Ten deadly ecommerce Social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Ten deadly ecommerce Social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Social media marketing works if you do it right. Marketing for promoting product or to sell them is a great way for ecommerce but the success depends on how marketers plan their marketing strategies. Nowadays social media platforms open a door of a huge opportunity to promote your brand and products through various social media channels. Each of these channels offers excellent features that can help you to get maximum audience and to promote your brand easily.

Still, there are complains about social media marketing. Many marketers complain that they are not getting desirable results from social media marketing and some complain that social media marketing is costing them a huge amount. Why? The answer is simple, either they are not following the social media marketing rules or they don’t have a solid marketing strategy.

Lots of e-marketers out there are using social media marketing campaigns and are getting better results. Because they know how to leverage the power of social media and how these social media channels works. That’s not all; all of these successful marketers have their own marketing formula to follow for doing their marketing right.

There are many ways to improve your social media marketing campaigns, you can optimize your campaigns or can optimize your marketing strategies. But if you don’t understand the mistakes that you have done or still doing, you may get a result from your marketing but trust me that will not satisfy you.

Here I have pointed out 10 ten most common yet deadly social media mistakes that you must avoid to get the best result from your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Not having a proper social media marketing strategy

If you don’t know what to do next, how can you expect to have a great result? This is the most common mistake that most of the ecommerce marketers do during their social media marketing campaigns. They don’t have a proper plan or strategy-what to do next or how to do it.

Social media marketing requires a series of plans and strategies starting from joining social network, opening personal/business account, creating a nice profile and posting some great contents. Yeah… that is easy. What happen next is within few weeks you get huge fan/followers wondering why they are here on your page and what they have to do. All have you done soon becomes nothing but waste of both time and money.

The point is you need a proper plan of actions at first of starting your marketing on social network. First you need to find out some answers-

  • What is your goal using social media?
  • Who are your target audience will be?
  • How will you execute your plans?

Your goals could be gaining more likes and followers, or to create a new source of sales leads. Every marketing strategy needs a specific goal otherwise marketing campaigns will be a boat without a boatman struggling in vast ocean. Proper planning to execute any strategy helps to save both money and time.

So, you need to plan a marketing strategy for social network marketing and have to stick with it for better result.

  1. Not knowing your target

Many ecommerce marketers don’t know whom to target as their target audience for their brand and products. This is the next common mistake most of ecommerce marketers do when starting their social media marketing.

Your target audience is your potential customers and lifeblood for your business. If you don’t know who they are and what they like, all of your works can go in vain and your marketing strategies may fall flat.

There are millions of people out there on social media channels but all of them may not be interested for your brand and products. You can target randomly but that would be running in dark. Because social media audiences have different interest and you don’t know what exactly they like.

So, first create your buyers persona and target the exact match audience who show and share some interest about your brand and products. Understand what they like and want from you, whom they follow and what they hate most. And then test, test and test.

  1. Writing poor product copy

Another big mistake is to write poor product copy which doesn’t convert. Product copy converts well. Because, it explains your products to your target audience and customers.

You may be good in writing but you must need to have the skill of enchanting people and your likely customers through your product copy. Your product copy is your goldmine opportunity to persuade your target audiences to take the decision of buying your product by telling a story. Your product may have a target audience nut your product copy can convert your target audiences too your customers. So, be creative and write excellent product copy for marketing your products on social media.

  1. Posting irrelevant contents

You need to connect your audiences and followers through posting contents related to your brand and products. Sometimes you can post contents that are not directly related to your products, which helps you to maintain connection with your audiences. But posting irrelevant contents can weaken your brand value.

Again, posting too much brand-oriented and product related contents on social media also reduce customers’ interest and your audiences can get bored with your too much content posting. It is better to post something different from regular contents like something funny or entertaining, and educational contents. But you have too sure that you are not posting too much irrelevant and boring contents.

Create your content schedule and follow that routine. Take a break in posting brand related contents and post something engaging and relevant. Do not repeat the same contents and try to be more creative.

  1. Delay or not replaying or commenting

Most of the customers who buy from online stores often complain that, they don’t get reply from the business owners most of the times. It is absolutely not good for your business.

You are on social media and that is not enough for promoting your brand and products. You have to make sure you are always there when your audiences and potential customers ask something about your business or products. Replying and answering to visitor’s comments or questions makes your presence more relevant to your audience and also helps to make a connection with them.

Online customers expect a quick response from you and the fastest responding from you influences them to convert.

So there is no chance for being too slow or ignoring comments and chat conversations on social media. As social media is best known for its fastest marketing opportunity with quick response all you have to do for getting the best out of it is to be more responsive with maintain quick response time. Or otherwise you will only spend your time and money on your social media marketing strategy wondering what s wrong you have just done.

Try to reply the comments as soon as possible and never be aggressive when replying any negative comments. Be friendlier with customers in conversations.

