How to increase your conversion with improving your live chat service?

How to increase your conversion with improving your live chat service?

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From conversation to conversion.

Ecommerce success depends on how you provide services and care to your customers. In digital marketing live chat is the fuel of your customer service and the goldmine to increase your conversion. Marketers now more emphasize on live chat as it brings sales and improve overall business operation.

Live chat is simply providing instant online customer support. Customers can ask or know whatever they need to know just by clicking on a popup chat window or live chat sign. This is now one of the most important element of ecommerce sites.

Why Live chat is important

In digital marketing today, live chat has become the most important way for ecommerce brands and businesses to promote as well as to sell their products to their customers. It is one of the greatest ways of providing supports to customers. Ecommerce marketers now showing more emphasize on providing live chat to customers as its satisfaction rate is about 92%!

The importance of live chat is increasing- 73% of customers find live chat to be the most satisfying way to communicate with brands and 63% of consumers are more likely to return to an ecommerce site that offers live chat.

Customers prefer live chat because it is not only time saving bit also an easier way to get enough information before purchasing anything. Live chat offers customers easy and instant contact with sellers and let them to ask any questions related to retailers’ products and services.

Now come on the question of why live chat is important for ecommerce brands and businesses and how. The answer is pretty much clearly explained above- it is conversion friendly! People depends on live chat to take the decision.

Every ecommerce sites should integrate live chat option because-

  1. Instant response to customers helps to build a strong relationship
  2. Live chat boost sales and conversions
  3. Live chat reduces cart abandonment
  4. Live chat increases efficiency
  5. It is super convenient to customers
  6. Live chat provides a better user experience 

How to boost conversion with live chat?

Now you know why you should consider optimizing your live chat. Here are some most effective strategies to optimize your live chat option more converting.

  1. Be available and easy to reach

When you are selling products online, remember one thing, that is, there is no specific time to attend a customer. Because you are not selling only to your local customers, rather your products are being displayed to the customers of all around the world. So how can you accept people only contact you between your 9am to 5pm business hours?

It is good to maintain your business time but it is absolutely not enough for higher conversion. You need to be easily reached and available to answer your customers’ questions. Ecommerce marketers suggest to provide 24/7 live chat option for better engagement and conversion.

It is not necessary to be online 24/7 if you have small brand or business. Be punctual and easy to be found and offer the best of you through your live chat sessions. That’s all enough to get the maximum engagement with a good number of sales.

Here are some smart tips for maintaining a better live chat session-  

  1. Clearly show your online hours when your customers can find you to ask anything they need to know.
  2. Don’t let your customers to wait long for reaching you. It is better to attend them as soon as possible after they leave a message.


  1. Make your chat window box more converting

More you interact with your customers, more they tend to be converted! But sometimes it not just you that influence them to click the “BUY NOW” button- sometimes your chat window itself converts on behalf of you!

Why not turning your chat window in a sales tool when it has potential possibilities to turn random visitors in to customers?

The main purpose of live chat window is to deliver live assistance to your customers. But nowadays marketers leverage this window as an ad or popup.

Little optimizing of your chat window can bring huge difference in both engagement and conversion. Make your chat window a little extra with unique design and copy. Don’t make it confusing or otherwise your customers won’t understand the purpose of it.

  1. Focus on your customers’ need

When customers don’t find the desire or expected services from you, their frustration grow up and that in ecommerce language is called a pain point. Don’t worry. Pain point is no more a curse for ecommerce. Thanks to marketers those turn this issue into profit.

Focus! Focus on what you are offering, what you are giving and what contents you are making. All of what you are doing should be focus on addressing customers’ pain point. While live chat provides immediate access to customers’ pain point, you get a huge chance to retain your customers even though failing to provide their desired service.

  1. Train your support team

If you have separate chat support team, then train them. Make them efficient to attend each and every customer. Your customers will count how much effective service you can provide to them. They will remember the interaction with your team not the performance of the software you use. And this will help you to maximize your conversions.

First you need to introduce your team to your customers. It is better to show team members’ images to customers who are they attending.

The next thing you should consider when training your chat support staff is the language- how they will welcome or greet any customers.

Formally greeting of customers is good but you don’t need to be that much formal- you are not prosecuting on court. Use semi-formal language to talk with your customers. This will help them to interact with you easily and without fear and hesitation.

Simply saying “Hello” or “Hi” with a cordial welcome is pretty okay. It is simple and minimalistic but provide a comfort tone to customers so that they feel free to interact with chat assistant.

Another important thing is that your chat assistant should be more flexible to start a conversation and to continue it with your customers. Customers may sometime be annoying, but you must have to be polite and reasonable.

Many brands use a control language providing a guideline to ask any questions which is also fine and helpful to improve your conversions. But this tactic may not work everytime because customers may not like to be controlled when they have serious questions about your products and services.

  1. Offer something valuable

You are here to provide information about your products and services to your customers. Your customers ask you or want to get you to know about your product and services as they can’t physically examine your products.

So provide them enough information about your product. When they ask you about your product’s feature, they want to know about what that particular product can do for them and expect you to describe that, even though you already have mentioned that specification in product copy. Again customers also like to know chat agents’ suggestion about their choices and available options.

So try to offer them something valuable. That can be product information, special discounts or even product recommendations.

For example, if any customer gets disappointed not finding his/ her desirable products then inform him/ her about related or similar products and let him/ her know if there is any discount or deal available for him/ her for that purchase.

Look customers’ chat history and find out what they value most. It will help you to track down customers’ next move or questions and to offer them best possible options.

  1. Know your limitation and accept it

If you don’t fulfill customers’ demand through your live chat session, admit your limitations and accept your fault immediately. This is one of the most important criteria to provide efficient live chat support to your customers. And thus the most beneficial tactic to improve your conversion as well.

For example, if your customer shows dissatisfactions towards any products or services the quickly take a look for similar products and recommend him for instead. And politely tell him that you are sorry being failed to provide what he is looking for and will consider his recommendation to further improvement.

This is a simple tactic but very effective to convert that complaining customer.


Answering customers’ question is a great way to boost engagement. And offering live chat increases the possibilities hundred times. That’s actually roughly calculated statistics but success depends on how you execute it. It is absolutely up to you whether you will or won’t let your customers wondering what to do and whom to talk to solve their problems or to get their answers. If you be able to fill the gap between you and your customer and fulfill their every attempt to reach you, you will definitely get some qualified customers who will be back to use your service and recommend others to use it.

Happy Selling!!!

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