How to increase your sales and conversion using user generated contents?

How to increase your sales and conversion using user generated contents?

With time ecommerce is being harder and harder as competitors are now applying more effective content strategies to boost their sales and conversion. Again gaining customers’ trust is also becoming hard to achieve because customers today are more conscious about what are they about to purchase from online stores. But, that’s can’t be a reason of stopping what you are doing to get enough profit from your business.

Leveraging user generated content is the most ultimate key to increase your customer engagement and inspire loyalty. It is after all the conversion booster which helps you to boost incoming traffic, and increase sales featuring your best customers.

Today’s online shoppers have become more conscious about fraud and false retailers, so sometimes true seller face problems of finding customers for their products. In that case, UGC helps retailers to get maximum customers as it provides customers’ a personal, authentic and reliable shopping experience that they want.

What is user generated content?

User- generated –content (UGC) is content that a brand’s audience create not the brand itself. Mainly the customers, fan, general audiences, influencers are the “users” and contents that they create can be photos, videos, reviews, social media posts or even blog articles.

So, UGC is any type of content that is created by the user about the product or services the brand provides.

UGCs can be-

  1. User Review
  2. Testimonials
  3. Photos
  4. Videos
  5. Social media posts

Like professional contents, UGCs are engaging and converting but they have to meet the basic requirements of targeting customers at a particular point in sales cycle, and move to the next point- purchase.

Data shows that, 54% of online shoppers trust information from online reviews and recommendations from their peers above professionally written contents.

Why User Generated Contents are important in ecommerce?

While content marketing is the key factor of ecommerce success, utilizing user generated contents helps to cope with the market by reducing content creating stress. UGC is the most powerful ecommerce tool that actually can make a huge difference in ecommerce engagement and sales.

Here are some reasons why you should consider utilizing user generated contents-

  1. UGC boosts conversion

Sharing photos or videos featuring your products with customers ultimately boosts your conversion as these work as social proof and visitors prefer to act first when they find other users approval.

  1. UGC drives traffic

Using UGC is helpful to get more traffic. When you are using user-generated- contents as ads or reviews or even repost them on your social profiles, you are targeting a genuinely interested, high-converting traffic. Again reposting or sharing customers’ contents open a pathway of their fans, friends and followers to get linked with you.

  1. UGC helps to build customer loyalty and trust

What else could be more trusted than recommendation from actual and genuine users and customers? UGC builds trust among your customers providing them testimonials of other shoppers.

Data shows that, 54% of online shoppers trust information from online reviews and recommendations from their peers above professionally written contents, whereas 20% trust information from brand itself.

  1. UGC is promotional

UGC is a great way of promoting your products to new leads. Customers would prefer your products real life beneficial photos rather than mouthful plain words. For example, leveraging beauty bloggers video can help you to get new leads as that person has thousands of social media followers.

7 most effective strategies to increase conversion by utilizing user generated contents

Now you have a wide collections of user generated contents and eagerly waiting to use them. The next step is to use these contents perfectly so that you can get a better result without hurting your marketing strategies and business itself.  Here are seven most effective UGC marketing strategies to boost your sales and conversion.

  1. Create a page for UGC on your website

Showcasing UGCs on your website is absolutely what you need to gear up for getting not only extreme reach but also a huge engagement with boost up sales. When you are showcasing user created contents like photos, posts, videos or reviews on your social media you are just targeting a selective amount of consumers who are present in social media platform ignoring the huge number of non-social media users. That means you are ignoring a massive audience base out of social media region.

And when you are using these UGC on your website, creating a separate and inspirational media post galleries to showcase what people thinking about your products and how they react using them, you are simply providing a social proof to your new customers. It is also a great way to feature your best customers and to influence new one to purchase.

Dedicating an entire page for your customer generated contents is a great way to showcase your products being used in real life with proof that people are actually using your products.

You can use Shopify apps for creating such galleries on your website with which you can collect and embed user generated social contents on your website.

  1. Share UGCs regularly on your social profiles

While creating contents is sometimes hard and takes time, sharing user created contents on your all social media profiles in that case is more helpful to get maximum engagement. How? Simply, UGCs are generally based on customers’ experience about your products or brand and these types of contents such as photos or videos tend to be highly professional. So these contents are not different from your contents.

Sharing user-generated-contents on your social profiles specially on facebook and Instagram gives you a tons of sales opportunities including to flourish your brand on social media platforms.

It is not that hard or time taker to share UGCs on your social media profiles- all you need to collect the best user created contents and to ask your customers for their permission of sharing their contents on your profile. Actually people love to be exposed by ecommerce brands on social media and when you are giving them that opportunity they would gladly appreciate what you will ask them to do for you.

  1. Create new social media post with UGC that features your products

Like sharing user generated contents, creating new post featuring UGC tagged you’re your products is one of the fastest ways to get maximum engagement with new customers’ involvement.

When you create a new post and include or mention a user generated content, you simply featuring your valuable customers with showcasing your products together and also showing your creativity to your audience. This is a best way to promote your products to your new target audience with social proof.

You can write inspirational post with sharing your customers’ taken photos in it or videos that they posted on their profiles. This will help new customers to understand your brand value and products.

  1. Use UGCs in your Q & A section

Your Q&A section is the ultimate powerful page which can either convert or drive away your customers. Customers look for Q&A section for getting their desire answers about your products such as “how durable your product is” or “what are the benefits”. And what else be great to provide answers from experts- your previous customers.

Here’s an example from Puravida bracelet-


This will help you to get maximum customer as customers likely to purchase when they get their answers. As your customers get featured here as an expert they would like to stay engaged and new customer will also rethink to purchase from you as they find reliable answers from customers like them.

  1. Leverage UGCs as high-converting Ads

Ecommerce marketing requires commercial ads and these ads require a huge budget which may sometimes cause you great financial crisis. What else could be better alternative of these ads?

UGCs! Yeah, that’s right. UGC can be used as a form of ads, actually a more high-converting ads with lower acquisition cost. Unbelievable, right?

Data has shown that, UGC increases click through rates for facebook ads by 300%, resulting in a 50% drop in cost-per-acquisition.

That’s a great relief right? So, now you don’t need to run those costly ads for getting new customers and retaining old ones. Just add user created pictures, videos or inspirational text post in your daily social media post or even reviews to boost engagement and sales.

  1. Use UGCs as social proof on your product page

User generated contents are great way of providing social proof to your customers. Using customer created and shared contents such as photos, videos and reviews on your product page provide social appreciations to new customers. As customers come to know about your product and services from real and genuine customers’ experience, they would like to act first.

Adding user generated contents on product page is beneficial because customers don’t need to go other page to know about what others say about your products. They can easily find real life experience of previous customers from your attachments.

Adding UGCs as social proof on product page ultimately boosts conversion up to 30%, with an increased number of customer engagement.

This strategy is great to boost sales by building trust among customers.


Now it’s your turn to imply the best and suitable strategies of using user generated contents to boost sales. Remember, sometime the least can do the best for you. So, collect your user generated contents and use them properly to increase sales and conversions.

Happy Selling!!!

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