How to run successful promotions without losing your profit

How to run successful promotions without losing your profit

Are  you getting enough customers to make a good amount of profit? If not, announce special discounts and exclusive deals and watch what happen next. Don’t worry, reducing price or running a discounting promotion is enough to change the scenario.

Promotions are effective sales techniques that help you to sale more during a certain time period. In e-commerce, promotions are easiest ways to get customers connected with your business. Sales and promotions attract new leads and push prospects to click on your CTA. Today’s online consumers are more conscious about product pricing when buying products from online store and they prefer to shop from the brand that offers sales and discounts.

When done right, promotions  certainly can bring an increase in your customer engagement and sales as well as in your total revenue. But promotions are like double sided blade, done wrong, you may have to pay for a long run. Many e-commerce retailers complain that they are not getting such result from their promotion even though giving a huge discount on regular price. This happens for either their lack of strategic skill of running promotions or they have done it all wrong.

Running a successful promotion is way much better and profitable than PPC, but it requires your valuable time and hard work for better result. This article will give you the basic information about promotions and the effective strategies to follow when thinking of running promotions for your online business.

What are e-commerce promotions

Promotions are kind of marketing technique where e-commerce marketers create buzz for their products or services among customers. It is actually a set of strategies that marketers follow to introduce their new products and sometimes to increase their sales of old products. Promotions are mainly done to make consumers alert and aware, take them to the conversion funnel and finally to convert them into loyal customers.

For example, if you intend to bring new product line, then create lucrative offerings and deals to draw customers attention to your site and to influence them to purchase your products.

There are various types of promotions-

  • Sales offer
  • Percentage discounts
  • Discounts on first buy
  • Free shipping
  • Gift deals
  • Bundling offer

Why promotions are important?

While your main goal in running an e-commerce business is to make profit by selling products, promotions help you to get more sales by converting individuals into your loyal customers. Promotions act like push factors in sales funnel: takes prospects and push them to complete the purchase process.

  1. Better way to engage customers

It’s really become harder to engage people with business nowadays as competition in this field  is increasing. Marketers are trying to create new marketing tools to ensure customers’ engagement. In this case, promotions can be the best way to engage people with the brand and business.

Promotions create a connection between brand and customers and let customers to show interests to your products. When you are running a promotion that offers best deal for your customers, you are offering and providing something valuable to them in a best price that your customers can’t deny. Promotional announcements or social posts with promotional information spread quickly as people share these with their friends and family- giving you a huge chance of getting extreme leads.

  1. Increase sales and revenue

When done right, promotions certainly increases your sales by persuasively pulling random customers and  influence their purchasing decision. Promotions trigger customers behavioral pattern and let you segment your customer base. So you can easily target your customers offering them discounts and deals. This undoubtedly increase your sales and revenue.

People who have already bought from you will also purchase from you because they already have found your deals and discounts interesting. Again new visitors or customers that never buy from you can be overwhelmingly converted finding your deals and sales discounts lucrative and interesting. These promotions actually push them over the edge of random visitors to loyal customers.

  1. Influence in purchasing decision

Online customers likely to shop more from the retailers that give something exclusive and a reason to come back. In a word, customers returning to a retailer shop depends on their experiences that gathered during purchasing process. And promotions offer a customer-friendly environment with all the opportunities that they wanted from their retailers. 

Turning a random visitor into customers is hard but it can be easy when you have something valuable to offer. Promotions like sales, discounts, or others amplify the needs of customers for that product influence to buy it from your store.

  1. Create brand awareness

Promotions are all about creating buzz  and raising brand awareness for your products. These promotions give you a chance to shout about your products and to let people know you exist. Social sharing of promotional deals and announcements helps your brand to be talked among customers.

How to run promotions

Now you know what are promotions and why you should think about them. Actually it will be fact of wonder that you haven’t yet run any promotions. Don’t worry, here we will talk about how you can strategically imply promotions for increasing your sales without hurting your business core.

