Instagram Hashtags: best ways to leverage hashtags to grow your business

Instagram Hashtags: best ways to leverage hashtags to grow your business

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Instagram has changed their hashtag rules in 2018 and still it is the best way to get Instagram followers for your business. Instagram hashtag is one of the most powerful marketing tools on Instagram that helps brands to create a huge followers and to grow their business on this fastest social media channel.

People on Instagram love hashtags and brands leverage these hashtags to boost their audience engagement, to attract new followers and to develop a strong brand image. Hashtags not only get you maximum reach but also make your content easily findable on Instagram.

For example, you can use #frozen or #Halloween for selling customized costume and tapping into these hashtags you will be able to see others posted photos or videos using your branded hashtags.

What is Instagram hashtag?

An Instagram hashtag is just a single word, or a series of word or even a sentence that is marked with a hash (#) symbol. Hashtag can be used in any types of contents on Instagram such as photos, videos, or in posts.

When you use a hashtag in your post, it will let you to see he collection of posts of your followers that use the same hashtag and upload them on Instagram. Instagram algorithm sorted out and organized all contents according to these hashtags, so the platform can show the right content to users when they search such hashtags.

Why you should consider using hashtags?

Data shows that, Instagram post with at least one hashtag has an average 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtag. Instagram algorithm takes accounts of the number of hashtags that have been using on posts. So when you use at least one hashtag in your post, the probability of getting higher engagement increases and the opposite will happen when your posts lack of a single hashtag.

Here are some reasons why you should consider of using hashtags in your posts-

  1. Instagram users look for their interested contents by searching particular field and when you use hashtags in your contents, you let those users to access your contents by searching your used hashtags. These actually helps you to get more likes and thus increases your sales.
  2. The ultimate purpose of using Instagram is to increase your follower base and using hashtags increases the possibilities of getting huge, diverse and significant target followers.
  3. Instagram hashtag are best way to increase your reach. But it is the ultimate way to increase your sales.

Instagram hashtags best practices

As not all hashtags are equally created, you may find a bit hassling when using hashtags to increase your engagement and sales. There are plenty of best practices of Instagram hashtags but you may find them too much confusing even be a pro of Instagram hashtag. Here we gather most effective hashtag strategies that will help you to get the best out of Instagram hashtag marketing.

  1. Use relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtag is must when you are on Instagram trying to promote your brand. Relevant hashtags help you to increase your visibility on social network. The relevancy here should be the topic or photos that match with hashtags you are using.

For example, if you post a photo that showcase your summer clothing then your hashtags must be relevant and related with summer clothing not else. Another example is when you are posting something about fashion or nutrition then don’t use any hashtags that has nothing to do with your topics though it is trendy or popular.

Thus keeping relevancy of hashtags with your contents enhance your targeting options and engagement. Relevant hashtags make your contents easy to discover and makes your contents reliable to your followers. Many ecommerce brands use popular and trendy hashtags even though they don’t match with their posts. This is actually a bad move for your hashtag marketing. If you use irrelevant and unmatched hashtags, you may get more likes but mostly from bot, fake, spammers, and uninterested users. Keep in mind that, if your followers are not real and engaged, Instagram can ban your account according to their new algorithm.

So, research for relevant hashtags and use them properly in your contents. Try to match your hashtags with your photos and be consistent.

  1. Follow the trend

Staying update is must when you are selling online. Using trendy hashtags that are ruling the social networks recently is a great way to grow your audience.

When a new trend emerges, people like to follow that trend and forget the previous one. If you keep track with trends you will be able to create a fan base for your brand on Instagram. Otherwise you will be forgot just like the past trend.

The blood stream of surviving on Instagram is to keep yourself upgrade and update. Leveraging trend is an effective way to win on marketing game. There can be several trends emerge at a time but all these trends wouldn’t be best for your business. So find out your niche related trend and adopt it immediately.

Remember, going with wrong trend can hurt your business value, making your brand “fake” or “attention-seeker” to your followers. When choosing trendy hashtags for your niche try to consider these two things-

  1. The hashtag related to your niche is trending
  2. The hashtag is trendy and isn’t related to your niche directly.

So, try to keep relevancy and be smart when choosing new trends for your hashtag marketing strategy.

  1. Track your competitors’ hashtags

Using most popular and common hashtags may not bring expected results all the time. It is better to use hashtags that are not widely used or that are branded. You can search trendy and powerful hashtags on search engines or via some apps that are available in online. Another way to get known with trendy and popular hashtags is to looking at what others using on their posts.

Exactly, spy on your competitors. Find out what are they hashtaging and from where they are outsourcing them. This will help you to understand what types of hashtags your competitors are using and what community they are trying to reach.

When you use common hashtags that are easy to find, these hashtags could be used by millions like you so using those means competing with millions. Using these common hashtags can reduce your contents efficiency, your followers may not find your contents among millions of other contents.

And when you are using hashtags that have been used in smaller number of posts like 15k or more than that, then you have a smaller group of people to compete with.

  1. Use the right types of hashtags

You are using hashtags in your Instagram marketing strategy to reach the maximum target options. And for that you need to use the right type of hashtags.

What is the best hashtag type for your content or niche? There are several types of hashtags and all of them are important for ecommerce business. But you may not need all types of hashtags or using all types of tags may reduce your contents’ efficiency of targeting followers.

Here are major types of hashtags that are crucial for all types of niches-

  • Branded Hashtags

When you create your own hashtags based on your brand or product or business, those are called branded hashtags. Branded hashtags are generally created for promoting brands, products or services. These hashtags are being used in companies or brands’ each posts, in their profiles, and also being shared with their followers to influence them to share them farther.

A branded hashtag can be your logo, company or brand name, product’s name or code or even a concept that you want to spread.

  • Community hashtags

You can be a part of any specific group or community on Instagram by using community related hashtags. These hashtags are generated according to a group’s likes, passions or interest.

For example, you can use #catlovers, #veganfoodlovers, or #nickourstyle hashtags to create or find such groups.

Like facebook groups, you can find any specific groups that you want to be associated with by searching related community hashtags.

  • General hashtags

These are certain hashtags related to business or niche and popular among audiences. By using these general hashtags, you can reach a large, diverse target audience for your contents. #nofilter, #love, #summer, #instagood are example of such hashtags.

  • Niche-specific hashtags

Opposite to general hashtags, niche-specific hashtags are more relevant to any specific niche or industry audiences. Using these hashtags may not provide you such huge reach like general hashtags, but as they are very much specific, you can target your niche specific audiences so easily. For example, #logofashion or #minion if you are selling products inspired by logo or minion.

  • Location hashtags

These hashtags are the names of places where you take the pictures or videos. Location hashtags are important in that sense that; they actually drive sales regionally or locally you named the place in your tags.

For example, #USA, #California, #LosAngeles.

  1. Mix your hashtags properly

For better engagement and getting more like, you should mix your most popular hashtags with old and general hashtags.

Why? Using only popular hashtags may result a thousand or more engagement with securing the one place among the nine of “top post” area on Instagram or not, but mixing of these popular hashtags with not-so-popular hashtags will let you secure any one of the desired nine spots.

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