Instagram influencer marketing strategy

Instagram influencer marketing strategy

Influencers are ruling social media network nowadays providing a huge opportunity for ecommerce businesses and brands to promote their brand and products to a large consumer base on social web. Influencers play the role of brand ambassador on social media, introduce your products to consumers and influence them to take the decision of either buying your product or not. Working with influencers on social media platforms is a great way to improve digital marketing skills and strategies. It helps ecommerce owners to reach a new and targeted audience.

Every social media channel provides ecommerce brands and businesses huge opportunities of implementing influencers to promote their products and brand. Instagram influencer marketing is a great way to build a large customer base for visually appealing products. This platform provides a huge reach with potential influential personalities to execute your social media marketing strategies to boost both engagement and sales.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the second largest social media platform which has 700 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users all over the world. The platform is now gaining more and more users as it has a far-reaching audience that contributes a massive amount of content every day.

Instagram is being more popular for its influencers’ contribution in content creating and sharing. There are over 1million influencers on Instagram contributed in different sector such as fashion, lifestyle, clothing, music, beauty, health and food, home décor, and more. They share their experiences, opinions, and liking-disliking with their organically achieved huge follower base, which in turn can be a great way for e-brands to promote products and to increase sales.

After facebook, Instagram has become the perfect place for influencer marketing for brands and business. The reason behind the success is that the platform lets brands and business to tell story to their consumers through influencers and its flexibility helps brands to create brand awareness.

Here are some reasons why Instagram is so popular for influencer marketing-

  • Creates brand awareness through story-telling

Instagram allows brands to tell story to their consumers. Story-telling is beneficial for selling on social media as it simply lets sellers to tell why they are here and what they are giving to consumers. It is a best way to create relationship with consumers and potential influencers. Story telling creates a sense for products as brands try to create feelings rather than only focusing on products.

  • Maximum reach

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users and 80 percent of all Instagram users are outside from US. Among 400million daily active users, 51perrcent Instagram users access the platform daily and 35percent look at the platform several times per day. This demographics show how extreme reach Instagram provides to brands and businesses to promote their products to such large and significant audiences.

  • Suitability

Instagram is absolutely suitable for any type of brands and business to promote products through influencer marketing strategies. The platform provides similar opportunities for both small and big brands and business with millions of micro and macro influencers. Brands can easily implement their influencer marketing strategies partnering with influencers that fit their niches perfectly.

  • Boosts engagement

Influencer marketing boosts engagement undoubtedly. Instagram’s organic engagement rate is far higher than any of other social media platforms at 2.3percent. Contents created by brands may have good engagement as if they meet certain conditions but influencers-shared and created contents get higher engagement on Instagram. The first reason is that influencers have more followers and second, they have a great influence on followers’ activities on Instagram.

  • It is a goldmine of personalities

Instagram is a goldmine for finding influencers for conducting influencer marketing. There are thousands of micro and macro influencers with real life celebrities on Instagram with a large and significant audience base. Brands and businesses can easily find the best suitable personalities with whom they want to collaborate for promoting their brand and products. Instagram provides insights and feedback which helps e-brands and business to find perfect match of Instagram personalities with predictable impact.

Who is an Instagram influencer?

Instagram influencers are users who have huge amount of followers and audiences. These influencers are thought leaders in their niche or area of expertise. They create and share their thoughts, lifestyle and opinions to their audiences and audiences follow and respect them for their unique thoughts and concepts.

Influencers are different from regular Instagram users, as regular users may have large followers but they cannot influence followers to take any decisions or actions. This ability of influencing people makes these personalities superior than regular account users. And brands can leverage the ability of influencers not only to promote their products but also to increase sales and engagement.

It is not obvious to have millions of followers to be an influencing personality on Instagram, any personality with fewer let’s say, thousand or near followers and can still have a large impact on engagement if he/she have the ability to influence people.

For example, after Instagram itself, Selena Gomez has the largest follower on Instagram about 120million, but Kendall Jenner is more influential on Instagram with 85 million followers for her frequent presence and influential contents. There are also many social media influencers such as beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, makeup artists, photographers, health experts or trainers and so on who are not super models or TV personalities but they have equal or less influence on followers for their ability of engaging people.

Now you know why you should consider conducting influencer marketing on Instagram. Influencer marketing is beneficial but it is challenging too. If not done right, influencer marketing can backfire. Follow the following strategies to conduct a successful influencer marketing.

  1. Set your goals

Without setting goals any marketing strategy can go in vain as goals define and draw outline of your whole marketing strategy. When you are on Instagram to promote your brand and products through influencers you need to set specific goals which you want to fulfill through your marketing campaigns.

Define what the purpose of your brand to work with influencers on Instagram? What do you want your influencers to do? Whether you are planning to promote a new product or to extend your reach, setting your marketing goals is necessary.

  1. Find influencers on Instagram

To begin your influencer marketing on Instagram you need to start with finding suitable influential personalities for your niche on Instagram. There are millions of influencers on Instagram but you don’t want to end up with one who doesn’t know what your products do or have less impact on audiences. So finding the right and suitable influencers is must for a successful influencer marketing on Instagram.