  1. Make sure your promotions are beneficial to customers

The goal of running a promotion is to get benefited from it, but you have to make sure that it too benefits your customers as they are ready to pay for your offerings. Set your goals and look at your budget to see what kind of offers you can afford now. Prioritize your most beneficial goals first and set your budget.

Take a look on what types of promotions customers are appreciating most and how much they could spend for that specific deals. One-way benefit is not good for customer satisfaction, your promotions should mean something to them. For example, if you offer discounts on winter clothing but demand a high shipping rate it will not be beneficial to your customers at all.

  1. Build a pre-sale campaign

Most leading brands follow this strategy of building a hype way before the sale starts. It actually good to create an appreciation of your promotions among customers. So customers wait eagerly for your promotions all the year round.

Victoria’s secrete announce their three weeks long semi-annual sale, twice a year which has created a hype among customers as they wait for these sale in January and June. This has become a new holiday in calendar.

You can create your own promotion hype on certain dates or on holiday season. Before that you have to make your customers appreciate your efforts of offering such great sales.

  1. Make sure your timing is perfect

E-commerce promotions work best when demand is high. Doing it in wrong time could only cause you a great loss in both money and effort. Maintaining a perfect time for running a promotion is well-converting. Customers purchasing decision depends largely on time. For example, consumers shop more at the end of the year or just before the Christmas. But you have to find the time of your most sales- what time of the year or month do you make the most of your sales? If it is the eve of the month or middle of the year, then set your promotion mostly at that time.

Again your promotions must be time relevant. For example if you offer flat sale in winter clothing in full summer, it wont work, moreover your customer engagement will be reduced prominently.

  1. Create urgency and scarcity

To make your promotions more effective, include a count-down timer or limited time frame to create urgency and scarcity. It is obviously a great tactic to magnify your promotions.

Offering too many deals and discounts may reduce your customers’ interests as they know you are going to offer that specific deals this year like you did in past. To intensify the situation, create a urgency and scarcity by offering deals for a certain time limit. For example, adding a ticking clock or simply showing “stock limited offer” creates a sence of missing out and pushes customers to act quickly. 

  1. Promote new products

While selling regular products with discounts on a promotion, promote new or most popular  or premium priced products. This will encourage engagement and boost your sales.

Customers sometime don’t appreciate promoting new product line as they can’t easily rely on sudden change. When promoting new products with special discounts or in sale, customers find it easy to try that product in their budget. This

  1. Prioritize your old and loyal customers

Your existing customers are your first priority. So when running any promotion prioritize theme by sending a preview of your promotion or sending them emails that you are going to run a special deal.

  1. Tailor promotions

Your customers are different according to their interests, attitude, choice, or even mentality. Some may prefer product’s quality, some prefer price and some are determined to purchase in discount.

Segmenting customers and offering them their desired deals that fit their budget certainly boosts sales and engagement. Research about your customers attitude, interest, behavior and purchasing history to know what makes them different from each other and what offers will be great fit for their budget. For example, segment your customers according to their age demographic and create different sets of email tailoring according to their preferences and send to them.

  1. Be creative

Don’t create and run same promotions every time. It reduces customers interest and your promotion’s effectiveness. Be creative when creating new promotions. Change your promotion’s types and alternate it. For example, if you offer a percentage discounts on shipping cost, you can run a promotions offering free shipping.

Here are some pro tips –

  • Name your promotions

Naming your promotions draws consumer’s attention quickly and increases engagement. A short yet enticing name is better than a full sentence and it is better for your PPC marketing. For example, “Pizza fiesta” is sweeter and converting to hear than “get a pizza on buying two”.

  • Offer last minute extensions

Offering a sudden extension of your promotions surely converts. It gives customers a surprise ans let them enjoy your offering. But keep in mind that, a surprise extension surely works, but repeating this certainly reduce customers’ interests.


Promotions can be a successful sales tool if done right. It eventually increases e-commerce sales and brings a huge increase in profit and revenue. So do your research and set a strategy to win the game.

Happy Selling!!!

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