  1. Being over promotional on social media

You are unconsciously driving away your audiences and customers being over promotional about your brand and products.

Yes, over promoting of your products doesn’t help all the time. If you only speak about your products your audiences may get bored and may leave you. Your main purpose of being on social media is to promote your brand or products but you have to avoid of being too promotional. Think like this, what would you do if you find any brand or business only promote its products and post too promotional contents? You know the answer, right.

Now put your customers in your place and think what will happen if you do the same mistake? Probably you will lose a great number of audience and potential customers and so will your brand.

Do not always promote your brand or products on social media; rather try to build a community around your brand being connected with your customers. Try to strengthen your brand’s value and relationships between your brand and audiences. Make your brand human to them by sharing your story, what you feel and why you need your audience. Try to make connection with your audiences through your brand.

  1. Focusing on only numbers

Another big and common mistake that most of the ecommerce marketers do is that they only focus on numbers of audience rather than sales.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn for promoting your brands or products is helpful and somewhat necessary to survive in today’s ecommerce. Many ecommerce marketers only focus on targeting a huge audience assuming that the more fan-followers they have the more they can succeed on social media marketing. But the thing is different when you are on social media. You don’t need huge fan-followers or only promote your brand or business on social media. Moreover, these social media platforms offer you a huge opportunity to sell your products to people who is or not your fan or followers.

If you only want to build a fan base for your brand on social media and want to direct them to your website or online store, you would have fistful site visitors. But you ultimately drive away huge potential customers who want to buy your products by not try to find your actual audience among tons of social media users.

  1. Not scheduling and timing for content posting

Make no mistake. Scheduling and maintaining timing for posting contents on your social media accounts is fundamental nowadays for ecommerce marketers.

You may find some of your contents that you posted get few likes and comments. Why? The first reason could be that you have posted those contents irregularly, not maintaining a definite scheduling, and secondly you have posted in wrong time.

Posting inconstantly on social media may have impact on your whole marketing strategy. You may post two or three contents in a day having a long gap of posting contents. But posting too many contents reduces your business value and your audiences and customers can get bored having too many notifications from you in a single day.

You have to connect your audiences with your business through posting contents regularly. It is better to schedule your weekly content posting or you can use various scheduling tools to create a flawless and effective content schedule. Be more regular and try not to post spam contents- sharing too many others posts (your influencer’s posts, twitter contents) from your social media account. Know the best time for posting your contents, it is better to post your contents between 9am to 9 pm for getting most of engagements.

  1. Treating all social media platform the same

Social media platforms are different and if you are treating them all the same- you are doing the most deadly mistake of social media marketing.

Keep in mind that each and every social media platform is way different with tons of different audiences. These platforms have different settings, customs, language, functions, rules, contents types and features. Again audiences of these different platforms have a different taste- audience of facebook may have different perspective and behavior then that of twitter or LinkedIn. You cannot speak with same tone with twitter audience and facebook audience at the same time. You have to treat the same audience differently at different platform.

Too confusing? Let’s say, you sell homemade face moisturizer and want to promote your product in social media platforms through a message. All you have to do is to create different types of messages for your different social media accounts and then post them. What will happen if you spread same types of messages in all of your media platforms? Simply as the functions and language of these platforms are different, your message may not get the best result for all platforms.

So try to find out which type of message is best for which platform and then create your message that can engage more audience at a time.

  1. Over expecting from social media

Being on social media platforms to promote brand or products is beneficial to every ecommerce brand and business. You can leverage all the features and opportunities these platforms provide to engage more audience and to convert them to your customers. But sometimes, you may get unexpected results though you have done a lot thing to change the scenario. Don’t get upset. It is pretty okay.

Social media is just a place where you can find numerous potential customers and a fan base for your brand. With a little more knowledge and cleverness you can win the core of social media marketing. But do not expect unrealistic things from these platforms.

Many successful ecommerce marketers have gained tremendous success on their business from these platforms but they have not got it in just one day! They have spent hours and hours to create contents and campaigns and to engage more audiences and potential customers. They too did mistakes and then overcome those with effective alternative strategies.

Be more realistic and strategic. Know your audiences and their needs. Act wisely when targeting audiences and tell your story through excellent contents. Sometimes simple acts of yours can make the great difference. Learn how to deal and treat different social media platforms and their audiences.


Making no mistake is a great mistake! If you don’t make any mistake then how you would know what is not right with your existing social media marketing strategy. Along these 10 deadly and common social media marketing mistakes there are also hundreds of minor mistakes that every ecommerce business owners and marketers do, such as creating too many accounts, believing one size fits all, or sharing too many contents in a short time. There is no mistake that you cannot make right. Test everything before getting started- your strategies, plans, contents, campaigns everything to get the best result. Don’t lose hope, be more practical and resonate. Once you understand what exactly you need to do for your social media marketing, then you will be the master of social media marketing.

Happy social media marketing!!!!

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