Instagram influencers have popularity among their massive numbers of fan and followers as they create such engaging contents. In that term, you do not need to create a huge fan base for your products and brands if you work with influencers. Focus on finding influencers who are already popular within your niche. For example, if you sell ballerina shoes through your online shop, then targeting influencers that specialize in “women footwear” will be better than targeting influencers that are in “women’s fashion”.

Targeting perfect match of influencers helps brands to get expected target audiences on Instagram and it is one of the best ways to increase brand’s ROI. If you do not know whom to target then how would you create a fan base for your brand on Instagram? So do your influencers research on Instagram to find perfect match for your brand and business.

Smart tips:

  1. Search relevant keywords within Instagram to find relevant influencers contents.
  2. Another way to find relevant influencers manually on Instagram is to choose specific #hashtags and keywords and posts that have a lot of likes, comments and share.
  3. Use various online tools to find Instagram influencers. These tools categorize influencers according to their follower numbers, posts and engagement. So you can easily find the top personalities that are ruling the platform.
  4. Instead of these ways you can hire agents to find influencers on Instagram that perfectly mach with your niche.


  1. Reach out your influencers

Once you find relevant influencers, start selecting them and make a list of relevant influencers you want to work with. Your influencer marketing strategy will not work until you reach out listed influencers and form a partnership with them. It is the most important part of your whole marketing strategy.

It is better to reach out personally rather than via third party agents or others. Simply sending of emails to all listed influencers to inform them that you are interested to work with them will help you to build an initial relationship with your potential influencers.

Tell them why you want to work with them and what you want them to do for you. It is better to clear all these things before get started. First thing that you need to consider the type of content that you want your influencers to post and share. It is better to allow influencers to have their own creative freedom to produce contents because they know what type of content their audiences will love.

Another thing that is important when forming partnership with your influencers is compensating your influencers for their jobs. You need to pay financially or non-financially your influencers as they create contents, and promote them to their audiences.

Keep following aspects in mind before making any deal with your influencers-

  1. Timeframe of posting contents
  2. Types of contents
  3. Content usage
  4. Payment


  1. Collaborate with influencers to create contents

Content creation is the key to a successful influencer marketing. Collaborate with your influencers to create contents for your Instagram audiences.

  • Create #hashtag campaign

#Hashtag is fundamental for Instagram influencer marketing as it provides a link direct to your account when clicked. This hashtag may seem simple, but it is the most powerful symbol on Instagram which makes a huge difference between campaigns.

To get the maximum target, choose the right hashtag and use it with your regular post, at least one hashtag post per day. Keep in mind that, your hashtags must be relevant with your brand and the type of niche. Or otherwise your hashtags might not bring you the expected type and amount of audiences. For example, if your brand sells luxury lifestyle products, the influencers can use hashtags that are lifestyle-focused, such as #fashionista and #instastyle.

  • Allow influencers to talk about your brand

Setting a guideline for content creation is important but strict regulation may hamper your influencers’ creativity. Give your influencers enough room to show their creativity. You have hired these influencers for their creativity and ability to impact on people. So they know how to convince people and how to get their attention.

Many brands and business give rigid guideline to their influencers and as a result they don’t get the expected target audience for their contents. Allow your influencers to talk about your brand and products on their own voice. Let them have your brand’s products and service so that they can realize what actually you are offering to the audiences. Give them enough space but you can control the content flow by providing a definite guideline.

When you give some control of content collaboration to your influencers’ hand, your brand and influencers’ effort produce a more engaging, enticing and humanized contents that spread a strong brand message among your audiences.

  • Host takeover/ giveaway contests

Organizing of host takeover and giveaway contests collaborating with your influencers helps your brand to get the maximum reach. Social media giveaway contests always have a higher ROI and a great way to promote your new products through influencers’ presence. 

Instagram takeovers or contests/ giveaways are mutually beneficial for both the brand and the influencers. Brands can get maximum reach through influencers and in turn influencers can grow their audience. Guest takeover also helps brands to build strong brand awareness as it allows brands to use influencers’ image for a certain time period.

Organize contests and giveaways to promote new products or to celebrate an event. Ask your influencers to take a part in the contests and to share your contest updates on their newsfeed. You also can arrange guest takeover of your brand’s Instagram account for several days or for a week and before doing this share the news with both of you and your guest’s audiences.

  1. Measure your result

When you are marketing on Instagram partnering with your influencers, you need to track and measure the result to understand if your marketing strategies are working or not. There are many ways to track and measure results such as using online tools, or by tracking likes, comments and sharing. 


While paid advertisements on social media platforms require money and have a risk of not getting expected ROI, influencer marketing on other hand is much helpful to get a higher ROI. Instagram is a great platform for conducting influencers marketing for promoting your brand and products. It provides brands a huge reach and easy target options with enormous scopes of personalities.

Happy selling!!!

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