Ten effective post-holiday sale strategies to increase your revenue

Ten effective post-holiday sale strategies to increase your revenue

Holidays are almost done! But it is not the time to sit down and calculate how much you earn from your online business. Rather start planning your new year sales and make strategies to increase post-holiday sales.

After the holiday sales fades away, at the beginning of January ecommerce business generally goes downwards. As customers have spent the biggest pile of dollar bills during holiday season, it’s really hard for ecommerce to turn those customers toward online store. But still there is hope! With some crazy ideas and tricks you can turn your gloomy post-holiday season just like sparkling holiday sales!

How? Yeah, why would people buy from me after holiday season when they have already enjoyed the best deal during holidays? They will. Trust me.

You can boost post-holiday sales just like your holiday sales season if you know how to do it. Here in this article we try to explain ten most effective post-holiday sale strategies to increase your sales and conversion.


There are many tricks and strategies to increase post-holiday sales. Here are ten effective strategies that you must follow-

  1. Promote new products

Promoting or selling new line of goods is the best way to start your new year sales. You may have some bestselling holiday seasonal products which are now outdated and customers won’t prefer to buy off-seasonal products. So bringing new line of stock or products may help to increase your post-holiday sales.

Promoting new products at the beginning of new year always helps retailers to create a new hype among customers. When you bring new line of stock, it gives you the opportunity to speak or shout loud. It also makes customers curious and let them to think about your new line of products. So release a new product at the end of holiday season or the very eve of the new year to get the best response from your customers. You can announce your new-year arrivals at the middle of holiday season if possible. For example, if you want to sell a new clothing line such as yoga pants from your online fashion store, then run a campaign to announce the upcoming products and the date when the sale will start.

  1. Adopt a new marketing strategy

Customers drastically change their perception, taste and behavior with the starting of a new year. It is quite normal as people want new beginning in their life with the sunrise of a new year. It is a huge chance for ecommerce retailers to market their business with new marketing strategies.

Change your tone and get ready to bring some new and fresh leads. How? Simple, adopt new marketing strategy. Change yourself as your customers have changed themselves. Know how they behave and what they prefer to have or like in new year. Optimize your products and services and promote new features to get customers’ attraction.

For example, customers will prefer products that ensure to enhance their new year resolution or those with new year attitude.

According to Kissmetrics, people will spend money on following product category this year-

  • Products that provide organization and productivity
  • Products that enhance health
  • Products that facilitate cleanliness
  • Products that promote safety and protection
  1. Offer new year special promotions, deals and discounts

Offering new-year special promotions, deals and discounts can help retailers to increase their sales in the first month of the new year. You may offer holidays special discounts but remember holidays are last year and you have stepped in a very new year. So offering January special discounts like “20% discount” or “buy one get one free”, or “save 20% in first buy in January” are a great way to start your new year sales.

Many leading ecommerce companies and brands often offer new year special discounts to boost their sales. Offering incentives always converts and when you start your new year marketing with offering such incentives, this strategy simply influences customers to think about your product again and again.

  1. Offer exclusive sales

You have earned a lot of money during holiday season not only for your great product offerings, but also you offered lucrative sales and discounts. Customers spend a lot during holiday season to buy products which are on sale. New year is not different and you have the chance to increase your sales by offering exclusives sales.

Many retailers often ask how to start a new sale just after the end of holiday sales. Actually it is just as simple as the previous sale campaign. Start a new sale and offer exclusive sales within sales to attract customers. For example, if you offer winter sales of $50 off on your products and 70 people buy those products then offer them another discount sale for their purchase. This will help you to sell more products to existing customers.

Offering sales is beneficial to increase your sales. It helps you to recover the loss of your holiday season and to boost post-holiday customer engagement. You may have few customers who actually will buy your products but you will get the chance to sell products to them again and again.

  1. Send promo mails to your email list

Once you have ended your holiday season sales, you have the goldmine of potential customers whom to market your new year sales. Don’t get it? It is your email list!

Immediately after holiday season start your new year promotional marketing through sending emails to your existing email list. It is great opportunity to bring back your old customers and to increase your post-holiday sales. Stay relevant and don’t push your customers through mails. Sending promo mails to existing customers helps to build a connection with your customers and ultimately helps to increase high conversion rate.

  1. Include free shipping on new-year sales

Online customers often abandon their cart or leave checkout for excessive shipping cost demanded by the online retailer’s. They don’t like to pay extra money for shipping charge. Including of free shipping on new year sales would be one of the great ways to increase your post-holidays sales.

According to stats, 47% of all online orders include free shipping and shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included.

  1. Retarget and remarket

While holiday season is the busiest and most active season of the year, post-holiday shopping season is just the opposite. This new year eve shopping season is somewhat less attractive to customers as they have already bought their necessary products during holiday season. But this can be the perfect time for retarget and remarket your business.

You can retarget your customers who abandoned their cart during holiday season by sending them new promotional mails with exclusive sales and discounts. According to a statistic, 50% of online shoppers abandon their cart during shopping having second thought in mind or save the cart for latter purchase. Retargeting helps retailer to recover this huge cart abandonment.

Again remarketing can lead to 147% higher conversion rates. Do not late to remarket your products to your existing customers. Send them mails with retargeting attitude and feature your best seller products.

  1. Be there for your customers

Post-holiday time is so stressful for retailers as customers begin to complain about their purchase and also want return or exchange their purchased goods and products. This is actually the best time to build a loyal relationship with your customers.

Appreciate what they say and let them know you are there for them. Answer their inquiries with patience and provide them full support. For example, if you don’t accept return or exchange, then offer additional service for their purchases or even better to send them gifts or complementary rewards. Stay connected with your customers and provide the best customer support. Adding frequently asked questions can less your stress of answering same question each and every time.

Marketers strongly suggest to be politer and frequent in answering and providing customer support in post-holiday time, because it is really a great effort to provide a personal touch in your customer care system.

  1. Include gift cards

Gift cards always convert. People also appreciate gift cards. You can make profit by selling gift cards from your store.

Gift cards is beneficial in many ways. First you are making profit by selling it whether it is actually used or not, secondly whoever receives your sold cards, now have a reason to visit your store and you on other hand have a chance to make a new sale. That adds extra revenue with what you earn from selling that gift cards.

Above all, gift cards that you sell also increases your brand awareness. It is also a kind of effective marketing tactics to increase customer engagement. 

  1. Run post-holiday or pre-new year contests

Run online contest to boost sales and engagement. Contests are always enticing and people love to participate such contest on social media. Arrange post-holiday contest or pre-new year contest offering best gifts, deals, discounts and incentives. For example, you can arrange a post-holiday giveaway contest to boost both engagement and sales.


There always a door even when all doors are closed! That’s an old saying but it is very much truth in ecommerce. So find out what best to adopt for increasing engagement and conversion and apply. Be innovative and apply some tricks.

Happy Selling!!!

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