Social media marketing tips and tricks

Social media marketing tips and tricks

Social media marketing is beneficial for your ecommerce business, no doubt. It is a great way to target the maximum audiences according to their interest and behavior. Each of these social media platforms provides tons of features and opportunities to promote your brand and to sell your products to thousands of potential customers among the millions of users all over the world.

If you already have an ecommerce business or store or thinking to start one, then it’s the right time to join social media channels to promote your business and brand. Effective social media marketing helps you to build a follower base for your brand and products. It also helps you to reach to the most distant customers easily. But to get the best out of social media marketing you need to know some tricks along with traditional marketing strategies.

Social media marketing tips and tricks

Here are nine important tips and tricks to make your social media marketing more efficient-

  1. Create separate marketing plans for each social media channels

Planning is important for any kind of marketing strategy to execute. If you don’t plan, you will fail. It is quite fundamental for ecommerce marketing. But when you are planning a social media marketing strategy, then you need to plan separately for each of your social media channels.

Some strategies are same for every social media channels, but when you want to target a wide range of audience through your different social media accounts you need to make different strategies for each of them. Remember, one size fits all doesn’t work on social media platforms as audiences behave different on different social media channel. And you may not want to drive their attention by treating them all the same. For example, if you want to promote your brand on social media and want to send your audiences a simple message that will inspire them to like your product or to buy it.

  1. Create excellent and inspirational posts

Social media marketing is all about creating and sharing contents. You may post your contents consistently but in social media quality matters than quantity. If your contents don’t fulfill the requirement of high quality contents, then you may just end up with a huge numbers of useless contents.

What types and sizes of contents you create and share on social media, your contents must have to be valuable. It should have a cause and solution or otherwise your audiences will not appreciate your work. You have to resonance your brand message through your contents. Keep in mind that-

  1. Your contents must be relevant
  2. Your content must be trendy
  3. Your content is not all about you and your brand

Social media audiences prefer entertaining and helpful contents that can solve their problem or let them know something new. Research your audiences’ interest and find out what they are looking on social media. Try to create inspirational contents like educational, entertaining and off course problem solving. Sometimes it is better to post off grid contents to create humor around your content.

  1. Use visually appealing images

Images convert well. Yes, visually appealing and attractive image posts on social media get more like and share than text posts. Images are the most popular content types on social media channels.

Image is important because it clarify your brand message as well as draw customers’ attention. In online shopping customers can’t see or touch your products physically, they rely on images of your product that you upload. So the only way to engage more traffic and leads is to post more images. Images also allow audiences and customers to investigate your products.

When using same images for different platforms, keep in mind that audiences’ taste and interest differs from platform to platform. For example, your Pinterest images should be visually more appealing and attractive, while facebook requires high resolution and clear images. Test whether single product photos work or not than lifestyle related images.

  1. Create short but engaging videos

If you want to boost your engagement, then prioritize posting short and enticing video contents. Videos are one of the most engaging content types on social media. Social media users on different social media channels prefer short videos over plain text contents.

Videos are the most powerful tools that deliver your brand message so clearly and boost engagement. Whether you post your video on facebook, twitter or snapchat, keep it short in length and try to make it more engaging. Short videos of 3 to 4 minutes’ length always have higher click-throughs and engagement rate.

Videos are the best way to create brand awareness as well as to reach your audiences at scale. You can create short videos to educate your audiences, or to introduce your new products, or to provide information or even to announce offers, deals and discounts. Maintain specific guides of posting videos for each platforms and create such enticing videos.

  1. Build and join community

Joining and building communities helps to be connected with each other’s in social media. As social media network is vast, forming small groups and communities helps to be stood up on your feet and to grow your business fast. How? Simple.

When you are on any types of groups (facebook groups, twitter chats, Google+ communities or LinkedIn groups), you have the opportunity to get connected with plenty others brands, business and companies within your niche. That’s how you can get a huge audience base and leads. Participating in these communities will help you to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge and will help you to be an authority yourself. Being with community is also beneficial to get connected with influencers.

Search for communities and groups and join them. If you are new in your industry, then build your own communities and let others to join you. Create facebook group or twitter chats and invite interested people to join. Contact with others within communities and offer them your help and vice versa.

  1. Interact to boost engagement

Interaction is the ultimate key to boost engagement in social media. Your audiences want you to be more active and obviously helpful. If you only share links and don’t interact with your audiences, you may have a few numbers of audiences but ultimately will lose each of them, because audiences don’t like cold personalities.

You have to be social as you are on social media which is built on the moto of interaction. So interact with your audiences and fans and followers. Try to reply fast on a customer’s comment or other action. If it is positive feedback, then appreciate your audience’s effort and if it is not then reply politely. If someone mention you then in his/her post, then comment there with your cordial attitude. It helps you to build a brand persona. Mention others on your post and write a comment on others post even if they don’t mention you.

  1. Test your posting time

You may have created your own content calendar for each social media channel, but experimenting the posting time will help you to redesign your content schedule. Your audiences may find your regular content posting somewhat similar or boring.

What is the best time of posting your contents on social media? It actually varies from channel to channel. The best time to post in Instagram is 2 in the morning, between 8 to 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m., while the best time to post in twitter is between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. actually all this times are best for posting your contents to get highest engagement and click throughs.

Again experiment dayparting for your contents on social media platforms. Avoid the low engaging days and switch between your regular days to post your contents.

  1. Leverage Influencers

Influencers are now the most powerful personalities on social media that help ecommerce brands and businesses to promote their products to a large and significant audiences. They have a direct influence on their audiences and you can leverage this influence to get some leads and boost your sales.

Find out influencers within your niche or related to your business and partner with them. Create content collaboration and let them market your brand product for you. Leading brands often arrange guest take over or giveaway contests with their influencers to boost engagement and sales. This type of collaboration helps you to get maximum reach and promote your products.

  1. Let your customers do for you

Customers are your marketers! Customers write reviews of your product and share them with their friends on social media channel. So let them talk for you!

Customers’ review works as social proofs and testimonials. When they find your product helpful to them, they share their experience through posting reviews from their account. This will allow you to target your influencers fan/followers. Send sample products to your influencers and ask them to write review post. You also can ask them to share special promo codes, discounts and offers.


Social media is a great place to promote and sell your products. All you have to do is creating an effective social media marketing strategy for each of your social media channel and to execute your strategies effectively.

Happy Selling!!!

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