with Facebook influencer marketing – who are the influencers on Facebook? and How can influencers help you to promote your brand and business on Facebook?

Basically the persons who have huge audiences in their friend and follower list are known as influencers on Facebook. As Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, celebrities, bloggers, You Tubers, Viners, Social workers and activists, political bodies all try to get closed with this largest user base on social network to maintain their social presence. This open accessed platform works like a social network hub which also links all other platforms.

Working with influencers on Facebook is beneficial, no doubt. Facebook has over 2.07 billion monthly active users all over the world providing brands a massive audience base to get maximum reach. As a business owners as well as a Facebook user, you may have pretty good numbers of audiences but the number cannot helpful in nowadays ecommerce competition. So you have to work with people who have more followers and a great influence on them to reach the massive audiences out there.

Facebook business pages develop influencer marketing on Facebook to-

  1. increase exposure for their brands and products
  2. expand reach
  3. cross-promote campaigns on other platforms

Collaborating with Facebook influencers helps you to reach maximum consumers and to promote your products to them. It also helps increasing brand awareness as influencers’ recommendations about your products often work like social proof.

How to find Influencers on Facebook?

The first step of influencer marketing on Facebook is finding influencers with whom you would like to work. Finding influencers on Facebook is the biggest challenge as Facebook has some content restrictions and privacy terms which make it hard to find influential profiles on Facebook. Here are some ways to find influencers on Facebook saving both time and money-

  1. Facebook key word research

It is better to search for pages not individual accounts when you want to conduct influencer search on Facebook. This is because; Facebook has some privacy terms and content rules which may not allow you to directly search for individual profiles.

Searching key words is a great way to find relevant influencers for your brand and business on Facebook. Facebook provides various ways to find the best result from searches. Choose a relevant keyword related to your brand, business and products and search it on Facebook. If you are searching for pages than click the page tab and you can also modify the result using various features that Facebook offers.

For example, if you want to promote your beauty products through influential social media bloggers, you can search for “beauty bloggers” to find such influential profiles and pages.

In the left section you can see some category which you can use to filter your search result.

  1. Use paid tools

Manual research for influencers on Facebook is essential if you have a budget problem, but it is too time consuming after all. There are many paid tools available which are so helpful to find influencers on Facebook easily. Many large brands and businesses prefer online tools and plugins to do influencer research for their marketing campaign.

Some tools are-

  1. BuzzSumo
  2. Insightpool
  3. Simply Measured

These tools will show the list of social media influencers in terms of your keyword search and will let you to filter them according to their social media stats of each influencer, their reach, number of followers, social media activity and location. So you can easily find a contextual fit that has a great influence over his/her audiences.

Though these tools require you to pay for using them, but they allow you to filter influencers according to your criteria and to prioritize influencers which you want to work with.

  1. Third party agencies

If you don’t want either to do influencer research by yourself or by using tools, there is a third option for you to find social media influencer to collaborate with on Facebook. You can use Social influencer marketing agencies to find you relevant social influencers for your marketing campaigns. These agencies provide more in-depth insights and essential information about industry leading social influencers.

Though getting started with influencer directly is way more benefited than through agencies, but these agencies not only contact with chosen influencers, they also do the hardest part- finding relevant and most powerful influencers on behalf of you. Working with these agencies is time saving, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business without stress. Many leading brands are now more relying on these agencies to collaborate with their desired influencers.

Now you know who your social media influencers are on Facebook and how to find them. After getting all these done, you need to set up your Facebook influencer marketing strategies. Here are some ideas for executing your influencer marketing strategies on Facebook for better result.

  1. Encourage influencers to tell a story through videos

Video marketing is being a great way of content marketing nowadays. Social media channels provide easy video content making and uploading which is now getting more priorities in influencer marketing programs.

Facebook videos are now an essential part of social media marketing and brands and businesses are now giving more importance on it. According to a study, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of videos on this platform daily and users watch average 8 billion videos per day. It is a huge number!

Team up with your influencers and create videos to increase engagement. Encourage your influencers to tell a story about your brand and business using Facebook videos. They can share their experience with your products, or can make a review video after using your product. The most popular form of video marketing is now the “unboxing” video of product- created and shared by the influencers. Another type of influencer video marketing is to making preview video of any products that is not yet in market. These videos can effectively boost audience engagement and drive more traffic to your store by creating a sense of urgency among consumers.

You also can create combine videos with your influencers to share both of your experiences to your audiences. It is a great way to build loyalty and trust among the audiences as they see a strong relationship between you and your influencers. Many brands are now leveraging influencer created video to promote their products and to get maximum reach for their brand.

  1. Get your influencers to share their experience through Facebook live

Facebook live is now a new sensation among the users. According to Facebook, one in five Facebook videos is now a live broad cast, and users spend three times longer watching Facebook Live videos than regular videos.

While Facebook videos are more engaging, Facebook live is even better to drive and engage more target audience ever. So don’t be late, get your influencers to go to live with their audiences to share experiences. They can share unboxing of your products, or first look, upcoming products or an event that you have organized. They can also share their journey with you- how they know you, what type of relation they have with you. This actually boosts your reputation on social network like Facebook.

Facebook live is very popular because followers can instantly contact with influencers via commenting and it is still available to view even after it ends. Many brands have their influencers to be live to promote their products and brands.

  1. Have influencers to promote a contest

Social media contests are great for businesses to promote themselves on social media channels. Contests allow users and consumers to take part in such competitions or events providing gifts as wining prize. As people get something for participate in these contests they will like to engage with your brand and also encourage others to take part.

Facebook users love contests and when these are arranged by their liked personalities, they like to engage more. So ask your influencers to host giveaway contests or to promote your contests to their audiences. Send them some free products so that they can host a contest by themselves. If you are hosting the contest then invite your influencers and have them share links, photos and videos for better engagement.

  1. Share promo codes through influencers

Sharing promo codes through influencers (especially micro-influencers) on facebook is the one of the best ways of promoting your brand and products by leveraging influencers. This tactic is regarded as an ideal way of collaborating with facebook influencers because they help you to promote your discount and promo codes to a large audience.

When you are leveraging influencers with custom made promo codes, you are reinforcing the influencer as influential to not only reach maximum target audiences; you are also spreading the message about your event. By doing this you can be able to expand your sales and to encourage consumers to take part.

  1. Ask influencers to mention you on their posts

Social mentioning is also a powerful strategy of influencer marketing campaign where influencers mention their co-team brand on their posts. Social mentioning on facebook has a great impact on engagement and sales.

Influencers could simply post picture of your product being used in real life by them and add inspirational words in it. This way they showcase your products and share your links as well as promote your brand. You can send them freebies, sample goods and complementary gifts so they can showcase your products to their large and significant audiences.


Influencer marketing on facebook helps to increase sales as well as customer engagement. Before started set your goals and list your strategies you want to execute. Know your niche influencers on facebook and build a relation with them. Leverage their reach to promote your brand and products and enjoy the power of influencer marketing.

Happy Selling!!!!

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